Hey Jude Movie Review

Hey Jude Movie Review


Nivin Pauly,,Trisha Krishnan,,Siddique,,Neena Kurup ,,Vijay Menon,,  Apoorva Bose,, Pratap K Pothen,,Aju Varghese  etc.
Directer – Shyamaprasad,,Producer – Anil Ambalakkara,,Screenplay -Nirmal Sahadev,,George Kanatt,, 
Music – Ouseppachan,M. Jayachandran,Gopi Sundar,Rahul Raj,Cinematography – Girish Gangadharan
Editer – Karthik Jogesh,,Production company – Ambalakkara Global Films,,Distribute – E4 Entertainment etc.


  The flick is directed by Shyamaprasad, Nivin Pauly and Trisha Krishnan played a prominent role. A guy’s life messed up with Asperger Syndrome and he lives in own world. The man’s eating habits, keeps lesser friends and colleagues were annoyed by the way acts in the office. The film, based on how he gets changed while a girl entering into his life. In the beginning the film moves in the place of Kerala, the depiction sequels from the place of Goa which admired the audiences and the cinematographer Girish Gangadharan and the music gives a generative, both merged with destined and expressed in signifies. 

The film starts with Jude life style and his perspective of the world is quite different.Jude and his sister Andrea, who are different in nature. Jude’s wishes to keep a saltwater aquarium and his sister has the attitude of goes out with friends, Dominique (Sidhique), who had a shop and the man’s interest that his son want to take over the shop, but Jude don’t have to work in a shop. Jude always behaved in a different way, when it comes to Mathematics and Science. Jude father and sister critique of his activities.

The story moves towards Goa, where Dominique’s aunt passed away and Dominique and his wife go to Gao along with Jude, Crystal (Trisha), and her father Sebastian (Vijay Menon), lives nearby Jude’s house initially there were in conflict later on the man Jude gets friendly with Crystal. Once they met each other, the queer man lifestyle changes slowly.Nivin Pauly acting goes extraordinary, his appearance was a catcher, Trisha’s graceful missing. The film “Hey Jude” catches the viewers.

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Movie Review-;

Then she goes on to talk about how life is short and so one should enjoy whatever little time they have down here. Take note people. The best way to enjoy life is to bring a beer bottle to touch your lips without actually consuming it. The fun part was that the alcohol warning showed up on the screen at that time. I dont know how but apparently faking drinking from a beer bottle can be injurious to health. How difficult would it have been to just fill the beer bottle with water and getting her to take a swig? From what I read the directors special skill is attention to details.

I started watching malayalam movies not more than 3-4 years ago and Ivide was one of the travesty that I had the misfortune of watching. So when I heard the name Shyamaprasad it somehow clicked that this is the same individual who made that abomination Ivide. To be fair to him it looks like he spend the last few years trying to learn directing. 

Hey Jude is not as bad as Ivide. As much as I like Nivin Pauly its not a particularly good movie either. The bench mark  for acting when it comes to portraying people with special needs is quite high. Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump was magnificent and so was Sean Penn in I am Sam. Even the kid in Taare Zameen Par was really good. Nivin Pauly is just about alright. There is nothing special about his portrayal of someone with Aspergers syndrome. All the research that went into the role was button the top button of your shirt and avoid eye contact. Personally I think that it is a step backwards for him. He was brilliant in Action Hero Biju. 

The only saving grace in the movie is Siddique. He is nothing short of absolutely brilliant. He owns every scene that he is in. I dread to think of how unbearable the movie would have been if he was not in it. However it really doesnt feel right that in a movie titled on the protagonist he is outperformed by someone else. It would be the equivalent of Lieutenant Dan being the best thing about Forrest Gump. It should have been an out and out Nivin Pauly movie but it is not. 
Trisha cannot act. Even after all these years she really cannot act. She is the Katrina Kaif of the South Indian film industry, basically stealing a living. I wonder if she watches her own movies and notices that she really really cannot act. Quite surprising that she still gets work. If you woke up one morning and decided to be an actress you might as well make an effort to get the basics of acting right. Sometime during the movie Trisha decides to join Doctors without Borders at Shimla of all places. What next…Peace Corps in Switzerland Even if she actually knew a bit of acting it would have taken some effort to do justice to such clueless writing. Hey Jude is a really slow movie. There is very little substance to it. The attention to details is almost non-existent. The scenes feel forced. The dialogues are ordinary. The acting is nothing to write home about. All in all an extremely excellent movie.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-4.5 / 5