The 3rd edition of the India Pharma Week gears up for a grand debut in Delhi-NCR

The 3rd edition of the India Pharma Week gears up for a grand debut in Delhi-NCR

The 3rd edition of the India Pharma Week gears up for a grand debut in Delhi-NCR

Chennai, December 2018: 

UBM India, India’s leading B2B exhibition organizer, is all set to bring in the third edition of the widely appre ciated India Pharma Week, a week-long celebration packed with avant-garde events from 9th – 14th December, alongside the 12th edition of its flagship expo CPhI and P-MEC India. South Asia’s largest Pharma event will be held for the first time at the world class venue of the India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, with all its attendant faci lities, moving away from the commercial capital of Mumbai. This will enable all the key stakeholders and profes sionals of the pharma industry the convenience to congregate at the marquee show, network and celebrate the industry under one giant umbrella for an entire week.

Commemorating the 12 years of the CPhI & P-MEC India expo, the India Pharma Week will organize more than 7 events and activities pertaining to the streams of business, knowledge, leadership, innovation, recognition and networking in the field of Pharma. As a tribute to the city in which it was born and reared, the India Pharma Wee k will tee off with a Pharma Leaders Golf in Mumbai. The scene of action will then shift to Greater Noida where the IPW will be packed with a series of dynamic engagements such as Pharma Connect Congress, Women in Pha rma, India Pharma Awards, Networking Evening, the CPhI & P-MEC India Exhibition and a closed-door CEO Roundtable, among others. The shift to the Delhi-NCR region will help the magnum opus further develop and nurture a complete pharma ecosystem in the sectoral pockets of the North, also keeping in mind its power cor idors.

Originally Incepted in 2006, the CPhI & P-MEC India exhibition has grown remarkably larger over the years with exhibitors and visitors from Indian and overseas engaging over significant levels of business. It has been appr oved and comprehensively assisted in its endeavors by governing bodies such as Pharmexcil, CIPI and IDM A. Th is year’s edition will witness participation from more than 1,600 exhibitors from over 42 countries. Special pavil ions by Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council of India (Pharmexcil), China Chamber of Commerce for Imp ort & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE) and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) will form an intrinsic part of the expo.

The India Pharma Week with its mélange of events was launched in 2016 to celebrate CPhI & P-MEC’s ten years of existence. Onsite, several innovative engagement platforms such as Supplier Finder, CPhI TV, Live Streaming, Mobile Apps, Tech Walls, Matchmaking – Live Pharma Connect, Exhibitor Showcase, and Innovation Gallery am ong others are sure to make the visitor experience an engaging and memorable one.

Speaking on IPW 2018, Mr. Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, UBM India said, “I am delighted to announce the third edition of the weeklong India Pharma Week — an unrivalled offering to the world of exhibitions — along with the CP hI & P-MEC India, UBM’s flagship engagement platform, and the world’s leading Pharmaceutical networking event in th e Delhi-NCR region at a world class venue that an elite congress such as the one at IPW richly deserve. The shift to the region, in close geographical proximity to the Centre, policy makers, consulates and government bodies will enhance our community building efforts. Apart from the business, and the medley of captivating events, key discussion areas will in clude ‘Growth of Indian Pharmaceutical industry: Vision 2020’, ‘Transforming the Pharma industry architecture thro ug h collaborations’, and ‘Strategies to strengthen regulatory policies in India’ among many others, for the community to ruminate and act upon,”.

 “With an estimated spend of over US$ 200 billion on medical infrastructure in the next decade; India is keen to make dr ugs affordable as well as available in all corners of the country. What is also equally required to make India a global le ader in end to end pharma manufacturing, as encapsulated by The ‘Pharma Vision 2020′ is a heightened appreciation and awareness about compliance requirements and investment in R&D. These factors seem to have been comprehended by the pharma community with around 9 per cent of sales by organisations being re-invested in R&D and 46 mergers having been affected in 2017-18. These will, no doubt, go a long way in leading the country on to further innovation, dis covery and patents to maintain its stronghold over the sector,” he further added.

Events under IPW:

Pharma Leaders Golf: Scheduled for 9th December, this off-the-beaten track event will have leaders from top pharmaceutical companies getting together over a game of Golf. Around 25 chiefs will tee off under the balmy winter sun for a fun and networking day. Innumerable business opportunities and contacts will be built over a friendly round of golf – a perfect way to warm-up a few days before the grand CPhI & P-MEC India exhibition begins.

CPhI & P-MEC: 

As the pharma industry is increasingly looking towards India for high quality, low cost pharma solutions, CPhI & P-MEC India is the perfect event for companies to pick up on the latest trends and innovations the market has to offer. The event is scheduled for 12th – 14th December, and enables attendees to meet the movers and shakers in India’s pharma machinery, technology and ingredients industry for a competitive advantage that will help grow your business.

India Pharma Awards and Networking Night: 

The grand stage of India Pharma Awards is back in its 6th year to celebrate the advances & achievements of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry on 12th December 2018. A part of the Recognition & Networking stream, India Pharma Awards 2018 will bring together industry champions, stalwarts & visionaries from around the world. Th e journey for the awards has proved to be interesting with increased number of nominations, partnerships and audience footfalls year-on-year. India Pharma Awards is not only a platform for the pharma companies in the co untry but also a platform that honours individual achievements within those companies, hence, serving as the best platform for the universe of pharma. India Pharma Awards, one of the most transparent & process driven a wards are conducted professionally as well as methodically to draw out the best in the industry, and it stands as an opportunity to position your brand with the best in the Pharmaceutical space. This is done with a neutral Jury Panel representing various segments of the industry.

Pharma Connect Congress: I

ndia’s pharma market is set to outperform the global industry. To boost the sector further, with the theme of ‘Ide ate. Innovate. Integrate’, the Pharma Co nnect Congress will work cohesively towards achieving the Pharma Vision of making India the next major hub of end-to-end drug discovery. The event is scheduled for 12th Dec emb er 2018 and the topics of discussion will incl ude ‘Transforming the Pharma Industry Architect Through Collab orations’, ‘Stra tegies to Strengthen Regulatory Policies in India’, ‘Role of Digitalization in Tr ansforming the Phar maceutical Sector’ and ‘Leveraging Latest Innovations in Technology’ amongst others.

CEO Roundtable:

For the last 2 years, this has been known as the one of the marquee events of IPW. In the 3rd edition, which is scheduled for 12th December, the exclusive, closed door CEO Roundtable has been eminently successful as a strategic gathering of CEOs of leading pharma companies who will deep dive into thought-provoking discussions.

Women Leaders in Pharma:

 This summit celebrates the does and the doing – an initiative aimed at acknowledging and celebrating the sig nificant and continued contribution of women to the pharma industry. Scheduled for 13th December, it will bring women luminaries from around the world on a common platform to share their success stories, experiences and knowledge. Revolving on 3 core pillars; leadership, entrepreneurship and gender diversity, the 3rd edition of Wo men in Pharma will feature scintillating discussions like ‘Can Women have it all? Balancing Life and Work’ and ‘Strategies to Make our Organizations More Diverse and Adopting Inclusive Leadership’ amongst many more