Kabilavasthu Movie Review

Kabilavasthu Movie Review


Nesam Murali ,Baby ishwarya  ,Nandhini  ,Mansoor Alikhan  ,Vaanmath  ,Pandu, Sathya ,Saravanan  etc.


Production Banner – Buddha Films,Released  – Pavunumurugan Pictures,Producer – Nesam Murali,Story, Scree nplay, Dialogue, Direction – Nesam Murali,Music – Srikanth Deva,Cinematographer – Viji,Editing – S.P.Ahmed ,Stunt Master – Naren ,PRO – Nikil Murukan etc.


The life of platform people, their status of a citizen with rights and duties, which is being abused in the society, oppressed by the people in power.The orphans humans survive on the road side and the clean nation awareness program conducted on a big screen with out of documentary level for hitting the commercial stratum. The bud girl Ishwarya holds up Buddha’s depiction on the wall and even the director Nesam Murali envisioned Shirdi tem ple what he connects with the couple of saints. Anyways, the dialogues overlapping the scene, the urge ladies wo uld have dropped their babies in the temple instead of leaving them in the garbage and public toilets.

“Kabilavasthu” emphasizing things as perceived as a distortion of personal feelings, out of the fictional matter. The content carried by the director and actor Nesam Murali, to show the realistic and the hero who was born in the toilet area, the film captured only in those portions. The music was composed by Srikanth Deva and the child artist supports the story. Meera Krishna worried about her missed out baby, which was coming out in this world in an illicit way. After 30 years later Meera Krishna, who sat inside a public toilet and cried out loudly for missing him. Now the story travels through the up and down of the platforms inhabitants of struggling, which has been cleared out.

Even though, they wanted to lead a decent life the societies and the authorities swallowing them, the director focused on strong feelings that they are not accepted as the nation’s citizens. Anyhow realistic made stimulates of abnormal sensitivity.Baby Ishwarya eagerness and target 1000 rupees to live in a her own rental house and for that she was taking steps and going for the water business really instinctive, Nesam Murali, outlook and di alogues perceived.The songs made a fine-tune by the lyrics, the film is depicted in an aggregate manner of street person’s lives which in a particular place.


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Director Naseem is acting as Murali. Nandini has acted as heroine. Also, Manchurigikan, Cooey Senthil, Vant amathi, Banda, Satya, Saravanan, Baby Aishwarya and many others have acted. Murali, music – Srikanth Deva, Cinematography – Viji, film collection – SBaham, fight movement – Narain, People Relations – Nikhil, Issue – Bunu Murugan Pictures.This is a story about people living on roadside roads, where there is no shop in the coun try.M urugan was born in Murali public toilet. His mother ran away and left the same place. This is why the people th ere have raised him. Murugan is still working in the same general closet.A meeting is located on the platform near the closet. A grandmother is carrying a shop like a small handkerchief. The granddaughter of this gra nd mother is a girl going to school.

Her parents and their siblings died in a tsunami attack in Velankanni and the grandmother and granddaughter came to Chennai in this orphanage.In the same place Koovai Senthil lives with his daughter Diana. Coimbatore is luring the Senthil. Diana is working in the garbage manger.Murugan and Diana love. The love of the temple has shown a love for this love. Velankanni is doing the job of carrying water.Velankanni’s wish is to go to a rented ho use anyway. Velankanni is working for the rest of his time at this time.If the police inspector Manzurilikan do es not get the case, then he will take Velankanni’s grandmother and send him to jail and send him to jail.Murugan is going to kick the house broker who cheated on Velankanni and kickaki Murugan goes to jail. Diana is watching the toilet until she returns.

Murugan and Diana are coming back from Jail. But again Murugan attacked the sub-inspector in a dispute. For this purpose, Murugan is sending a number of cases to the jail and sends him to jail.Murugan returns from jail a year later and shocked that his own people were not there.He starts to search for them. Did not find out what happened to Diana’s fate .. This is the script of the Kapilavastu film.Kapilavastu is the name of the place where Mahan Buddha was born in the town of Lumbini. It seems like Kapilavtu is the name of the Buddha to be a sy mbol of refuge to those who have no place of existence, religion and untouchables.Love and appearance and image are appropriate for the character. Yet Murali has shown a realistic performance in some scenes. It is like the one that is lying on the toilet and the cleansing of the hands.Nandini is a suitable face as heroine Daina. The face of the camera has a lovely romantic feel in the face. Subtitle is also perfect.Velankanni is the youngest ac tress in the film Doc of the Porsion.

This little girl’s desire to get settled in a rented house is also reasonable.The grandmother, Kovai Senthil and Manchurigikan are the other actors in the movie. But in the script there is no truth and pressur e.Cinem atog raphy and music have done little budget films. Four songs are heard in the music of Srikanth Deva. ‘Madura M eenakshi’ song and ‘I am Nimmathiya’ also gives the Akkar celebration. The songs in the ‘sanctuary’ and the ‘to ilet’ are lying sad. The lyrics of the four songs are easy to understand in Tamil.It’s a little bit of work ready to get water on the rest of the time. That’s right. But not realistic ..Everyone in the house could have gone to a rented house by making money together. Murukan may have gone home without telling others. This is a script that ma de me give money to someone else and made it a screenshot of the script.It is impossible to see scenes around th e toilet in the screenplay. Meera Krishnan, 25 years later, was sitting in the toilet and weeping to see if he wan ted to show. Violated reality.  Alkaline on the platform

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3 /5