“U-turn” Movie Review

“U-turn” Movie Review


Samantha Akkineni ,Aadhi Pinisetty ,Rahul Ravindran ,Bhumika Chawla ,Narain ,Geetha Ravishankar,Aadukalam Naren  etc.


Directer –  Pawan Kumar,Written by * Pawan Kumar ,Music  –  Poorna Chandra Tejaswi ,Cinematography – Niketh Bommireddy ,Editer – Suresh Arumugam ,PRO – Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One ,Producer- Srini vasa Chitturi Rambabu Bandaru ,Production company BR8 Creations V. Y. Combines Srinivasa Silver Screen 


Rachana (Samantha Akkineni), an intern with The Times of India, is working on an article on the incidents at a Chen nai flyover. She also has a crush on the crime reporter Aditya (Rahul Ravindran), whose help she seeks for research material on accidents on the flyover. She finds that each day some motorists move the concrete blocks that partition the road just to take a quick U-turn and avoid the traffic. They don’t move them back and the blocks are left to lie rando mly on the road leading to many accidents. A homeless man sitting on the flyover notes down the vehicle numbers of commuters who violate the rule to take the U-turn and gives the list to Rachana. She obtains the details of the culprits using her contact in the traffic department, with the intention of confronting them for their “short-cut” and writing an article for the paper. Her attempt to meet the first person on the list goes in vain.

Later the same day, the police take her into custody and accuse her of killing the same person she wanted to meet. She is shocked and tells her side of the story. Though the senior police officer rejects it, sub-inspector Nayak (Aadhi Pini setty), finds it believable and does some investigation. It is revealed that all the persons Rachana has on her list have committed suicide. They also noticed that they have committed suicide the same day they took the wrong “u-turn”. Ra chana and Nayak find another number has been noted by the homeless man which is to be delivered to Rachana the ne xt day. The duo trace the address and try to rescue the man, a lawyer, who has taken the u-turn on the same day. As not hing seems suspicious, both leave only to encounter the very death of the lawyer whom they came to rescue.

Later Rachana tries to confront the homeless man for the injuries in the fly-over. Meanwhile, she see two young men violate the U-Turn and reports it to Nayak. Nayak locks them up in an old Police lock-up to save them. But they start fighting and eventually die under the nose of the police.With no way of finding the real cause of the death of the cul prits, Rachana herself takes the wrong u-turn and waits for something to happen. The one who has been killing the culprits is a woman named Maya (Bhumika Chawla), because she and her daughter Aarna died in an accident due to the concrete road blocks that were moved by the culprits in order to make way for their u-turn. Using her supernatural powers, Maya tries to kill Rachana as well.But Rachana promises to find the person who was responsible for Maya’s death. Maya agrees. Rachana, with the help of Nayak, tries to find the person who moved the blocks on the day of Maya’s accident.

They find out the phone num ber and address of the guy who moved the block. Rachana writes this on a balloon and leaves it on the flyover for May a to find. She then invites her boyfriend Aditya for dinner. During dinner she tries to call the number she found out earl ier. It turns out to be Aditya’s work mobile number. Devastated she confronts Aditya and informs him that due to his negligence a mother and daughter lost their lives. Aditya says it was not him who made the U turn. He merely exch anged his bike with his friend. In the final twist, it is revealed that the guy who moved the block was Maya’s own hus band. Maya’s ghost is waiting in Aditya’s house to kill him, when Maya’s husband whom Rachna has informed about the events turns up and explains to Maya that it was because of him that they lost their lives. He then tries to commit suicide by jumping from the balcony. Maya’s ghost saves him and tells him that his punishment is to suffer in this world without his wife and daughter. 

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A bilingual flick “U-turn” which is remade from a Kannada movie, after a couple of years later the dire ctor Pawan Kumar tried the same effects of content in the different languages like Tamil and Telugu, charming and supercharging with gracious womanhood Samantha Akkineni hold the film along with her Aadhi Pinisetty, the music composer Poorna Chandra Tejaswi, who had used deceitful undulations by the songs.The reverence for revenge, keeps on foolish, the mother spirit noisome the innocent peo ple. The script target for the social awareness, the rules and regulations who are violent while driving the vehicles, they feel towards the consequences. In such case, a sinless girl child and her mother died in an accident, the screenplay travels with a lacking in the prodigious.

Rachana (Samantha) is an intern at a newspaper (the film was partially shot at the Times of India office She takes to the crime beat and wants to impress her senior editor Aditya (Rahul Ravindran) and does an investigative story on the Velachery flyover in Chennai. She finds that each day, some motorists mo ve blocks that partition the road just to take a short cut through a U-turn. Of course, those who unla wfully take the U-Turn do not move them back and the blocks leads to many accidents. A homeless man who lives under the flyover and Rachana’s contact takes down the vehicle numbers of those who violate the traffic rule and take the dangerous ‘U-turn’. She tracks them one by one and discovers that all of them appear to have committed suicide on the day they broke the traffic rule. 

Rachna is taken into police custody and initially, the police suspect her but later, a sympathetic officer Nayak (Aadhi), joins her as he feels that something is  fishy. Are the deaths connected to each other and to the flyover? Why do they all die on the day they illegally moved those blocks?  And out of the blue  there comes an intriguing link which connects all the “suicides” and endangers Rachna’s life. There are plenty of twists and turns that keep you hooked till the very last scene. The director, at the end of the film, says his story is based on real-life incidents. What impresses most is Nikketh Bommireddy’s cam era, which gives the film its eerie feel, supported by the background score by Poorna Chandra Tejaswi.

Pawan has a clever storyline as he harps on karma, the underlining theme of the film. It also delivers a hard-hitting message on how important it is to obey traffic rules. The film has its weakness as it osci llates between the real and the implausible; making it difficult for the screenplay to bridge the gap, esp ecially in some key portions during the second half. The paranormal activities are tough to swallow.The film works largely due to Samantha’s performance. Her expression of fear in the climax makes for easily one of the best scenes.

And giving her ample support is Rahul Ravindran as the senior crime editor and Aadhi as the cop. Pa wan has pacakaged U-Turn well as a neat thriller which plays more on the latent human fear of the unknown.   For a horrific climax, which is opened with the tickling experience, Rachana works in the valuated daily newspaper, as an internship reporter, once she was travelling in the busiest place of Velachery, where there is a flyover to avoid traffic, people moves a concrete divided block, but they never worried, after moving the blocks people face the consequences.Rachana, keeps affair with a cri me reporter Aditya, who works in the same office and he help for her article. Rachana for her probe, she places a roadside man that whoever separate the concrete blocks and takes the U-turn for their urgent, people takes the shortcut. In such case, already she has collected ten members address list and track them with the help of her friend.

Now, the tragedy follows towards her, she plans to visit an auditing person and thought of the inte rview, which will be helpful for her article. Once she steps into the flat, Sundar’s house was closed and Rachana moves back to her place.Here is a twist gear up, the cop arrests Rachana and the lady were getting blank all about that she needs to move towards the police station, Sundar was murdered in his flat, the cop suspects her, due to Rachana was entered last in Sundar’s house. She explicit her situ at ions to the police officer, in that circumstance the Aadhi Pinsietty, who helps Rachana, in following mu rders are happening by whom and the purpose to kill the innocent people.Initially, there were int eresting sequels made slight thrilled and the investigation of continuing murders gives curious eff ects, once the spirit engages with all the murders and that is the first jerk and second is the climax. Revealing stupidity climax.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3/5