Avathara Vettai Movie Review

Avathara Vettai Movie Review


VR Vinayak,Radha Ravi,Mahanadhi Shankar,Meera Nayar,Riyaz Khan,Powerstar Seenivasan,Sona, Sapthraj, Srinivas ,Hariharan ,Ashok raja, M .M .Manasi,Vandanasrinivasan, A.Kasiviswa,I.Radhika,Star Kunjumon, S.R.Murugan etc.


  Story, screenplay, Direction – Star Kunjumon,Music –  Michael Rubart ,Cinematography  – A. Kasi Vishva, PRO – P. Gopinathan,,Dialogues  –  Saravanan,Editing – Kesavanwari, Songs – V.B. Cavayan, Dance Master – Ashok Raja, Radhika,Action – S.R. Murugan,Art – Pathu,  Production Excutive  – Kandavela,Producer- Star Kunjumon etc.


Hero’s mass entry was depicted on hyperbole make out to utter something vigorous in each frame.   “Avathara Vettai” made an influencing in the opening, with that subsequence the energy was dragged down. The heroes tempted punch dialogues overflowing. The actor VR Vinayak plays in a cop eccentric, that he was whole heartily facilitating towards the society. The team worked on a social issue, which is happening in society. The making of the film wasn’t exploited, the screenplay infringe out throughout the film. The content based on the innocent people’s children was kidnapped by a gang and the police department was starting to investigate on the issue.

“Avathara Vettai” is all about the hero VR Vinayak is hunting out of mistletoe that they cause hassle towards the human society. The actors VR Vinayak, Power Star Srinivasan, Sonali and Riyaz khan were the strengthening to wards the film and others artists like Radha Ravi, Mahanadi Shankar, Meera Nayar support the flick. Story: The film was captured in the rural place, a gang of people track on small children and plan to kidnap them for a great deal. This situation made eager to oppose the gang and even traces out the gang by the department and they de cided to place a right person for the investigation.

Now the sequel moves to the energetic guy VR Vinayak, who stepping in a police station makes others to agitate by his activities and noticing the behaviour of local head man Radha Ravi with this parallel in the same place VR Vinayak joins as a car driver in Sonali’s house and collects all details about Sonali’s secret business. But VR Vin ayak portrayed himself as a ruffian and innocent man among Radha Ravi and Sonali. Finally, VR Vinayak gets ap preciation in the police department for his outstanding action.

Radha Ravi and Sonali were done in a negative role that they were the root cause of the kidnapping activities, VR Vinayak heroism was extreme stratum, Meera Nayar looks delightful in her frames. At the police station, one more female cop, who was not fit for the cop get up and dialogues are not matches appropriately. The pictu riza tion of songs was in good-natured, which the team tried to entertain the audience.  punch dialogues are mo re!

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In Tamilnadu children kidnapped and body organs are stolen. A special team is formed on behalf of the police to find out.On the one hand, the hero VR Vinayak dares Radharathi and robbing the money. Then Vinayak goes to another town where he gets a reputation from Sona and joins him to work. Vinayak and love the heroine Mira Nair, who is in the same city, is in love with Vinayak. With Mira Nair, Radaravi is trying to find Vinayak who has cheated herself. Meanwhile, Vinayak is betraying Sona and robbing money.

In the end, Mira Nair wanted Vinayak? Who is Vinayak? Why did Radharavi cheat the Sona? Did the police find a kid kidnapping? What happened in the background? That is the film’s overf lo w.  The characters in Vinayak, Mira Nair, Radharavi, Riyas Khan, Sona, Power Star Srinivasan, Sampat and Mahanadi Shankar have sati sfied their wo rk somewhat.Star Kunjumon has directed this film by focusing on the body parts hijacking. Maybe you’ve wor ke d a lot for the film. It should be said that the scenes in the film are not strong.The songs in Michael’s music are ro ughly the same. The footage of Aakshi Viswa’s cinematography has been somewhat satisfying.In total, the ‘avat ar a hunt’ is fortified.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3.5/5