Maari 2 Movie Review

Maari 2 Movie Review


Dhanush  ,Kreshna Kulasekaran  ,Tovino Thomas  ,  Arathu Aanandhi ,Varalaxmi Sarathkumar  ,Vidya Pradeep  ,Robo Shankar  , Kalloori Vinoth  ,Kaali Venkat  ,Master Raghavan  ,Aranthangi Nisha ,Aadukalam Naren  ,E. Ramdoss  ,Vincent Asokan  ,Sangili Murugan, Sai Pallavi, Silva , Stalin , Pasi Sathya, Rock Prabhu, M. Kamaraj, Sethu Lakshmi etc.


Director – Balaji Mohan,Producer – Dhanush,Written  – Balaji Mohan,Music –  Yuvan Shankar Raja , Cinem atography – Om Prakash,Editer –  Prasanna GK ,Production Company –  Wunderbar Films , Distributer  –  Lyca Productions , PRO –  Riaz K Ahmed etc.


The film “Maari 2” imposing in lineament by the eccentrics that the viewers expect an eminent stratum of out put, as a significant actor Dhanush envisioned on screen.  : Maari 2015, persistence followed in the direction of Balaji Mohan, that the content focuses on North Madras and a Don Maariyappan shows all the elements to en tertain the audience. The voguish actor Dhanush plays an efficacious role, along with him Kreshna, Vara la ks hmi, Robo Shankar and Aadukalam Naren and Vinoth support towards the film. Even though the content extent till 150 minutes, the flick doesn’t show any blemishes. But anyhow in the second half Dhanush imitate Rajinikath films that somehow tracks out of impressive part.

  In the banner of Wunderbar Films “Maari 2” opening in the place of North Chennai areas, Maariyappan is a guy, who shows his strength by doing a good crusade for the affected people. Now the don guy Maariyappan and his friend Kreshna both were retained a firmest relationship, in this gap Maariyappan keeps his eye on Arathu Aan andhi and he tried to impress the girl.At a point, the solidest relationship of Maariyappan and Kreshna goes to a weaker level of the opponent people, in this case both were getting separate each other.

Now the antagonist group had been getting influenced by their separation, the opposite gang overcome as the Don in the Maariyappan’s place.In that situation, the gang targets Maariyappan’s lover in all situations Maar iya ppan couldn’t safeguard his lover, they decided to move out their area and plan to marry to lead a happy life. In this tough situation, Maariyappan starts his new life with Arathu Aanandhi or he follows his old Don life and it has been stuffed with a lot of action.Dhanush always expertise by his performance, the story is all about merging with typical local area that the man show out extreme level in the performance, Sai Pallavi shows her alacrity in the each frame. In the technical aspects BGM and the songs are highest quality.   Holds the attention.

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Movie Review-;

What happens when the past catches up on the lovable goon Maari (Dhanush) in the form of Beeja (Tovino Th omas)? How an innocent girl Anandhi (Sai Pallavi) gets caught in between and what happens afterwards is what the movie is all about?Dhanush is superb as one expects from him. He is enjoying playing the role of Maari and shows on screen. There is nothing unusual or fresh here; he has done it all before. Still, Dhanush makes it all wo rk. Balaji Mohan, a talented upcoming director who burst onto the scene with Love Failure a few years ago, made Maari (dubbed as Mass in Telugu) with Dhanush. The movie did decently at the box office, but its soun dtrack and the don character of Dhanush continued to gain popularity among audience even after the theatrical run. With that in mind, a sequel was announced that left many baffled as trade wise it wasn’t a big thing.


So here we have Maari 2 where Dhanush is enjoying his role as before. The plot, however, is a stale and out-da ted one, the kind we saw many in the late eighties and early nineties. Only, the making has been upgraded kee ping the sensibilities of current times.A scene later, Maari (the lovable don next door) gets a terrific intro scene where a kid takes on a burly thug when he comes looking for Maari. Axes and swords are slashed and Maari esc apes unscathed…again, but this escape is special. It’s the 100th time he has survived an attempt on his life and there’s even a cake (a “re-birth day” cake?) that’s cut on this special occasion. Also, do you get the mythical spin the film gives itself when Thanathos is pitted against a ‘man that cannot be killed’?

We also get ‘Araathu Anadhi’ (a super-fun Sai Pallavi) who fits perfectly into the film’s OTT universe. Did anyone imagine Maari 2 to have one of Tamil cinema’s most progressive female characters of the year? Remember the lin e ‘I’m A Loyal Husband, Giving You Royal Treatment And Your Daily Shoppin Is Guaranteed’ from the first film? No w, that’s not exactly a line that would impress Anandhi, the anti-loosu ponnu and an independent woman wh o refuses to look at life after marriage as a life in the kitchen. There’s a lot of fun in seeing her confidently pursui ng the man she loves in scenes that’s not written to just gain cheap laughs. Also, the irony of a woman “strongly pursuing” one of Dhanush’s characters isn’t lost on me.

As long as the film sticks to its excesses, it remains thoroughly enjoyable and that even extends to the second half when the film morphs into a clever re-imagining of a somewhat popular 90’s film. I think Baasha it was call ed. There’s even a terrific tribute to the Rajinikanth-starrer set in a theatre which even brings back the highlight from the first film.But the problems arise soon after. Following the Baasha template requires a lot of curbing and controlling of the lead’s explosive personality and that’s a lot to take away from a film that relies almost entirely on its characters. It’s not a film that can afford to keep the Lennon glasses away from Dhanush for too long. And this issue extends to Tovino’s performance as well. These portions in the second half would have remained just as engaging had the crazy villain maintained the “two notches higher” pitch of the film. But he tries to bring rea lism (for the lack of a better word) to his performance when we’re looking for the opposite. Also, I can’t remem ber another villain that praises the hero so much.

Of course, the film does manage to return to form but a lot of time has passed until then and that’s when we rea lise how Maari 2 has repeated a lot of the mistakes of the original. The effort that has gone in to create such lik able characters doesn’t seem to have gone in to the writing, which remains predicable when it’s not inco ns ist ent. Why spent so much time building a world when you’re going to remove your characters from it for so lo ng? Why try so hard to make sense out of everything when it’s the ‘non-sense’ of the two films that we love?The two halves of the movie feel like two different films with one common track involving the hero and the vill ain runn ing through. They are also the one who make the proceedings engaging with their parts. What also helps the cau se is the supporting actors who do their bits well and keep the fun and emotions going on until the end, even if the path is a predictable one.

Overall, Maari 2 is a routine, predictable mass entertainer. It is engaging due to the cast and some well-executed mass heroism sequences. There is nothing new apart from the pairing of Dhanush and Sai Pallavi, and that sho uld be kept in mind.Sai Pallavi has so far not done a film where she is a mere prop. Maari 2 build on that repu tat ion. Whatever the length of her role, she has an integral part in the narrative, and Sai Pallavi delivers. Those who love dances from her get a treat in two songs. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar feels wasted. Tovino Thomas has done his part clinically. There is nothing exceptional, but he manages to act as a strong folly to the hero. Krishna Kul asekaran is decent in supporting the lead. Robo Shankar was decent in providing laughs. The rest of the cast wh ich boasts of many other known faces has nothing much to offer to them.Music and the background score, ove rall, is a level down compared to Maari. Yuvan Shankar Raja has done a decent job, but that doesn’t watch up to the massive blockbuster work of the original. The cinematography and editing are neat. The writing is okay.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3/5