To Let Movie Review

To Let Movie Review


Santhosh Sreeram  ,Sheela Rajkumar ,Dharun ; Siddharth ,Aadhira Pandilakshmi  etc.


Directer – Chezhiyan ,Producer –  Prema Chezhiyan, Written  –  Chezhiyan,Cinematography –Chezhiyan,Editer  –  A. Sreekar Prasad,Production Company  – hla Cinema,PRO A. John


A mid-class people’s disputes with the owners, comes out in casual visualization.  In the Kollywood cinema, it wa s a rare case some of the films shoots the common people source of difficulties evolving in the society. In such, th e title made clear “To Let” a man who works in the film industry and struggling to get a house is the baseline the film extends the aftermaths throughout the climax.The director Chezhiyan made the eccentrics lively thr ougho ut the film, Santhosh Sreeram and Sheela Rajkumar comes as a perfect couple with all set forth of simpl icity. Wit h the evidence, it shows IT field dominant the current society and the non IT people who suffer for their basic ne eds, in that list, householder insults the economically weaker section.

  The film opens with an IT world, which control the society for the financially dumped. Husband Illango Santh osh Sreeram, who works as an assistant director, Amudha his wife, who played in the home make eccentric and their child Siddharth, who is mischief with his childish behalf.Initially, each frame focuses on a small compact hou se had lots of drawbacks, less water facilities and the toilet struck up and looks dirty. Even though, the couple lea ds a happy life. Abruptly, the landowner pushes them to vacate the house all of sudden.

Within one month the family man needs to search for a house. Unfortunately, the owners never giving a house for film industry people. At last, Illango decided to create a fake job profile and finding out decent house for their survival. Once they hand over the key towards the arrogant land owner a twist was following them. Did they ove rcome from the issue or running out from the problem is the balance script.The director Chezhiyan hiking out old issue which faced by the Chennai people. The film strength without any background effects and the audience acc epts the film without colourful songs and that is the great plus for the film.Simple and neat.

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To Let is the only Tamil movie in the history of Indian cinema that has been screened at over 100 international film festivals and was nominated in 80. It also bagged 34 international awards and was also awarded the Best Fe ature Film title at the 65th National Film Awards. After achieving all these milestones, the much-awaited film finally released in theatres today, and it goes without saying, expectations from To Let were massive. I’m glad that all were met.

The directional debut of cinematographer Chezhiyan, To Let brings forth an important message of how urba nisation is affecting lives. The film starts by stating a fact – after 2007, while the IT industry has grown manifold, and demand has increased in Chennai, house rents have been hiked as well, which has left lakhs on streets. Lack of concentration on employment and infrastructural development in rural sectors has led to urbanisation, and hence, the concentration of urban development projects only leads to internal migrations of landless, unemplo yed people around the country.


The film speaks of the difficulty faced by those majority of landless people fighting to get a house for rent at thei r cost and basic needs. The film is centered a family who has been asked to leave, so that the owner can lease the apartment to an IT professional for a higher rent. The family is issued a 30-day notice to vacate and their plight is brilliantly put forth by actors Santhosh Sreeram, Sheela Raj Kumar and Dharun Bala. Their realistic portrayals m ake the agony of finding a home believable.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3.5/5