AstroVed in Karthigai Deepam write up News & Images

AstroVed in Karthigai Deepam write up News & Images

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KARTHIGAI DEEPAM: DIVINE FIRE SYMBOLIZING THE DAWN OF AUSPICIOUSNESS  Power Day to Brighten Your Life with Prosperity and Wellbeing Blessings

Vedic Technology to Dispel Darkness and Invite Divine Light for Wealth & Intelligence Food Feeding LIVE on Dec. 2, 2017 at 5:00 am PT / 8:00 am ET / 6:30 pm IST

“Light is consciousness, intelligence and energy. The more inner light and energy you have, the less limitations you have. Increased awareness liberates you from ego, selfishness, stupid thoughts and bad decision making.”

– Dr. Pillai


On Dec. 2nd, the Full Moon in the Tamil month of Karthigai marks the victory of light over darkness and is celebrated as Karthigai Deepam. Deepam, a lighted lamp is considered as a symbol of auspiciousness which can ward off evil forces and usher in happiness and abundance. It is the power day to celebrate the light of intelligence which dispels the darkness of ignorance.  Deepam occurs when the Full Moon aligns with the Pleiadian star, Krittika, the birth star associated with Lord Muruga, the warrior archetype who fights for light. It is a great opportunity for you to receive the light of Shiva and warrior power of Muruga on this Deepam day.


According to scriptures, Deepam commenced when Lord Shiva, on a full Moon day in the month of Karthigai, destroyed the dark forces through his laughter and Divine fire, and established Divine light in the world. It became a practice in every household to honor Shiva’s deed and receive his special light of re-creation during the entire month by lighting lamps. Worshipping Lord Shiva on the Deepam day can annihilate the three human impurities of ego, selfishness and delusion. During the full Moon, ‘Maha Deepam’ (a huge lamp) is lit every year on top of the mountain Tiruvannamalai, Lord Shiva in the form of fire, to honor the prosperity and wellbeing blessings from Lord Shiva.


Archana to Ashtalingams (8 Lingams) at Tiruvannamalai

At Arunachala, the mountain that is the embodiment of Lord Siva in the form of fire at Thiruvannamalai, there are eight Shiva Lingams guarding and showering blessings from all the eight directions of the holy mountain. According to the Powerspot legend, performing Archana (light and sound ceremony) to the Lingams on the auspicious day of Deepam can bestow you with the following blessings:

Indra Lingam (East) Longevity and prosperity
Agni Lingam (South-East) Good health, relief from diseases and strength to overcome problems in life
Yama Lingam (South) Longevity and get rid of financial constraints
Niruthi Lingam (South-West) Gain health, wealth and fame, progeny blessing &detachment from worldly desires
Varuna Lingam (West) Washes away accumulated sins
Vayu Lingam (North-West) Relief from heart diseases, stomach and lung problems &general illnesses
Kubera Lingam (North) Gain wealth and material comforts
Esanya Lingam (North-East) Peace of mind

Food feeding at Tiruvannamalai

According to the scriptures, feeding the poor and needy is considered the highest of all charities and is the easiest way to access God’s grace. Karthigai Deepam is a day to celebrate the light of intelligence by dispelling the darkness of ignorance. It is believed that feeding the poor and needy on this day can help you experience the Divine light that can illuminate and transform your mind, soul and intellect.

Lamp Lighting at 8 Shiva Powerspots

AstroVed has arranged to light lamps at 8 different Powerspots on your behalf on the Deepam day. Lighting lamps on Karthigai Deepam is a gesture of welcoming the light of knowledge that illuminates your mind and soul. It is believed that this act of lighting lamps can help you receive wellbeing, prosperity and auspicious blessings of Lord Shiva.


  • Archana (Light and Sound ceremony) to Ashtalingam (8 Lingams) at Tiruvannamalai
  • Food feeding for 3 Persons – LIVE on Dec. 2, 2017 at 6:30 pm IST
  • Lamp Lighting at 8 different Powerspots

Invoke the blessings of Lord Shiva on Karthigai Deepam to dispel darkness and invite Divine Light for Prosperity and Wellbeing Blessings

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