En Peyar Surya En Veedu India Movie Review

En Peyar Surya En Veedu India Movie Review


Allu Arjun ,,Anu Emmanuel ,.Arjun Sarja ,,Sarath Kumar ,,Thakur Anoop Singh,,Boman Irani ,,Harish Uthaman,,Rao Ramesh,,Vennela Kishore,,Charuhasan,,Nadhiya,,Sai Kumar,,Pradeep Rawat ,,Denzil Smith ,, Nadhiya ,,Ravi Kale etc.


Directer – Vakkantham Vamsi,,Music- Vishal-Shekhar,,Cinematography -Rajeev Ravi, Sushil Choudhary,,Editing -Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao,,Production Company  – Ramalakshmi Cine Creations,,Producer –Sridhar Lagadapati, , Sirisha Lagadapati,Bunny Vas,Sushil Choudhary,K. Nagendra Babu Released by Sakthi Film Factory etc.


As the title “En Peyar Surya En Veedu India” explicates about a true hearted guy’s stargaze towards the nation, that he wants to step in India’s border. The stylish Tollywood hero Allu Arjun penetrates his aggregated in each and eve ry sequel by the execution of playacting.The director Vamsi tempted by Kollywood and Tollywood artists to bala nce both the audiences. It is being a patriotism movie Arjun’s part brandish as in a psychiatric dean and even parent for Allu Arjun, Sarath Kumar holds in negative eccentric, which was stuffed voluntarily for Tamil audiences.All sorts of elements overlapped in the movie, the story stretches of two hours and forty minutes. The director targeted on entertainment portions, that action hero makes humorous in the midriff of the film. The tale is about a military soldier, who shows his frustration for every situation, that thwarting cause many issues and even his dream gets spoiled. The guy Allu Arjun, always indicates his anger on people who loose the justice. Once in a situation, without the hierarchical order Surya kills a terrorist and he gives a valid explanation that his anger forced to shoot at him.

Now the officer gives certified that Surya is not fit to work in the army, this made Surya to worry a lot, his godfather who tries to convince the officer, but he was not convinced. At last, the senior officer was convinced by the arg ument and asking to get a certification from a psychologist (Arjun).In the first half tracks on Surya’s anger and his short temper leads to many failures. Thought that Surya would move to boarder and fights for the nation. After in the second half the director stops about Surya anger sequences and time management. An ex-service man, who fought for India in the Kargil War, was not recognized this was focused and Surya’s father, asking to control anger for twenty one days this made for losses his own character. After getting success of 21 days’ patience, Surya goes for the boarder or attains proud of his father and makes recognized for ex-service among the nation.The scre enplay shifting from one track to another track, but keeps on managed by the director. Overall, Allu Arjun’s action and style will speak out, BGM supports the movie.More characters for one man show.

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Movie Review-;

 The hero of the ambitious ordinary army hero who is working on the border and wants to save his life in India is his death. By fixing its weakness. Has the hero reached his high ambition? Is not it? This is the concept.India is a single-faced Himalayan fisherman in the Pakistani border between India and Pakistan, and the patriotic Military Soldier Surya is the one who is proud to be proud of 125 crore India. But he is a great obstacle to his ambition … If you find injustice, ‘Aunty Spot’ is his preoccupation. Soldier Surya, Arjun who has been chased out of the military job with the anger of the nose,

Has beaten his great weaknessBut he is a great obstacle to his ambition … If you find injustice, ‘Aunty Spot’ is his preoccupation. Soldier Surya, Arjun who has been chased out of the military job with the anger of the nose, has beaten his great weaknessIn addition, killing many social enemies, and how? Returns the lost job, and achieves the ambition of working in his bartender? ” En Peyar Surya En Veedu India “. The story and the plot that triggers patriotism of the film. Rama Lekshmi Cine Creations banner Naga Babu, Srisa Sridhar Laagada Badi Production., Sakthi Film. Actor, actress, actress Anu Arun, Arun, Sarath Kumar, Saikumar

. To star in the big star, in the Vijay Balaji subtitles., In Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao edition. Rajeev Ravi’s cine matography in Vishal-Shekhar music. , V. Vamsi’s writing, “My name is Surya, My Home India”. In the film, the patriotic dreaming of the story and the story, a little family sentiment, a little love, a lot of kidding, conflict … Sean Pi Sean is great and intimidating, all at the same time, as the populist and the entire film crew have won! congratula tions !   

Patriotism is a Military Soldier, Surya, Telugu lead actor Allu Arjun Seema Mittal In the early scenario, the son of the great politician and the police began to twist and climax in the climax of the villain Kalla-strut in his style, as he has come to the party to serve the country.Newcomer Anu Imunuel, though we have a few scenes as Varsha, we are delighted with the heroine of the rumor of the fan’s heart. WOW!   Actor Arjun as a father of Psychologist ‘Gham’ Allu Sarathkumar as Dada Kalla in the warehouse, Kargil weekly lost Milituri Mustafa Saikumar   , The heroine’s heroine is Harish Uthaman, Nadiya’s mother Nayyar, Natyar Naira, Pattan Irani, Pradeep Rawat, Pochani Krishn amurali, Ravikal, Rao Ramesh, Vanilla Kishore, Anup Singh Rathod, Satya Krishnan, Vikram Lakagada Bhadhi .. Everybody has been portrayed as Paka. ..!

“The Indian can not be in India because there is no Indian identity in the world, but not the paketla … here are the keys …” It is also special to make us more than just a film with the lyrics of Vijay Balaji, including “Surya’s …
Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao Editing Gallery Rajiv Ravi’s cinematography in the climax of the Indian Himalayas Border Snow is a threat to the record of one of the cinematography of the cinematography. Vishal-Shekar’s music, “You are the hero …. come to the wanderer …”, “a moment is a smile …”, “What’s going to happen with this trip …”, “Celebration is not it? “,” Pandi Pandu Pandu .. .. “PV Vijay’s songwriting movie is an additional plus! Plus Point’s Inthis Movie

“India, North Indian, South Indian, East West Indian …. There is nothing … India is the same … We are all Indians. “Is more than just the affectionate verses of the film Plus Point’s  Minus Point’s In this Movie Director : In the context of the present scenes in the film and some of the scenes in the film … Tamil and Tamil cinema is a little bit stronger! Minus Point’s V. Vavasi is writing his story, “There is nothing in India in North India, South India, East West.India is the same … We are all Indian. “Hero starts ending in China, ending in the background of National Flag. Finala Movie Seema Super  

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3/5