Collage launches Pero’s Fall winter 2018 line for the first time in South India starting from 15th October 2018 to 10th November 2018.

Collage launches Pero’s Fall winter 2018 line for the first time in South India starting from 15th October 2018 to 10th November 2018.

“Pero made the pink so hot, that it was shocking”

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Chennai, 15th October 2018: Shoutout to the Fashionista’s! Collage presents the Pero’s Fall Winter 2018 line debuting in South India at Collage starting from 15th October to 10th November from 11.00am onwards. Pero’s uniqueness and versatility are demonstrated in every fashion piece from their collection line, as it effectively helping fashion lovers to express themselves.

Pero’sFall Winter 2018 line – To brighten the gloomy winters for an intense statement, using vibrant hot pink, co rals, and moody winter hues such as black, grey and off-white. We chose pink and coral as the key colours for fall-winter 2018. To complement the geometry of checks, we have experimented by superimposing printed flor als on chequered wool. With the help of our skilled hand embroiders, we have done ornamental needlework on appliqued flowers, rendering them with extensive embroidery techniques and play of material.

Another highlight this season is ‘passamaneria’ (Portuguese for lace or trim) running along our tartans, stripes, contributing to surface texture, color pop and a third dimension to textiles. These laces range from meticulous knottings to 3D laser cut flowers, ribbon embroideries, beadwork, and crochet detailing, all tucked together wit h hand to give people of the experience of passamanaria on their clothing. Pero has been retailing at Collage for several years. No surprises that each line continues to be a promise of fabulous mix of colour and craftsmanship with painstaking finishes. Drop by to Collage to view the new line collections on 15th October2018 to 10th November 2018 from 11am onwards.

About Collage…

Collage is a multi-faceted location, carefully curated to embrace wearable luxury, for an audience that looks beyond the more notable names. It was founded in late 2004, when luxury, fashion and style were just making small inroads into Chennai. As a brand, we choose to stand apart in our approach to clothing and are constantly re-interpreting the loosely used term ‘Indian’. For Collage, Indian wear does not translate to a soirée of saris and kurtas alone. Our curation of gar ments and accessories equates Indian to rich fabrics, colours, the philosophy of our designers and their labels. We bring to you discerning craftsmanship through various bespoke labels. We believe in the touch and feel of a garment.