Abhiyum Anuvum Movie Review

Abhiyum Anuvum Movie Review


Tovino Thomas ,Pia Bajpai , ,Rohini,Prabhu,Suhasini Maniratnam,  Kalairani, Manobala and Kavithalaya Krishnamoorthy. etc.


Directer-B. R. Vijayalakshmi,,Producer -Saregama,,Music – Dharan Kumar,,Cinematography-Akilan,,Edite- Sunil Shree Nair,,Production Company -Yoodlee Films etc.


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B R Vijayalakshmi’s ‘Abhiyum Anuvum’ starts off with its woman protagonist Anu (Pia Bajpai), in an ambulance, exhorting the driver to move faster only to discover that a wild tusker that has appeared on the road has brought the traffic to a screeching halt. She jumps off the vehicle, stops a man who has conveniently arrived on a bicycle with a few bananas, feeds the animal the fruit and magically gets the traffic moving. This is pretty much an ominous sign for us; a sentiment that isn’t obviously shared by Abhimanyu (Tovino Thomas) who instead is bowled over when the girl posts the video of the incident on Facebook. He is astounded by the kind of girl that she is, and starts following and liking her posts during office hours, much to the disdain of his boss.

Anu meanwhile is impassive towards all the attention that her posts have been garnering, and goes viral again after inviting prospective alliances for her single mother (Rohini). She follows its up with a hair donating act for cancer patients and her bald pate sends a tremendously impressed Abhi on a hat buying spree.The two of them connect, and in one of their conversations over the phone, Anu asks why he hasn’t been picking up her calls. He replies that he had dozed off, since he was exhausted after donating blood to a heart patient. Though the halfway mark is far from sight, it’s scenes as these that make you wonder if you should head out to get some popcorn while things (hopefully) get better inside the hall.

Well, they don’t, and the Interval card brings along with it what you would call the mother of all twists; quite similar to what you had watched in another film recently and which had left you dropping your jaws in mock distress. You reiterate that this one is apparently based on a true story, and that you should just let things be.But it isn’t the mere plot that tires you out here, it’s the ploys used in the narrative and the sheer exaggeration that hangs in the air through out, that makes ‘Abhiyum Anuvum’ a fatiguing watch. While the sense of purpose is quite apparent, everything else literally falls apart, rendering the film a botched up piece.

The film also tries to bring in some bright moments by throwing in a childless, forever in love couple (Suhasini and Prabhu) as a benchmark in relationship maintenance. The lectures are never ending, the preaching gets worse, and the eventual impact remains the same, if not worse.Pia Bajpai, plays up all the hyperbole surrounding her role even further, and comes up with a way over the top performance. Tovino looks dazed and confused but manages to sail through without much of a trouble. The senior actors as Suhasini and Rohini bring in some respite with their mature performances, and there is even a cameo by Prabhu!It’s a totally incoherent and embroidered universe that ‘Abhiyum Anuvum’’ lets its characters roam about it in. Shamelessly sentimental and cringingly syrupy, here is a film that misses its mark by a mile.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3/5