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Nibunan Audio Release Images & News

Nibunan Audio Release Images & News

The much expected investigation thriller , NIBUNAN , which marks ‘Action king’ Arjun’s 150th movie is all set for a massive release on July 28th. The audio of the movie was launched today. Debutant music Director Navin is said to have delivered wonderful tunes which are expected to stay in audience mind and ears for a long time.

Cinematography is done by Arvind Krishna. Directed by Arun vaidhyanathan, Nibunan stars Prasanna, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar and Shruthi Hariharan along with Arjun. This venture is produced by ‘Passion studios’ Mr.Umesh, Mr.Sudhan Sundaram, Mr. Jeyeram and Mr.Arun Vaidhyanathan. Due to the very good response which NIBUNAN’s teaser and trailer got, the expectation for the movie has rocketed high !!!

Kalaam Salaam Album Release Images & News

Kalaam Salaam Album Release Images & News

KALAAM SALAAM, a video song tribute to Late president of India Dr.Abdul kalaam was launched in Chennai. The audio was launched by the ‘Father of green revolution ‘ Professor M.S.Swaminathan in the presence of ‘Kaviperarasu’ Vairamuthu, who had penned the lyrics , Director Vasanth S Sai, who had directed the video album, GRK Reddy, Chairman , Swarnabhoomi Academic institutions,  environmentalist Abdul Ghani, Sheik Dawood ,grand son of the departed leader and Gibran, the music composer of the album. Sung by Sid Sriram, and cinematographed by Ekambaram and Bala, the song  recalled the fond memories of the “People’s President”. The song was played for the audience who attented the event and received amazing response and standing ovation. The celebrities attended the event recalled their memories and experiences with the great man APJ Abdul kalaam.
Professor MS Swaminathan recalled his earlier days of association with the late President, and lavished praises on Dr. Abdul kalam with few instances that made the audience think and smile instantly. 

‘Kavi Perarasu’ Vairamuthu thanked the Goverment of Andhra Pradesh who had honoured Dr.Abdul Kalam as the man of 21st century. He also added that the lyrics of the album were sourced from the wisdom of Abdul Kalam and he had only given it a shape “
Director Vasanth S Sai, who has had many box office hits into his kitty said ” Dr.Abdul Kalam broke the barrier of North-South divide in India. I was fortunate enough to direct this album ” He also thanked the crew who had worked tireless for the past 15 days to bring the album in time”Music Director Ghibran said “My source of energy and motivation when ever i am down is “Agni Siragugal” a book that was penned by  Dr Abdul Kalam. It is indeed the biggest pride of my life to compose for this album”.
GRK Reddy Chairman of Swarnabhoomi Academic institutions welcomed the gathering.

DooPaaDoo News & Image

DooPaaDoo News & Image

Intrestingly titled movie ’88’ is all set to release on July 21st. This movie is directed by M.Mathan, who has also played the lead role. The big news about the movie is that ‘doo paa doo’ has bought the audio rights of 88.

This is a huge endorsement for the music of the movie. Team doo pa doo seemed to have loved the songs of this movie and has bought it. This will act as a huge boost for the team of 88. The music of 88 is done by Daya Ratnam. This thriller-drama will is produced by A.Jayakumar and has a impressive support cast of Jayaprakash, ‘Power star’ Srinivasan, Daniel balaji, G.M.Kumar, John Vijay , Appukkutty, Manikka vinayagam and Sam. Audio of the movie was released by Madhan Karky, co-founder of Doopaadoo.

“Meesaya Murukku” Grand Audio & Trailer Launch Images

“Meesaya Murukku” Grand Audio & Trailer Launch Images






1. Song: VAADI NI VALyrics: HIPHOP TAMIZHA  Singers: RAJAN CHELLIAH & HIPHOP TAMIZHA                                                                                                    


3.Song : MAATIKICHI   Singers: V.M.MAHALINGAMLyrics: HIPHOP TAMIZHA   Backing vocals: KAUSHIK KRISH, SUDHARSHAN, FENNY OLIVER                      

4.Song : MACHI ENGALUKU  Singers: HIPHOP TAMIZHA                                            Lyrics : HIPHOP TAMIZHABacking vocals: KAUSHIK KRISH, FENNY OLIVER   


