Adanga Maru Movie Review

Adanga Maru Movie Review


Jayam Ravi,Raashi Khanna, Azhagam Perumal,Ponvannan,Sampath Raj, etc.


Director –  Karthik Thangavel,Music  – Sam C.S,Cinematography – Sathyan Sooryan,PRO  – Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One.


Adanga Maru” is a greater extent of glorious added to Jayam Ravi, a splendid framework focused for the ave nging strategies. After the sci-fi thriller of Jayam Ravi concentrated with the action based adventure story, that the unveiling director Karthik Thangavel dedicates on screen about the women’s insecure stipulates and their torment.The flick filled with that the society clumps of crooked people, the high class people’s sons were invo lved in the brutal activities against women, and this scenario was observed by a sincere cop but the higher offic ers supports the influenced people and even protects them in each situation.

The content holds the attention of viewers in the second half by killing the vicious guys by using distinct stra tegies. The actor Jayam Ravi Subash is a devout sub-inspector that he trusted his higher hierarchical people. Un fortunately, the high rank official cops were esteemed the wealthiest people.Subash with his family members leads a happy life, he had the beautiful relationship with his brother and their family, Subash’s father Ponvannan and mother Sriranjini shows affection to everyone. Subash ambition wants to become as an IAS officer and he sh ows up dedication to his profession. On parallel, Rashi, who is familiar with Ponvannan family, Subash and Rashi keep affairs with each other and their understanding stratum goes quiet. Subash always believes in the honesty to go in a good path.

In this circumstance, Subash is involved in a rape case and started to investigate. A well settled people’s sons are involved in that rape case and Subash is arresting the guys and by their influences ravishment guys coming out of the case with the facilitate of police officers.Subash family members all were demise their life from the savagery people. By seeing the unconditional situation Subash resigned from the police department and take an intellect ual action by killing those cruelty guys.The first half keeps on engaged by the interrogation sequels and the sec ond half compressed with revenge scenes, the actor Jayam Ravi as usual fizzing by his performance.  A good en tertaining movie.

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It is not the first time that Jayam Ravi has donned Khaki. But what’s different in the revenge thriller Adanga Maru, where he plays a sub inspector who is forced to ‘obey the orders’ from superiors, is that he quits his cop job so that he ‘need not obey the orders’ and can discharge his duties independently. Subhash (Jayam Ravi) is a sensible cop who is an IPS aspirant. His life revolves around his family comprising of his dad and mom (Ponva nn an and Sriranjini), and his twin nieces. In the very first opening scene where students protest to remove the tas mac shop from the college neighborhood, we get to know about Subhash that he is a no nonsense cop who wants to help people rather than intimidate them. However, his hands are tied and he cannot do anything on his own ac cord.

One day, Subhash and his team go to investigate the mysterious death of a girl and though he feels that there’s some foul play in her demise, his higher-up Muthukaruppan (Mime Gopi) orders him to close the case as suicide. However, Subhash starts his own enquiry and finds out that four guys from affluent families are involved in the case and that they have raped and murdered the innocent girl. And they are repeat offenders with many girls be ing trapped.For them, the two hours and 15 minutes spent in the theatre during debut director Karthik Tha ng avel’s Adanga Maru provides the cathartic calm that wrongdoers will be brought to task. At one level, you alm ost delight when mob justice, even if online, triumphs over evil. But, at another, you wonder where this will all lead to, and what will happen if there are no checks and balances. But, like someone says, “this is not murder, this is punishment”. It helps that instead of picking up a weapon, all people have to do is swipe on a phone — ideal in a world where armchair activism rules.

Subash (an effective Jayam Ravi) is a fresher, a sub-inspector with a strong sense of right and wrong. He’s shown his place very soon, when he’s told his job is to ultimately let the powerful go. His superior reminds him of his ra nk and tells him that he will listen to him once Subash clears his IPS exam and is posted as his boss. Like Azhag am Perumal’s cop character says, no one will respect police personnel as long as they are sent to protect the po werful. But, heading out to investigate the death of a young girl, Subash stumbles upon some truths that every one wants buried. His life changes then on.There are some red herrings in the script that’s pacy and helped gr eatly by Antony’s editing. You expect the minister’s son to be the one who might trouble Subash. It turns out to be four other boys who mangle his loving family.

