Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum Movie Paper Add & News

Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum  Movie Paper Add & News

Harish Kalyan’s challenging moments at paradisiacal Ladakh

Harish Kalyan has become the sensational heartthrob wowing the young generations. But he isn’t sticking to th ose chocolate boy avatars and instead wants to give himself a challenging treat in every movie. But he seems to have undergone some of the unforgettable encounters while shooting in Ladakh for his upcoming film Ispade Raj avum Idhaya Raniyum directed by Ranjit Jeyakodi and produced by Balaji Kapa for Madhav Media featuring Shi lpa Manjunath in female lead

“There are certain things might look exquisitely heavenly to our eyes, but reaching such destinations has to inv olve certain risky challenges, which involves scenarios out of our imaginations. Such was our experience while shooting in Ladakh,” says Harish Kalyan, who had to encounter uncalled-for experiences in Ladakh, which has be come the cynosure of Kollywood these days.

The team had to shoot some scenes at the exotic locales of Ladakh, which had its own challenges for the entire team. Harish Kalyan recollects those mo m ents saying, “Once, we had completed filming few shots near the ho tel, where we stayed. Sudde nly, I could hear some kind of tumult and was shoc ked to see that an assistant dir ec tor chocked and couldn’t breathe. We rushed to hospital and were literally appalled till we found that he was ba ck to normalcy. Usually, the oxygen content in air is low at such regions of high altitude. He didn’t wear pro per woolen clothing and hadn’t covered his ears as well, which had eventually affected his lungs.”

The handsome actor pulls out yet another such challenging instance, which was to trek over a higher altitude. “This was yet another tough situation, where few scenes involving me and Shilpa Manjunath had to be filmed across the backdrops of Rohtang Pass. Since, it was at the higher altitude, many locales didn’t want to acc omp any us and even warned us too. However, Ranjit Jeyakodi and cinematographer Kavin had already been there for scouting locations and assured that it has an exquisitely serene picturesque backdrop for the scene. Initially, I was quite ignorant about reaching there as locales had warned me about the risk. Nevertheless, Ranjit enc our aged me to embark on the journey, which involved 2 hours of trekking. Finally, I was the first one to reach out there and was spellbound over the unimaginable beauty of the place. The entire team forgot the pains and cha llenges of a long journey after witnessing its sublime scenario” says Harish Kalyan.