6.Song :SAKARAKATTI  Singers & Lyrics: HIPHOP TAMIZHA                                     

Andava Kaanom AUDIO Launch & Press Meet Images & News

Andava Kaanom AUDIO Launch & Press Meet Images & News

ANDAAVA KAANOM , produced by ‘JSK films’ J.Sathish Kumar along with ‘Leo vision ‘ Rajkumar , starring  Shriya reddy is directed by debutante Velmadhi. Interestingly Vijay Sethupathi has played an important character in this film. He had given his voice over to the fulcrum of the movie ” Andaa . 
Andaava Kaanom’s audio launch took place in Chennai. The music is done by Ashvamithra. This occasion also celebrated JSK films’s 10th year in Tamil cinema industry. “I have always had the opportunity to work with Sathish Kumar. He is one producer who knows how to take a movie and reach the audience effectively. He also knows the format and procedures of sending a movie to the national award committee and getting the deserving recognition. We followed his words for ‘Dharmadurai’ and got the recognition. Sathish Kumar is someone who wishes good even if i am his rival ” said R K Suresh
“I directed ‘Sivappu enakku vendum’ stressing the need to have a red light area in Chennai. Obviously the censor board didn’t appreciate the content. But it was Sathish Kumar who came out of the way and bought the movie and released it boldly, reason being he always wanted a good movie to reach the people. Only very few producers have such intentions. I want Sathish Kumar to keep producing the kind of movies he does, forever ” said director Eureka .
“Shriya reddy is a Smitha Patel and Shabana Azmi of Tamil cinema industry. Only a gutsy producer like Sathish Kumar can come up with a movie like Andaava kaanom. I think there is an unintentional competition going on between myself and Sathish Kumar as to who introduces more new directors. I must admit he is leading the race ” said director/actor/producer Manobala.
 “Sathish sir’s vision and judgement have always hit the bull’s eye. He was the first one to say that “kooda mela kooda vechu” song Will be a super hit. He knows the audience’s  pulse and the trade very well ” said director Balakrishnan.
“When I made ‘naduvula konjam pakkatha kanom’ , many distributors watched the movie, recommended to trim the movie and ultimately didn’t like the movie. It was Sathish Kumar who came forward to release the movie. He spread the word that the movie had been trimmed 20 mins but the truth is that we didn’t even trim at all. It reached the audience so well. Only directors will know and understand other director’s struggle and wait to make a movie and release it successfully ” said director Balaji Dharaneedharan.

“Its been 9 years since i acted last in a movie. When director Velmadhi narrated the script to me I asked him if the character is similar to the one I played in ‘Thimuru’. He simply said , “Don’t think about Thimiru, this will be the best movie of your career, please don prepare anything for this role. Just come for the shooting with a open mind ma’am “. Very patiently he taught me the Madurai slang. Without JSK Sathish this movie would not have happened ” said Shriya reddy.
” Without committing any huge hero or doing a big budget film, to sustain successfully in the industry is a huge achievement. It is very common for a director and the producer to have a rift when the movie’s release gets delayed. But I don think any of JSK’s directors including myself have had any such problem with Sathish Kumar. That’s only because of his transparency. For our movie ‘Tharamani’ censor board accept to give U/A certificate after 14 cuts. But it was Sathish Kumar who boldly said it’s ok to get a A certificate but there should not be any cuts . Such is his passion, judgement. It is difficult to come across such a producer. I am sure ‘Andaava Kanom’ will have many interpretations and will be loved by the audience ” said director Ram.
“Director Velmadhi said he is going to train and make around 300 people from a village to act in Andaava kanom. And he did it. When he come and narrated ‘Andaava kaanom’ the only and the first actress that came to my mind was Shriya reddy. If my judgement is right , I think this movie will bag a lot of honors in the coming year’s national awards. We have also decided to release ‘Tharamani’ on August 11th along with our very own thala Ajith sir’s Vivegam ” said producer JSK Sathish kumar.
Directors Selvabharathi, Krishna, Bramma, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Karthik Rishi, Ranjith Jeyakodi, actor Venkat subha, Jazz cinemas Kannan, producer Leo vision Rajkumar, albert, actors Ilayaraja, Vinoth, actress Naveena, music director Ashwamithra, lyricish Madhurakavi, director Velmadhi attended the event . All the celebrities and dignitaries were presented a memento by JSK Sathish kumar.

Yaar Ivan Audio Launch Images & News

Yaar Ivan Audio Launch Images & News

The first look, trailer, and two peppy tunes from Sachiin Joshi’s new drama thriller Yaarivan, have been released to a good response on YouTube, social media, and other major music platforms. The movie’s audio launch has happened amidst grand celebration at hotel Green Park on May 25thandhas managed to weave magic with its soulful music and impressive lyrics.. 