Subash is the kind of cop who reminds you of Vijay Sethupathi’s character in Sethupathi. He joined the force to prevent crime, and has a loving family — his girlfriend is friends with all of them, his mother still makes him ghee dosas when the others get regular ones, and feeds him when he’s in a rush to leave. The elder brother (Subbu Pan chu Arunachalam) does not hesitate giving him a talking-to when he snaps at his girlfriend. This is a home held to gether by love, a home with distinctly middle-class dreams. The friendly chithappa (Chicha as Ravi is called by his twin nieces) shares a fond bond with all and is left shell-shocked after the family bears the brunt of a call he ta kes at work.Early on in the film, the director establishes how Subash is tech-savvy. And so, it is believable when he banks on technology to deliver justice to the guilty.

He goes at them with a vengeance, and when challenged by a top cop (Sampath), tells him the same thing that he was told – where’s the evidence? He throws a challenge when putting in his papers; that he will not do anything to the boys, but their fathers will. How he manages, that forms the story.The twists and turns are not really pr edictable, and that’s a huge plus for a film that aims to score on the thrill quotient. Director-writer Viji’s dia lo gues are spot-on, barring one featuring Munishkanth that propagates the trope of the filmi wife. Watch out for the scene where a person registers a complaint for a missing dog, a fancy breed. The biggest worry of the owner is that it might bond with a native breed. There’s a snappy reference to caste pride and the Aadhaar card, in the same breath. One thing that stays with you is how the four rich fathers are never really contrite; they feel for their children, but don’t really realise the gravity of the crime they committed.

Ravi plays the sincere cop who precisely moves the chess pieces in the script with an endearing earnestness; we have seen that in recent years, beginning with Thani Oruvan, but you are yet to tire of it, and credit to him for th at. Azhagam Perumal is the understanding colleague; he’s honest too, but has seen too much and has accepted the existing power structure. Meera Vasudevan (Oh, the Thanmathra girl, someone in the audience screamed!) appears in a cameo as the sister-in-law; you really wish she had more to do. As for Raashi Khanna, you wonder how they sold the film to her. Her character arc says ‘supportive girlfriend’, and she plays that well. Wonder why her lip sync is so off-the-mark, though.If the film had been a little lengthier, you might have had scope to pick holes in the narrative, but the director and editor ensure that things move at a breathless pace — even the one song on the leads is not a major distraction.

Sam’s background score keeps pace with all the activity.The film silently speaks of a generation that has grown up without too many compunctions; that feels proudly entitled. It is also a reminder of the dangers that lurk. E ven Sampath’s character gets a reality check only as a parent, when his daughter questions how he would react if she had been the victim. Till then, cow-towing to the powers mattered; after that, his attitude too changes to re flect the title — refuse to yield.Subash finally does become an IPS officer. Will he just stay a conscientious officer or will he continue to play vigilante?He manages to nab the four boys only to be relieved on instructions from Jo int Commissioner Sarangan (Sampath Raj).He is also suspended and returns home to find out that his family is wiped out by the detractors. The reminder is all about how the tech savvy Subhash goes into revenge mode and kills the youngsters after challenging his superiors.It’s Jayam Ravi all the way and with his macho looks he aces his character.

He is convincing be it his fiery high-octane stunt sequences or the emotional scenes. Especially, Ravi creates a great impact in the interrogation scene with Sampath. Raashi Khanna as Ravi’s fiancée gives a matured per fo rmance in a small yet significant role. Others like Muniskanth and Azhagam Perumal as the good cops and Sam path Raj, Mime Gopi play their part well.There’s nothing new by way of story in the revenge saga. Ravi as such does not have powerful villains. What works in the movie’s favor are the brilliant packaging by debutant Karthik Thangavel and the pace with which he narrates the story. The speedy screenplay never allows you to think about the logical loopholes in the movie. The director has also penned some hard-hitting dialogues against sexual cri mes on women. Sam CS’s theme music warrants mention. Sathyan Soorian’s cinematography is prais eworthy. Overall, an engaging thriller worth a watch.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3.5/5