X Videos Movie Review

X Videos Movie Review


Ajya Raj,,Akriti Singh,,Riyamikka,,Shan,,Vishwa,,Praboojit,,Prasanna Shetty,,Nijay


Director -Sajo Sunder,,Producer- M Senthil Kumar, Ajitha Sajo,,Screenplay- Sajo Sunder,,Genre -Crime film,
Story- Based on True Events,Music-Johan,,Cinematographer- Vincent Amalraj,,Editor- K Anandha Lingukumar
Production -Company Colours Shadow Entertainment etc.


Obscure hole-and-corner * the picture exploding on the smart phone vulnerability, the hidden cameras blast out ingenuousness people concealment and how they face on the aftermaths.In a couple of films, “Bangalore Naatkal” and “MS Dhoni”, Sajo Sundar had been working as an assistant director, now he has stepped up as director in the movie “X Videos”. The content entirely scintillating with the brightness of shadow, the night world exploring on the internet and on the other side technology how influences the scoundrel. In the past few years, mostly in Kollywood, the directors were concentrating on the darkness of the cyberspace world and the audience has been getting the awareness.

The director Sajo Sundar, for his debut movie, he had chosen to a social issue of happening in the society. In this technological world, how the rogues tracing the weakness of individuals and making out the money in the smart way.A reporter Manjo (AjithRaj), who interviews with the people that how the cyber world spoiled the society. Among the audience one man, who disdainful the guy Manjo. By seeing those videos Manoj was getting shocked when his friend’s wife figuring in that internet video.

Now this video creates problems in his friend’s life and the guy attempts to suicide. This critical situation made a mental weariness to Manoj. Forthwith the reporter Manjo and a police inspector join together and starting to investigate how the privacy videos linked to strange web sites and the guys were observing the shocking information about the websites and how innocent civilian life were jerk with cyberspace criminals.By the investigation Manjo recognized, a software guy Vikram, who leads the other people and earns in the cyberspace. Finally, how Manoj tracks on the fraudulence is the balance screenplay. BGM of the film was worked out well and it is guileful in the each sequence.

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Movie Review-;

The film’s hero Ajay Raj is the journalist. He has been asked to come up with people’s views on how to ban porn video. Mani says that he has not seen it and asked the people to see if they have seen the portals. Look at those portals first, so you know how many lives are going on. Then Ajay Raj, who watches pornographic websites, is shocked by the recent pornography of his wife’s wife. When asked about his friend, his friend says that I took a video of his wife as obscene. The friend said that he had recorded the video for his wish with his wife’s consent.

His friend, who claimed that he had kept the video safe, says he does not know how the video was released. Then he committed suicide. It happened to his friend, and many more are likely to walk. So Ajay Raj will decide where to stop this and Ajay Raj begins to investigate how the video comes from.When you first try to find out who’s posting the video, the IT employee asks him to know that his brother uploads such videos. If only one mail id is available, I can take all the information on his computer. That’s the video. I do not know who the video is. Ajay Rajin’s brother says that the video was sold to a better price.

This video is then inquired about the buyer. He has information about those who have access to that website. Those who have been victims of a porn site post a message in their newspaper that action will be taken if they complain. A woman then complains about this.Was the website being frozen by the police at the end? Did Ajay Raj find the five persons involved? The rest of the film is what happened in the background.

All the roles of Ajay Raj, Akriti Singh, Chia Mija Abbainav, Abhishek, Ajay Dutta, Aparna Nishad, Arjun, Neelam Kanthari and Vishwant have done their job well.Generally we keep our phone and our laptop secret. We do not know the information they think is hidden from them without knowing them. These kinds of websites are for the community only. There are so many lives going on. It is dangerous for women to record their names as video. Women should know who they are.


Director Sajo Sundar has recorded a comment for the community that there are some people who get used to the money for the money and get them wrong. Although the film’s intuition is not less from the beginning to the end, the length of some shots, including the scene of the hero’s friend’s wife,Although it may be an explanation of the impact of such films, it takes a few pornographic scenes as a film. Praise for the film that has been given thrill without a song or a fight. Jogan’s background music is reinforcing the film. Vincent Amalraj’s scenes have been shot in the camera.Overall, we have to watch `X videos’. #XVideos

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3/5