Yaarivan is a drama thriller that’s going to be popular Telugu actor, Producer and businessman Sachiin’s Tamil debut. The movie, directed by T Satya, features Sachiin as a Kabaddi player accused of murdering his girlfriend. 

The album is composed by popular music director S. S.Thaman and the lyrics are penned by NaaMuthukumar. The film features Esha Gupta as the female lead opposite Sachiin. Other popular actors like Prabhu, Kishore Kumar, Satish and DhanyaBalakrishnan , are also a part of the project in other important roles. 

This Telugu-Tamil bilingual is going to be released under the banner Viiking Media and Entertainment in July. Tamil movie-lovers are already waiting with bated breath to find out Yaar Ivan? 

“ஜெமினி கணேசனும் சுருளிராஜனும்” படத்தின் இசை வெளியிட்டு விழாவின் செய்தி மற்றும் படங்கள்

“ஜெமினி கணேசனும் சுருளிராஜனும்” படத்தின் இசை வெளியிட்டு விழாவின் செய்தி மற்றும் படங்கள்.

அம்மா கிரியேஷன்ஸ் T.சிவாவின் வெள்ளி விழா வருட திரைப்படம் ஜெமினி கணேசனும் சுருளிராஜனும் . இதில் அதர்வா முரளி , சூரி , ரெஜினா கசன்றா , அதீதி போஹன்கர் , இசையமைப்பாளர் டி.இமான் , இயக்குநர் ஓடம் இளவரசு , பிக்பிரிண்ட் கார்த்தி , 2எம்.பி ரகு உள்ளிட்ட பலர் கலந்துகொண்டனர்.
விழாவில் FEFSI தலைவர் இயக்குநர் ஆர்.கே. செல்வமணி பேசியது ;
இப்படத்துக்கு ஜெமினிகணேசனும் சுருளிராஜனும் என்ற மிகச்சிறப்பான தலைப்பு தமிழில் உள்ளது அதை GGSR என்று ஆங்கிலத்தில் அழைப்பது தவறாகும். வரிவிதிப்புக்காக தமிழில் பெயர் வைக்கக்கூடாது. தமிழ் மேல் பற்றோடு நாம் தமிழில் தலைப்பு வைக்க வேண்டும்.தமிழ் நிலைத்து இருக்கவேண்டும் என்றால் எல்லோரும் தமிழில் பெயர் வைக்க வேண்டும். தயாரிப்பாளர் சிவா இசையமைப்பாளர் இமானுக்கு சம்பளமே கொடுக்க வேண்டாம்.

அப்படி கொடுத்திருந்தால் திருப்பி வாங்கி விடுங்கள். இப்படி நான்கு கதாநாயகிகளோடு சேர்ந்து அவர் இருக்கும் புகைப்படத்தை பார்க்கும் போது எனக்கு பொறாமையாக உள்ளது. எனக்கு முதல் படம் கிடைக்க காரணமாக இருந்தவர் அம்மா க்ரியேஷன் சிவா தான்.அவர் தான் தயாரிப்பாளர் ராவூதரிடம் பேசி எனக்கு முதல் பட வாய்ப்பை வாங்கி தந்தார்.  அந்த படத்தை இடையில் வேறொரு இயக்குநரிடம் போனது . அந்த சமயத்திலும் தயாரிப்பாளர் ராவூத்தரிடம் பேசி மீண்டும் எனக்கு முதல் பட வாய்ப்பை வாங்கி தந்தவர் சிவா அவருக்கு நான் எப்போதும் நன்றி கடன் பட்டிருக்கிறேன் என்றார்  ஆர்.கே.செல்வமணி.
ஜெமினி கணேசனும் சுருளிராஜனும் இசை வெளியீட்டு விழாவுக்கு இடையே இயக்குநர் வெங்கட் பிரபுவின் பார்ட்டி திரைப்படத்தின் முதல் பார்வை வெளியிட்டு விழா நடந்தது இதில் இயக்குநர் வெங்கட் பிரபு , படத்துக்கு இசையமைக்கும் சத்யா ராஜ் , ரம்யா கிருஷ்ணன் , சிவா , கயல் சந்திரன் ,  ரெஜினா சசன்றா , நிவேதா பெத்துராஜ் ,சஞ்சிதா ஷெட்டி  ஆகியோர் கலந்து கொண்டனர்.
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