Kalakalappu 2 Movie Review

Kalakalappu 2 Movie Review


Jiiva,,Jai  ,,Shiva  ,,Catherine Tresa,,Nikki Galrani  ,,Radharavi,,Sathish ,,Yogi Babu,,Robo Shankar,,VTV Ganesh,, Munishkanth as Muthu Kumar,,Madhusudhan Rao,,Rajendran,,Vaiyapuri,,Manobala,,Singampuli,,Singamuthu,, Santhana Bharathi,,Vichu Vishwanath,,Thalapathy Dinesh,,Kaajal Pasupathi,,George Maryan etc.


DirectION – Sundar C,,,Producer – Kushboo,,Music –  Hiphop Tamizha,,Cinematography – U. K. Senthil Kumar,, Editer – N. B. Srikanth,,Production Company  – Avni Cinemax etc


Made in the subsequences, which give mirthfulness in usual style. The comedy content and dumped with more numbers of artists and the frames keep on going, the first half prolonged by introducing the eccentrics, Sundar C’s speciality by holding the audience with frivolity portions and it is helping him throughout the movie, last half an hour with the director’s usual concept turns out in virtually with a non-stop jape. The film Kalakalappu 2 is directed by Sundar C and the flick was characteristics with enumerates actors of Jiiva, Jai, Shiva, Nikki Galrani and Catherine Tresa in the lead roles and the film was produced by Kushboo, Hip Hop Aadhi has worked in the music area, along with him UK Senthil Kumar covering cinematography.

The story exposed about, a lodge in Varanasi, and it was owned on lease by Jiiva, had a duty of getting his younger sister married. The guy Raghu (Jai), thwarted youth fellow he comes to know with his Sanyasi father and that their patrimonial assets which is esteemed of Rupees Ten Crores subsistence in Kasi and the man’s plan to take back from the place of Kasi. Now Jai stays in a crumbled down mansion, which was running with Jiiva and he is a horrendous man for money, wants of getting married to his sister. The couple Jiiva and Sathish’s sister Catherine Tresa loved with each other.

The fellow Jai keeps affair with Tahsildar’s daughter Nikki Galrani. A crooked Minister (Madhusudhan), who had his laptop moneyed with accounts on his riches and attribute towards with an account maintained by (Munishkanth). Sundar C as a paramount, by sustaining his audiences. The couple Jiiva and Jai, strengthen the content of their awful performances. The director had not concerned with the running time it had stretched and made it to blocked.Mirchi Shiva comes after the break and he supports in the second half portions. Numerates of actors like VTV Ganesh, Manobala, Satish, Singam Puli, Yogi Babu, Singamuthu and Robo Shankar manifestly the audiences experience hilarious.

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Movie Review-;

Through the first half of Kalakalappu 2, I kept glancing at the time. 30 minutes in, and we’ve just had one weak stab at a joke. It’s when Jiiva calls out to his dog, named Sugar. And Jai asks, “Sweet dog aa. Naai ku Sugar nu paer vechirukkeenga?” (This is so not worth translating.) A little later, when Sathish is accused of sending a woman a phone message, he asks, “En handwriting la irundhudha?” (See note about translation above.) At the one-hour mark, we get a boob joke, playing on the word “pazham.” The audience laughed. As for me, the only smile came from imagining the circumstances that led to Sathish having Catherine Tresa for a sister. I recalled what Jagan, cast as Tamannah’s brother in Ayan, said:  

Why doe s Sundar C. bother with plot, big actors, artful locations? We go to his films for easy laughs, but he seems to think he’s a classic farceur — as though he needs to build a strong foundation first, and establish the who, what, why, before letting the gags fly. And so we grit our teeth till the interval point, watching Jai and Jiiva potter about an ancestral mansion in Varanasi, romancing their respective heroines (Nikki Galrani plays the other arm candy), and slipping into song-and-dance routines that serve no purpose but to bloat the running time. Every single opportunity for a running gag — Radharavi as a cop-turned-assassin, a seer who turns his back to devotees and goes by the name of Mudhugu Baba — is squandered. I began to wonder if Sundar C. had lost his touch.

The second half, thankfully, picks up — not nearly enough to make this outing worthwhile, but enough to stop looking at the time (at least till the interminable climax). It helps that the situations turn outlandish (a high-tech heist, involving stilts!), and it helps that the leads make room for actors actually capable of comedy. Robo Shankar has a high old time during a madcap chase sequence. Yogi Babu gets a scene where he’s the stumps in a game of cricket — you know where the ball is going to land. Best of all, Shiva is back in cracking form, making lines that sound flat on paper (“Naan kaaki sattai potta katatumirandi”) seem far funnier. Even a painful Muqaddar ka Sikandar pun made me giggle. So again, why bother with the foundation? Just let loose the comedians next time, please.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3/5