Raatchasan Movie Review

Raatchasan Movie Review


Vishnu ,Amala Paul,Suzane George,Sanjay,Kaali Venkat  ,Ramdoss,Kumar ,Munishkanth ,Nizhalgal Ravi , and Radha Ravi etc.


Directer – Ramkumar ,Producer – G. Dilli Babu ,R. Sridhar ,Writter – Ramkumar , Music – Ghibran ,Cinemat ography – P. V. Sankar ,Edite – San Lokesh ,Production company – Axess Film Factory ,Distributer – Skylark Entertainment etc.


Protagonist of the story Arun Kumar is an aspiring filmmaker. In his pursuit of the craft, he collects various tales of psychopaths and serial killers. Constant rejections in his attempts and family constraints force him to aband on his dream and take up the job of a Police officer. Meanwhile in the Chennai city, a number of school girls are reportedly kidnapped and brutally murdered. Arun intuitively suggests to his superior officials that this could be the wrongdoings of a psycho killer, but they neglect his theories. All the while, his predictions come true and dire incidents follow. At one stage, Arun’s niece becomes a victim of this psychopath, thus fueling a vengeful inve stig ation. With the help of his girlfriend Viji and his friends in the police department, Arun’s pursuit of this phantom killer turns wilder than his darkest of imaginations .After Vettaiyadu Vilayadu, and the recent Imaikka Nodigal, here is another psycho-thriller from Mundasappati director Ramkumar.

It is about a serial killer who is on a killing spree, as school kids are his target. A smart young cop who has just joined the police force has to track him down, as his family becomes the killer’s target.From its very opening scene, Ramkumar makes it clear that Ratsasan is not going to be an easy watch. Arun Kumar (Vish nu Vishal) is an aspiring filmmaker who has done detailed research on serial killers across the world for the script of his thri ller film. But producers reject his stories citing various reasons including the dark tone of the subject. Facing immense pressure from his mother and uncle, Arun is forced to become a cop, as he is offered the job of his late father. Interestingly, Arun’s research on serial killers help him crack the case of a psycho who kidnaps and cruelly murders school girls in Chennai. Ratsasan is one of Vishnu Vishal’s career best as he looks super fit, confident and carries the role with ease and conviction. Amala Paul as a school teacher who later falls in love with the hero is apt but she has nothing much to do as the talented actress makes an entry at regular intervals. Ramadoss as Arun’s uncle is very good.

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Ratsasan Movie Review: In the beginning of Ratsasan, we get to see a murder. A mysterious assailant walks tow ards a tied-up woman and starts hitting her with his axe. Before we can feel the shock, we get to see that it is act ually a film shoot. And the next instant, we also find out that it is a dream – of Arun Kumar (Vishnu Vishal, effect ive), an aspiring filmmaker. Arun wants to make a movie on a serial killer, but faces rejection at every step of the way. These scenes seem to be a reference to what director Ram Kumar might have faced with this script in real life. But for Arun, the pressure from his family forces him to become a cop. His late father was a cop and with an uncle (Ramadoss) in the police department, getting into the force isn’t too difficult for him.

And then the plot kicks in. A girl is found murdered in a gruesome manner and Arun finds out that it could be connected to a previous case. All the research that he had done for his movie script leads him to realise that th ese could be the work of a serial killer And there is hardly any clue. Soon, another couple of murders occur, with one being a personal loss, which only increases his resolve to catch the murderer. Ratsasan is a competent thri ller, for the most part. There is a tautness to the storytelling, especially until the interval block, that keeps us ho oked. Even the obligatory romance – Amala Paul plays a teacher whom Arun is smitten by – is quickly wrap pe d up with a couple of scenes. So much so that even the short romantic song has Arun’s investigation happening in the background.

The narrative does falter in the second half, when a personal loss threatens to steer the film towards melodrama that doesn’t suit this material, but Ram Kumar manages to avoid that pitfall. But he does get indulgent towards the end, drawing out the final act instead of wrapping things up swiftly once the revelation involving the murd erer (whose appearance recalls Vikram from Ai) has been made. The backstory is both familiar and unique, but the character of an egoistic superior officer is grating. That said, the director doesn’t hold back when it comes to violence. And rather than gory visuals, he makes use of editing and music to make us feel the violence. The spo oky, almost wall-to-wall score by Ghibran and the tight editing by San Lokesh actually amp up the tension and lend an edge-of-the-seat vibe to the proceedings.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-4/5