“Saavi” Movie Review

“Saavi” Movie Review


Prakash Chandra…  Sunulakshmi.. Rajalingam…  Udhaya banu maheshwaran….Stills Kumar, Kavingar Nandhalala… Jayaseelan,…Pagadheeshwaran & others.


Production Company : The Sparkland…Director : R. Subramanian…Music : Satish Thaianban…Cinematography : Shekar Ram….Editor : Suresh Urs…Art Director : Veera samar…Stunt Master : Supreme Sundar…Dance Master : Viji sathish, Abinaya Shree…Production Executive : M. Sivakumar…PRO : Nikil Murugan…Designer : Sasi & Sasi & others.


The story of the film is the sudden breakthrough in the life of a young man living in Madurai.The film is a very different story in the film’s realistic performance of the story.Man Prakash Chandra is a locker repairs. He is still married for another month. Sunilakshmi, a married woman, is working in a garment shop.Prakash Chandra’s brother is an auto driver. He is married to a boy. Ananthan is another brother who is not born in this family. He is doing the job at the gas stove service.Anandan is associated with a woman in this small earnings. Anandan’s wife who is trying to recover her husband’s husband is a failure. This friendship will eventually become the size of the family.Ananthan’s little house is the mother of the woman working in a house. The owner of the house, Pandey Devar, had to pay a loan of Rs. 30 lakh to sell his land and sell his land.This kind of maternal mother lays it to her son and daughter. Satan comes down to them.

Anandan, who first fears, agrees with the words of his love girl.To open the locked house, he calls his brother’s hero, open the house and looting the money and hiding it away.The next day Pandit went to Palani and returned home after returning home and shocked the money he was looting at home. If the lender does not give the loan, he is going to say that he is going to throw his girl off.The great Pandit Tevar committed suicide because of this insult. The case is going to the police. The police started to inquire into the incident and accidentally come to the area where the house is in the skies and the police searches him for questioning.At this time the hero’s brother, an auto driver, is suddenly murdered. Why, this murder is going to happen without knowing it. The brother is killing the brother who comes to the house to kill the thief … Man escapes.Man Prakash performs a great struggle to prove that he is innocent in the police hands. The story behind the film’s break is whether or not he won the fight.

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Movie Review-;

Director Subramanian has already directed ‘Sevaodi’ in 2012. The film also spoke for a different story. This film is also praised for the same ‘different Making’.Entirely, the story moves across Madurai city. Madurai’s townships and surroundings … So far you have not seen any movie of Madurai City’s location in this film has shown the director. That is why he should give him special praise.Little story. But it sounds like a different screenplay. All the actors have shown an exaggerated performance. The hero is in the threshold of a thousand pillar of Madurai in a policy of locking a shop like a box shop, in the policy of ‘not getting the wrong way’.


‘Come home and open the lock. No matter how much money I will give you, “he refuses to let go. Such a person is the one who pretends to be like his elder brother who gives him the lock of the house where the theft goes. That’s why he wants to settle that reaction to get rid of that.The reason for the logic of the logic is that this question is unnecessary.Man Prakash Chandra has become the character. He has danced with the mood of ‘Aachchu Pooram’ by a very normal,Instead of aggression, you can not come to the ‘call to police station go to surrender’. But it is the voices that prove to be innocent!


Love does not have a separate story. But love is there. Beautiful love poem. Sunu Lakshmi has acted beautifully in the character of her daughter as a drunken girl.The Inspector’s inquiry is a good way to answer, chronologically, and the first time he sees the love of a girl who is in love with herself.Pragateshwaran has acted as his father. When the girl talked to her daughter in law of humiliation, she was speaking to talk .. She was standing in the middle of the afternoon and praised her daughter Aishwarya Rai for laughing at the scene, laughing and smiling ..!Rajini speaking as Ananthan is a thief in the story of his small house, but it is justified by speaking, speaking and acting.

The director has shown a new perspective that has not seen the police inquiry yet. Inspector Udayabanu Maheshwara’s trial method, his speaking, hearing questions and police station scenes show that the film is a different model.Hero’s father, Auto Driver Arumugam .. A view but the heroine of the mind is the heroine, the lying speaker of the police, the Vedagiri and the Kanthavatikarar are all different in the film. No one has gone to the bathroom.Screenplay, visuals, visual angles .. Locations are different in everything. Cinematographer Suresh Rama’s cinematography is another strength. The cinematographer is one of the reasons why the heroes in the most important scenes to entertain the audience.

Composer Satish Daddhanan’s sweet music will be heard in the song ‘Duli Duli’ and the song ‘Kutatum Nayaka’. ‘Kattatum Nayaka’ may have even deleted the song. The song has blocked the speed of the film.The ‘droppool’ song scene is very beautiful. In that scene, the hero, the heroine’s costume of the disguise of the wardrobe attracted ..!The film has been completed in very short time. It is also an unexpected moment that we think is not the end. You may have moved some more screenplays. The film still has a chance to write a 15-minute screenplay. The director did not know why the film ended so urgently.In the early part of the year 2018, It is also in the list of movies that you have to watch Do not miss ..

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3/5