Raja Ranguski Movie Review

Raja Ranguski Movie Review


Shirish as Raja,Chandini Tamilarasan ,Jayakumar Janakiraman ,Anupama Kumar as Maria and Mary,Kalloori Vinoth ,Sathya ,Madhu Ragurram ,Vijay RaghavN ,Gopi Gpr ,Sayee Sekar ,Ravichandren ,DuraiPandi etc


Director – Dharani Dharan,Written –  Dharani Dharan,Music – Yuvan Shankar Raja,Cinematography – D. K. Yuvaa,Editer -Shafiq Muhammed Ali ,Production Company – Vasan Productions, Burma Talkies ,PRO – Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One etc.


Raja Ranguski” is set forth between contradictory of love merged that the killer besides with the hero, when the interrogation proceeds on is the director’s twist it seemed. The heroine Ranguski’s attitude always keeps opposite, in a situation, for the safety purpose, the hero says, lock the front gate and be safe in the night but, Ranguski never close it and keeps the door open. The director Dharani Dharan intention is to give a thrilling content for the audience even Dharani checked out the pulses of viewers, a suspenseful adventure story, will hit the audience. That’s why many properties have been used for the investigation, antique knife, accident Bible convergences in the movie.

  An innocent cop Raja (Shirish), falls at first sight with a queer girl Ranguski, as the lady loves to write novels and she gets friendship with the cop Raja, who is a writer in the police station. Now one more eccentric involving in the script that a Christian lady, who found in taking care with the antique items and preserve it safely in her house. Now, these properties are the connection for the screenplay.Once, Raja proposes his love with Ranguski in a peculiar way that he utilizes Ranguski’s opposite attitude. The cop Raja does a strange call to Ranguski that she stop to accepting the proposal. Obviously Ranguski accepts Raja’s love.

The tackles is starting, in front of Raja, Ranguski is getting a strange call again. In this situation, a nei ghbo ur hood of Ranguski, an old christian lady killed in a pathetic way. The police people suspect on Raja and the investigation is moving on towards the CBCID K. K (Jayakumar Janakiraman), who screws of Raja in different angle.As usual, from the custody of CBCID Raja rushes out and starting to inve st igate on his way with his friend and even with the lover Ranguski. The director’s atrocious twist was Maria and Mary sprouts out. As the director had given the cue antique items will go for just thousands, so the story go to an accident Bible which is valued for crores. As in the police get up Shirish hasn’t showed his power, looks very weak in his portions, Chandini Tamilarasan goes with negative roles, is being observed in her previous films, Jayakumar Janakiraman investigation method was in a comical way. As in a CBCID stratum couldn’t match in his acting. Characteristics are lacking in the performances – totally immaturity stuffed carried on with the thriller prompts.

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In the murder and robbery, the unexpected moment is the romance of the eye with the idea of ​​”Raja Rangusky.”A young police writer. Love a love story, a young girl on the Storytelling. In this story, the anonymous voice in the voice of the hero, the hero, the hero and the hero of the two go on the cell, and create the testimony against the hero, kill him and cut their love.The policeman with the hero, the police chase the hero and sees the culprit in the cage. But who are the ones who escape from them? Who is the person who speaks in his voice? Did you know that? Is that person a murderer? .. guilty? Or is Nayegare guilty ..? Who is the culprit? Killer ..? “Raja Rangkusi” is the story of the whole story.

Vasan Productions and Burma Talkies, “Metro” Cherish – Shantini will be pairing. “Yuvan Shankar Raja”, “Raja Rungsky”, which is directed by the author of the film “Burma” and “Jackson”.The story of the 500-year-old Bible that has survived the destruction of 49 coins in the world in the picture is superb!The king is the “Metro” Cirish., The young police writer ‘gum’ constitution. The young Constabulous Kalukku Lukku is a suspicious suspicion that the police cutting, lip-chopped and chopped mustache, the khaki shirt punt, has given the act of adding more strength to the story.

Rungski is the nickname of Sujata’s nickname as a female writer (?) And heroine Shantini. Casual is also the color of the cosmetics to attract the audience.Wow it’s up to madam!Vinod’s college as the friend of the heroine is going to be in the comedy of his timingOther stars: Vizyakumar, Maria and Maria, as the CBC police cage, Ins pector Healthy Vijay Sathya, photographer – Alcohol, a multi-crore businessman who buys ancient Bible Cot Sh ud – beardy mustache will come with a mystery. The producer Vasan Alice Shakti Vasan is also involved in the show. Shabeek Mohammed Ali’s filmmaker Sharp.

Who is the killer with the shots of each of the scenes in Uva’s cinematography? Who is the real culprit? And that’s what makes everyone suspicious!Yuvan Shankar Raja is composed of songs, including “Silkkudu …”, “Sha dow Theme”, “Mister X” and “Love Ghana …”, “Gift of Life …” Music and the threat to the story!The music of Yuvan Shankar Raja and the Murder Mystery, which is completely new suspense style for Tamil cinema.In some scenes, the hero has a great chance to smile and there is no weakness in “Deema ….” and the lesson that the half-hearted tale of i king rungsky is somewhat weak.

Director: “Raja Rungsky”, a movie that includes Murthy Mystery’s film covering the story, screenplay, dialogue, and thriller suspense directed by “Burma”, “Jackson”, and the thriller suspense thriller will impress the aud ie nce.The entire film is about two hours, the information about the Bible about 500 years before the film, and the other name of the late writer Sujata, the character of the heroine, is the title of the heroine, which is the title of the story, “Love is a magic model, what can happen … “The romantic soups are the words,” You go Raja Ranguski’s love for suspense lovers – “rum – whiskey!”

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3/5