“Vanjagar Ulagam” Movie Review

“Vanjagar Ulagam” Movie Review


Guru Somasundaram ,Anisha Ambrose ,Hareesh Peradi,Chandini Tamilarasan,Vasu Vikram,Ciby Bhuvana Chandran ,Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan ,Vishagan Vanangamudi ,Vasu Vikram ,John Vijay ,Anisha Ambrose
Azhagam Perumal ,Hareesh Peradi etc.


Directer –  Manoj Beedha, Music – Sam C. S. Editer –  Anthony ,Production Company  –  Labyrinth Films PRO  – Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One,Producer – Manjula Beedha,Prasanna JK,Written – Manoj Beedha,Vinayak
Screenplay – Manoj Beedha,Music – Sam C. S,Cinematography – Rodrigo Del Rio Herrara,Saravanan Ramasamy etc.



“Vanjagar Ulagam” the title made an emotional experienced in anticipation of some specific pain and danger, but the screenplay was clumsy and what is the destination of this film not in a clear manner. The actor Guru had got a distinctly eccentric in his first film of “Joker” then after his film was not extremum. The film maker had test the aud ience in his awkward story and stretched for 160 minutes. The film is written and directed by Manoj Beedh as and it was produced by Beedhas, content is spoken about an investigation of murdered lady.The lengthy scr ipt, which br ings out drowsiness and the world filled with cunning people and expose about the so ciety and the behaviour of the people, all were confused that “Vanjagar Ulagam” convey about in which concept is not in the clear cut.

Initial a suspense boost up, that a girl was killed in her house in a piteous condition. The story was started to inv estigate about the girl was killed by whom. During the investigation, a gangster leader and the pr ess guy who is bei ng inv olved. The murdered lady’s husband Bala also suspected, now for this reason Bala’s close friend Guru (Sam path), who is coming out from the hidden world, the fellow does all sorts of illicit activities and the content jum ps up and down in all directions. All of sudden, Sampath exposes himself as a gangster leader in front of the cop and at the end the audience experience an abominable climax.Being unsettled baseline, the audience would really arises doubt, the state of being unsure of something,

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When the first promo of Manoj Beedha’s Vanjagar Ulagam, slated to release in cinemas on 7 September, was rele ased a few months ago, it immediately caught the attention of audiences for its raw presentation. Armed with a de gree from New York Film Academy, Beedha’s association with Kollywood began when he assisted director SP Jana nthan on Arya and Vijay Sethupathi starrer Purampokku Engira Podhuvvudamai (2015). In this exclusive chat with Firstpost, the first-time director and producer talks about making a gangster film that he believes has broken a few clichés associated with the genre, how filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino, Selvaraghavan, Vetrimaaran and ManiRatnam have shaped his filmmaking career and his battle with censorship.

Vanjagar Ulagam features Guru Somasundaram, of Aaranya Kaandam and Joker fame, in the titular role. Beedha said the film was supposed to be made as an independent project on a budget of less than Rs 3 crore. “We ended up spending more than what was planned. As we started shooting, we realised we shouldn’t compromise on the out pu t, especially visuals, because I’m a visual filmmaker. If you have great visuals, half of the job to get the audiences inv ested in your film is already achieved. Visually, we believe we’ve made a film that will be spoken about a lot.”

Talking about the film, which also stars Sibi, Chandini and Anisha Ambrose in key roles, Beedha said: “It’s ess entially a thriller that revolves around the lives of a few characters. Guru will be seen playing a gangster and unlike many gangster films, this isn’t a story of evolution of a gangster. This is the story of a gangster’s inner conflict and the cir cu mstances that shape his career and decisions in life. It’s not a regular tale of gangsters. I believe our film will bri ng a new dimension in gangster cinema.”

Apart from Guru Somasundaram, Vanjagar Ulagam features mostly newcomers and lesser known actors. Asked if he considers it a gamble to make a film that completely rests on the shoulders of Guru, who is no star and do esn’t really have a following, Beedha said: “It’s a calculated risk and I’m ready to face the consequences. Even though Gu ru plays the titular character, he has lesser screen space than other actors because each character is very imp ort ant from the story’s perspective. Guru will stun audiences in the scenes he appears on screen. A lot of people know that he’s very shy off-screen, but post the release of Vanjagar Ulagam, most of them will be stu nned by his perfor mance. He’s phenomenal in the film.”

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