Genius Movie Review

Genius Movie Review


Roshan ,Aadukalam Naren,Jayaprakash,Singamuthu,Singam Puli,Erode Mahesh


Director * Suseenthiran,Producer * Roshan,Music by * Yuvan Shankar Raja,PRO * Johnson


The director Suseenthiran usually dragged on for the commercial oriented scripts, in that list “Genius” title made an exaggeration about the storyline, more or less, a young boy who gets a topper in his classes, by this the buds li fe goes into pressure and how his grown up life inducing with both physical and mental discomfort. The script mo ves up to 98 minutes, thank god there is no such silly love tracks. But, the first half quite endearing, that is ho w in the period of 1998 children were pressurized under the educational system. What happened to the “Genius” team went to top and all of a sudden fall down in the second half, to come out from the mental illness, the young man getting treated in a unique way and even the women was insulting by the dialogues.

Story: A young man Dinesh who works in an IT company, by his boss and with the target, he was working days and nights, which leads to freeze in a particular time, the colleagues rush to a hospital by seeing his condition, once the doctor’s diagnosis his disease that he had affect with mental strain and that he can’t achieve the target, his boss terminates from his office.With all worries Dinesh parents proceeds with psychological treatment. On ce the psychiatrist started to examine, his past life was beautiful with his grandparents and enjoys the annual holidays with full of joyful. But once Dinesh father (Aadukalam Naren) started to recognize the strengthen, Din esh father made his educational life as in a mechanism. After all the unfavorable outcomes, how an aggressive father has changed the perception and began to live for his son and for the grandson.

Initial, Jayaprakash plays in a psychiatrist role and he gives treatment to Dinesh and how the educational pa ttern overlaps and the parents have constraint their mindset when the children wanted to get top in all the cla sses, all was going in a quite decent way. The second half, deviations made collapse on the screenplay and wh at went well in the opening which slipped out in the climax.Roshan matured fitness apt to this film, Aadukalam Na ren master card for this movie by the way he gives the output. Technical aspects, visualization of nature, river wh ere the boy plays in the village made impressive and the BGM and songs are supports the film.

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Suseenthiran’s Genius proves that he is a good writer but lacks the prowess as a film maker in the recent tim es. The first half focuses accurately on the unwanted academic pressures being put on children by the parents which deteriorates the mental fitness and causes unstable behaviour.The second half was completely unrealistic and definitely didn’t serve the purpose of the issue dealt. The casting was good but couldn’t give us a “movie” exp erience, it was kind of a staged drama with limited characters acting it out.The actor, Roshan wasn’t at ease and failed to deliver a meticulous performance the character demanded.

Yuvan’s music was supportive though the songs didn’t turn out to be chartbusters inspite of the good combi nation. The movie exposes a mental disorder but doesn’t take it serious and cater a proper solution rather mis guides the audience with completely absurd treatments. A film which started off with an influential concept en ded up pathetically falling under the category of commercial sugar coated films. Genius is about Dhinesh Kumar (Roshan), who becomes a schizophrenia patient due to his over-demanding father (Aadukalam Naren). The first half of the film is all about the cause of the disease. When Dinesh’s father gets addicted to all the claps and aw ards his over-achieving son gets in one school annual day, he swears to make him a role model for others.

He snatches Dhinesh’s playtime, friends, and everything that makes up for a happy childhood. His ordeal cont inues in his teenage as well, which means Dhinesh grows up without any acquaintance with the people of opp osite gender. At present, Dhinesh’s boss has him overworked. All the childhood trauma and the work pressure peaks… and one day, Dhinesh snaps.The second half is about the cure. This comes in form of Jasmine (Priya Lal), a prostitute. Yes, it looks as random as it reads. The film just travels on a different tangent post interval. Roshan’s performance is shockingly ina de quate. He is another liability in this shoddy film. He repeats his limited expres sions, turns caricaturish during the so-called emotional segments and totally sabotages the feel of the film. Aadukalam Naren is the only actor who helps.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s contribution to the film is infinitesimal if not nothing. The songs, which again echo the ‘messages’ of the film, are instantly forgettable. The good thing is they also get over instantly. The intention of Genius – that children should play as much as they study – is noble and one can argue that it is also the need of the hour. But intentions alone don’t make good cinema. Samuthirakani and the likes might keep making ‘hits’ with such good intentions. But, in failing to embrace the language and the form of cinema, they will continue to fail in making movies.

In a nutshell, Genius starring Roshan and Priya Lal is a shoddy film that fails to rise above the ordinary, in their way out, audiences kept telling ‘nalla karuthu sollikaaru (the director has given us a good message)’. One pro bably has to wait a hundred years to see if Tamil filmmakers grow out of the habit of ‘telling a message’ in cin ema, and another hundred years to see if they stop ‘telling’ in cinema, which is primarily a visual medium.Susien thiran has been struggling to get back in form but after Genius, he will continue to do so. With Genius, Susient hiran joins Samuthirankani and Pandiraj’s school of thought where the priority lies in the act of preaching social messages over showing a film. Genius gloriously fails as cinema and it is shockingly underwhelming from a direct or who has made quality films like Naan Mahan Alla and Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-4/5