Suchitra Rao’s ‘The Highway Mafia’ throws light on the notorious cattle trafficking scenario in India

Suchitra Rao’s ‘The Highway Mafia’ throws light on the notorious cattle trafficking scenario in India

Suchitra Rao’s ‘The Highway Mafia’ throws light on the notorious cattle trafficking scenario in India

Chennai, 8th November : Notion Press, India’s fastest growing self-publishing company has launched an intense political-crime fiction book. Suchitra S Rao has released her first book, The Highway Mafia, which is published by Notion Press.

The content of the book throws light on a very serious issue ‘Cattle Trafficking’. According to a recent report by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations, India is the third largest exporter of beef, exporting 1.56 million tonnes of beef last year. This has made India a very prominent hub for ‘Cattle Traffickers’. This multibillion-dollar-worth organized crime is carefully planned and executed by the most deadly cattle mafia, who in the process, commits vicious crimesto satiate the hunger pangs of this money minting trade. Such a gruesome crime goes unnoticed as the issue is often politicized without giving a solid solution to the actual problem in hand. The book addresses ‘Cattle Trafficking’ as a political andmacro-economic crime, as the total value of the cattle trade is estimated to yield over 5000 crores of income per annum. Most of the income generated in this cattle trade is not accounted for and circulates in the economy as ‘Black Money’.

Through this, Suchitra Rao, the author, has aimed to highlight this issue by narrating an exciting political-crime fiction story that revolves around its protagonist Arjun, who fights against cattle trafficking and abattoirs. He is a billionaire youngster, who leads an extravagant life and has a huge circle of friends, until destiny had other plans in place for him. He unexpectedly encounters an organized crime chain and has a clash with the chief of the most lethal mafia in the nation. The chief, Prabhu Thirumaran, is the overlord of cattle trafficking and has a lot of political clout. He has made his fortune from this despicable trade, and was the mastermind behind most of the gruesome crimes. He planned and carefully executed most of the crimes on behalf of greedy commercial operations.

The protagonist has a carefully planned strategy and he executes it in an orderly fashion with a keen eye for detail. This story also talks about the criticism faced by the youngster in his battle for justice and how the mafia vandalises his attempts of going against their business. Arjun turns into an activist who raises his voice to receive justice for cattle; and his determined spirit helps him in this journey. Triumph or defeat, loss or gain – he pays a heavy price for choosing to follow the right path.

Notion Press is proud to have published this book, as it talks about the crisis of the hour. The book ‘The Highway Mafia’ is currently available on Amazon, Flipkart and other ecommerce sites. Grab a copy of the book at the earliest to know about this crucial yet less discussed topic.

About the Author:

Suchitra S Rao was born in Chennai, but spent her early childhood and education in Madurai. She holds a Post-graduate Diploma in Planning and Entrepreneurship from the Indian Institute of Planning Management – Chennai. Right after her education she moved on to create a successful career in sales and marketing. She has had immense experience of over nine years from various industries such as Insurance, Banking and Freight Forwarding. She currently works in a Logistics firm at a middle managerial cadre. Belonging to a family of doctors andmedical professionals who had dedicated themselves to the community for generations, Suchitra is also zealous about community service. Right from her school days, she has actively been volunteering for various social causes. In her early twenties, she began advocating reforms mainly for environmental issues and rural development. One of the causes she has been deeply engrossed in is animal welfare, directly being involved in various risky operations including a midnight rescue at a slaughter house, and interception of trucks that were trafficking cattle illegally.She feels modern-day activism, especially spearheaded by youngsters in India, often ends up being a battle with corrupt bureaucrats who are often backed by political clout. The Highway Mafia is her attempt to transpire the combat of such activists in India in a more narrative format and reach out to a larger audience.

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