Honourable Minister Ma Foi K.Pandiarajan Launches Book – ‘Indian Managers and Organisations’

Honourable Minister Ma Foi K.Pandiarajan Launches Book – ‘Indian Managers and Organisations’

Renowned business experts and Ma Foi K.Pandiarajan discuss managementat a book launch

 Honourable Minister Ma Foi K.Pandiarajan Launches Book – ‘Indian Managers and Organisations’

Chennai January 8th, 2019:Ma FoiK. Pandiarajan, Honourable Minister for Tamil Official Language and Tamil Cu lture, Govt. of TN, today launched “Indian Managers and Organisations: Boons and Burdens”, a book written by Mr. Ashok Malhotra at an event jointly organized by Ma Foi Strategic Consultantsand Madras Management Ass ociation. The launch event featured a panel discussion by eminent panelists Honourable Minister Mr. K.Pandiara jan, Mr.L. Lakshman, Chairman Emeritus, Rane Group,Mr. C VSubba Rao– Deputy Managing Director, Sanmar Sh ipping Ltd.

‘Indian Managers and Organisations’,explicates a pluralistic and non-reductionist framework, the Existential Universe Mapper (E UM). The framework includes new psychometric instruments to map individual and orga nization identity. It avoids placing any phenomena into frozen categories and enables an understanding of their interplay and pattern recognition.Highlighted in the book is India’s ambivalent relationship with modernity and the con se quent difficulty of Indian managers in embracing the imperatives of the corporate world that are lar gely based on Anglo-Saxon frames. The book argues that this ambivalence is not just a problem but a great opp ortunity wi th creative potential.

Addressing the gathering of students, management practitioners and gurus, and lauding Mr. Ashok Malhotra as his mentor,Honourable Minister Ma Foi K. Pandiarajan said, ‘This book will serve as a reference in the domain of Human Resource Management.With the benefit of the author’s 5 decades of HR /OD industry experience the book con sists ofnew perspectives on describing oneself and organizations. This book attempts to articulate a way of underst an dingoneself and the organization in ways which are very Indian and how they can be integrated with the prevalent corporate ways. Traditionally Indian managers are trained with an Indian cultural background and then venture into a corporate world which inculcatesthem with western ideas.”Honourable Minister Ma Foi K. Pandiarajan lso reit er ated that it would be great if this is translated into all Indian languages. As a first initiative, he has taken steps to translate this book in Tamil language for the Tamil people to also relate to it.

 Introducing his book and providing a brief overview, author Mr. Ashok Malhotrasaid, that in order to harness the immense potential of the Indian people, it is important that we view things from the Indian perspective rather than only through alien frameworks.  This will nec essitate a review of our notions of management and leadership and ensure that the organizational processes also take into account the imperatives of the Indian perspective.  He also emphasized that this is important not just for Indian corporates but that it also has much wider implications. In this sense, the Indian pe rspective is not just a relic of the past but has huge relevance for the present and the future.

 This book would be of interestto  people in Management, Human Resources, Leadership / Governance, psychology, so ciology, education, cross – cultural studies, etc.Commenting on the book, Mr. Lakshman, shared his experience with the EUM framework and also emphasized that many of the insights provided in the book resonated with his own personal experience. Mr.Subba Rao shared that he found the framework very relevant both at the individual and the organizational level.

Mr. Ashok Malhotra is a specialist in Organization Development and Human ResourcesManagement. He is also a consultant at a wide range of business organizations and premier management Institutes namely IIMs, LBSA, AS CI.Mr. Malhotra is also one of the founders of SumedhasAcademy for Human Context, which works on making people’s lives better through self-reflection and dialogue. He was Ex-chairman of Indian Society for Individual and SocialDevelopment (ISISD). He was also the Chairman of the erstwhile Ma Foi Management Consultants Li mited.