Chennai, 07th Sep 2018    

A Combined Display consisting of Equestrian Display, Gymnastics Display, Paramotor Display, Motor Cycle Display and Kalaripayitu was held at Officers Training Academy, Chennai on 07 Sep 2018 as part of the Passing Out of Gen tleman and Lady Cadets. The Combined Display marks the culmination of the Club and Adventure Training at the OTA and showcases the expertise of Cadets and Indian Army Display Teams. An exciting Show was put up by the Cadets, Instructors of the OTA, Chennai and also by selected Regimental Teams. The event was witnessed by proud Parents and Guests of Passing Out Officer Cadets. 

  001 to 003   : Equestrian Display.

            Equestrian Display.   Horse riding epitomises martial prowess and requires courage and boldness. Equestrian proficiency is a mandatory part of training and is also a Club Activity (Hobby) in OTA. This display included Horse Riding, Tent Pegging, Indian File and Show Jumping. 

            Gymnastics Display.   ‘High Horse’ is an Artistic Gymnastic Apparatus on which the gymnasts perform their vaulting skills. It was first introduced in the Indian Army in July 1946 by the Physical Training School, then located in Ambala. It is an advanced and challenging physical training activity which tests the dexterity and courage of the performer. This display by the Instructors and the Officer Cadets of OTA, Chennai includes Through Vault, Astride Vault, Fly Dive and Ring Fire Dive.

004 to 006   : Gymnastics Display.

            Paramotor Display.  Paramotor, as a sport came into prominence in Europe in 1996. Paramotor is a generic name for the propulsive portion of a Powered Paraglider.  The Pilot controls thrust via a hand-held throttle and steers using the Paraglider’s brake toggles. The renowned Paramotor Display team of Para Regimental Training Centre Bangalore, presented this adventurous sport.  007    : Paramotor Display.

 008 to 010   : Motor Cycle Display.

Motor Cycle Display.   “SHWETASHW” or “White Horses”, the Motor Cycle Display Team of CMP Centre, Bengaluru performed feats which made the spectators hold their breath. These feats require superlative display of courage, balance and synchronization. Some of the outstanding performances were jumping through a stack of Tubelights, Scissor Crossing and jumping through rings of fire.     

     011 to 012    : Kalaripayattu Display.  


            Kalaripayattu Display   It is an Indian Martial Art from the Southern state of Kerala. One of the oldest fighting systems in existence, it was practiced primarily by groups among Keralite castes such as the Nairs and Ezhavas and was taught by a special caste named Kalari Panicker. These skills were displayed by soldiers of Madras Regiment Cadre. The Team was led by Hav Unni.

Lieutenant General Sanjeev Kanal, Commandant, OTA gave away mementos to the participants.

* * * *