Sangu Chakkaram Movie Review

Sangu Chakkaram Movie Review


Dhilip Subbarayan,,Gheetha,,,N .RajaPradeep,,Rocky,,,Jeremy Roske,,,Nishesh,,,Monicka,,,Abinethra,,,Swaksha ,,,       Krithik,,Adarsh,,Bala,,,Aditya,,,Tejo,,,Ajeesh,,Prashanth Rangasamy   etc.


Direction – Maarison,,,Producer –  K. Sathish and V. S. Rajkumar,,Music  – Shabir,,,Cinematography  –  Ravi Kannan,,, Editing  – Vijay Velkutty ,,,Production company – Cinemawala Pictures,Leo Visions,Diya Movies etc


The director Maarison purport on this vacation to grab up the children. The story doesn’t have any logical background, but anyhow the comedy sequels at the end which was forgetting everything. The far-famed stunt master Dhilip Subbarayan, who had appeared on the screen to entertain the family members and children. A gang of kids and the few adults dumped in an old bungalow and the story goes around inside the big house. Almost every horror content needs a building, that is how in the “Sangu Chakkaram” movie is the based line, unfortunately the director forgot to explain, why the spirits occupied the building.



  In a palace, beautiful lady and her kids bouncy a happy atmosphere, the scene moved to a trio gang, Dhilip Subbarayan who plans to kidnap the children and he targeted the children to move inside the bungalow where the spirits stick around, next is an avaricious man who wants to kill a mischievous copious kid, to exaggerated among the people that the child was killed by the ghost, so that he can get more money to lead the happy life and ruffian gets prehensile on the building to demolish and to make money.Now the kids and the gangs were all trapped inside the building. First half, the film was slightly serious filled with horror and compressed with comedy and in the second half the young spirit gets attractions with the children and started to help them. The film “Sangu Chakkaram” balance script is the ghosts losses the seriousness often behaved like an amusing.



The adulthood has to adopt themselves, only then they can enjoy the film. While the children ask too many unwanted and silly questions with the ghost and the spirit will take jerk, final the mother ghost prepares for a GK, if the kid again come and ask questions, but the child asks current scenario and made the audience to express mirth, by inquiring Rajinikanth will enter in the politics or not?The master Dhilip Subbarayan gives a resplendent performance with spectacular humorousness. With the comparison of mother’s horror the child artist had done a matured performance both in the comical and in the serious portions. The BGM too noisy and overall the film was ludicrous for the adults.


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The ghost bungalow is located in the center of sensational city. One of them and his daughter, a young girl, have long lived with their fulfilling desire. In this case, the bungalow in the bungalows to destroy the bungalow and to build a large residential area and to see the mantra tantra … Pooja puraskakaram comes out of the base of an Awadhi builder. This is a page. On the other side, in the bungalow, seven girls are kidnapped and kidnapped and locked up and waiting for akakayai surayan. On the other side, a 500-crore prince is to settle in a bungalow in the bungalow to pick up the bungalows to reach the 500 crores of the boy’s cardiovascular two, while the young man has brought a young girl into the bunk of love in the bungalows that she has taken to reach.

How do they care for the good of the good and teach the wicked? The spirit of both mother and daughter living in that bungalow? And what is the long-term fulfillment of those spirits? Did the bungalow be finally saved by the wishes of those spirits? Or was it demolished by the number of human sinners who want to make money? That is the story of the film “Sanku Chakra”.

  “Leo Vision” VS. Dilip Sobarayan, Monica, Deepa, Jennifer, Nishheesh, Bala, Tejo, Kruthik, Aditya, Ajis, Adarsh, Raja, Jeremy Roshki, Pradeep, Rakhi are the producers of the film, directed by K. Sathish. Many of the most popular, including introductory baby stars, all play very naturally and genuinely for the whole of the film How much fun and how can you show the story? The director has given them such a color, comedy, mixed and commercial.
Let him appreciate that.

  Nitish, Mujeeb – Bala, Rahul – Tejo, Rajesh – Kruthik, Karthi – The Goddess of the film is the same as the Aakagaya Surana, which does not do anything without gain, Dileep Subparayan, Monika as Spirita Mala, Abi Nitra as Deepa, Swag Shah – Jennifer, Aditya, Roshan – Aziz, Darwin – Adarsh, Dissosa – Raja, Magician – Jeremy Rossi, Enlightavagan – Pradeep, Bharath – Rakhi … In the majority, all of them are introductory child stars, all of them have done quite naturally and realistically, making their roles filled by the director’s expectations and fans’ expectations.

  Vijay Velu Kutty’s filmmaking, GVR Kannan’s cinematics, and Shabir’s musical works that all of these Christmas holidays should be put in the same purpose is to say goodbye to Subhash!  The full-length thriller comedy film “Sankha Chakra” released in the Christmas Holidays is a joy to say, “Who do you believe or do not believe that you do not believe that you do not have a ghost?” Said the verses including ” It is not for you to know the low If ….. iparm, oruyuniparm to each school and why? Questions for each subject are different teachers, why …? ”  Logic without magic scenes is a little bit weak.

  Mrs. Writing, “In the meantime, money is not permanent. Money is still alive. You have money. Can you pay money?” “Do not get help when you are in trouble, what’s next?” Is this spider-man super man coming to save us? How can he The words, including the wandering … you, the other …… “and the places and scenes displayed in the film are not only to laugh but to think through the” Sankha Chakra “movie.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-4/5