Spot Movie Review

 Spot Movie Review

Cast -;

Kaushik ,Agni Pawar,Nazzar ,Kaushik,Agni Pawar,Karate Gopalan,Rishikanth ,Sangilli Murugan  etc.


Director, Writer, Screenplay and Dialogue Writer  – VRR,Music – Vijay Shankar,Editing   –  C. S. Prem,


Gear up towards a spot, the long journey made exhausted – need to take a long breath.   The film “Spot” messes about a gang of guys, takes out the risks for a strange girl and the young men face more aftermaths from the op ening and dragged out till the climax. The hero Kaushik and his friends along with an unknown girl they travel till the intermission, thought car chase might happen till the climax, the content completes in a car journey itself, th ank god it was not happening. The film was directed by VRR, in the early morning 3.05 a car changing the loca ti on rapidly and the men travel towards Vellor and they reach out around 11.30 am, audience imagine the sp eed of sequels rushed into a great speed. The artists Kaushik, Agni Pawar and three guys played a prominent role and the senior actor Nassar comes in a negative eccentric.

 Kaushik takes his three close friends towards a pub party to celebrate his birthday. In that scenario, an attra c tive girl was triggered in the party area and she was cornered by the slayers, the aggressive Kaushik protects the girl from danger. Once they started the car, a couple of guys enjoy the journey with the alluring beauty of the girl. Among them, who insisting often the risk behind her. The young man never bothered, while in the long journey, the chasing gang was terrific in their behavioural and sketches for murders everyone. In this situation the girl A gni gets a call from FIR rowdy (Nazzar), asking her to get down from the car, if not all were killed in atroci ousn esses. As an audience, was thinking about still the car didn’t get into any trouble!!! 

The car struck up in a place and among the friends a guy get down to bring petrol. Unfairly, raucous fired him in a spot and forward the video through WhatsApp. Now the aggressive man takes a decision to revenge the rowdy gang and Agni trusted on fellowship and explain her problem. What was her problem and they safeguard from th e villain?The film was targeted on Kaushik, a couple love songs, stunt sequels and emotional dialogues all were st uffed. The film contains lots of energy with less stuffed.

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If spot is meant to find one or another Location obeject. Two things apply to this image. In the first part, the he roine’s lockson is colored by the villains of his color. In the second half, the man places a villain in one spo t.From the beginning to the end of the film, it’s all about chasing. Mitsubishi Bajero is chasing Mahindra Scorpio. In Sco rpia, the hero, heroine and hero are three friends. Chasing that starts in Chennai ends in the Kandini Yard in Chi tradurga, Karnataka. Lakku Saba Manohar’s son Rajkumar has been introduced in this film. Man’s friends come in one of the three. There is no mencotal for a skype that can help you to have fun. So he and another friend of the hero Joseph are in the car in the car in which they are frightened. Make it better. If you have a unique chara cter cast for all of the friends in the screenplay,

VRR’s son, producer and director, has acted as the chief friend of Rehan Manan. He is a little pragmatic, not just to screen the heroine like Joseph and Rajkumar. However, he is asked to help a girl and ask, ‘What is love?’ After hearing about four times, the hero is shy and admits. Love is the most glorious of the hero’s heroine. Agni Power is introduced as hero. In the music of Vijay Shankar, Ghana Bala sings, “Taj Mahalu .. My Taj Mahalu ..” Karate Go palan, ‘hey .. hey .. konduudu. Stop the carriage. Vekamma Poe ‘screams at the hands of the film all over the first half of the film. He is the father of the film’s hero Karate Keshik. Father and son clash each other in the second half. Kaushik has acted in the role of the hero. His height and karate preservation make it perfectly suitable for the character.

But he does not get angry with the one who is the brain of his friend’s death. But in the climemax, Panch asked the Rishikanth to ask, “What is God for you to take life?”But it is Twistai’s choice to continue the next. Director VRR concludes that Rishikanth’s game will continue in the next party. Nasser has acted as villain in the role of a looting Maharaja as saying that the central and state governments are in the pocket. Nazareth and face face to face with the next part. Cheran Raju, who is the hero of the heroine, was shot from the place where the hero was. The weakness of the script is that the hero did not approve of his problem as being pragmatic. Stunt Coriography and Mohan Rajin’s cinematography, however, assist the film’s thrill

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-4 /5