Dentsply Sirona launches a revolutionary technology treatment in Dental Care WORLD’S BEST in Chennai – CEREC TECHNOLOGY

Dentsply Sirona launches a revolutionary technology treatment in Dental Care WORLD’S BEST in Chennai – CEREC TECHNOLOGY

Pearls Dentistry & Dentsply Sirona launches a revolutionary technology treatment in Dental Care WORLD’S BEST in Chennai – CEREC TECHNOLOGY

~ Fix your teeth problems in a Single-Visit only with CEREC by Dentsply Sirona! ~

Chennai, 19th February 2019:

Dentsply Sirona, world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies & Pearls Dent istry, one of Chennai’s best Dental Clinic today launched the most supreme and cost effective dental treatments – The World’s Best, Chennai’s most advanced treatment in Dental care, the CEREC Chairside Digital Dental Wor kflow was launched. Mr.V.M.Muralidharan, also called as Mike Muralidharan, Indian Educationalist the current Global COO of Bahwan CyberTek Group & Ms Nina Reddy, Joint MD, Savera Hotels, Duchess Club and two train ees with intellectual challenge from V-Excel Educational Trust, were the chief guests for the launch. The new te chnology enables to treat patients faster than before. Single crown, bridge, implants and smile makeover resto rations can be completed in just a Single Visit.

CEREC, CEremic REConstruction is an advanced dental treatment method in which the tooth is restored digi ta lly and the prosthesis is milled from prefabricated tooth coloured aesthetic blocks. CEREC®, offers patients an incredible degree of convenience through single visit dentistry capabilities.

Talking about the revolutionary technology, B N Kutty, Business Unit Head of South, Dentsply Sirona says: “Dent sply Sirona is the world’s only CEREC manufacturer. Over 50,000 CEREC systems (chairside) are installed aro und the world and over 7.5 million dental restorations are made with CEREC systems globally. USP of this city is that its citizens adapt and accept developmental technology before anyone else in India. The very reason we ha ve seen a large acceptance to our pilot project with CEREC in Chennai. We have partnered with over 50 dental practitioners all over India to further this cause.

By end of 2020 we aim to increase our footprint by 200%” Talking about the infrastructure investment in Ch e nnai, Dr. B Arunkumar, Pearls Dentistry says: “Technology is taking over Dentistry and redefining the way we practice. Patient comfort, convenience, cost and time actualizations are the key areas where technology ad ap tation helps. Gone are the days where we used to look to west for best dental treatment, nowadays the re verse is true with people across the globe travelling to India and especially Chennai for medical and dental tr eatment. We are happy to launch the Single Visit dentistry and Integrated Implantology which helps our pe ople to get the world’s best tooth in a single visit, saving time, with superior comfort and aesthetics.”

“It’s a very important moment for us as well as the Trainees from V Excel Educational Trust who launched the W orld’s best Single visit crowns here in Chennai. The joy we saw on their faces, as they launched the unit, truly to uched all our hearts gaining them the respect and appreciation they truly deserve. This lives up to Pearls Denti stry’s tag line, “Smile from within” adds Dr. Sandhya Arunkumar, Pearls Dentistry.

CEREC clearly offer patients a higher level of convenience, aesthetics and treatment understanding. The tre atment enables the dentist to insert aesthetic ceramic crowns or partial crowns in a single session leaving the patient free to deal with the other important things. But the advantage doesn’t stop there! The new dental pro sthesis made by CEREC, will maintain the patients lovely natural smile for years to come without the fear of a repeat visit to the dentist.

About Dentsply Sirona:

Dentsply Sirona is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies. Our pr oducts and solutions include leading positions and platforms across consumables, equipment, technology, and specialty products. As The Dental Solutions Company™, Dentsply Sirona provides dental professionals a com prehensive end-to-end solutions offering. This offering includes some of the best-known and established br ands in the industry. We develop, manufacture and market a complete line of dental and oral health products and we are proud to be a preferred partner for dental practices, clinics, dental laboratories and authorized distributors worldwide.


About Pearls Dentistry:

We at Pearls Dentistry help our patients SMILE from Inside-Out by making them experience dentistry with p eace of mind. The kind of customers who love our work are the ones who understand the importance of dental health and prioritize it. Our service is backed up by 18 years of experience and the philosophy of P.E.A.C.E:
P – Painless
E – Easy access for patients
A – Affordable
C – Cleanliness
E – Everlasting Smile
We differentiate ourselves from other healthcare providers by offering a transparent honest pricing and follow up services because we believe in doing what is right for the patient.


We at Pearls Dentistry are on a mission to create 25 lakhs happy smiles, by making people experience dentistry with P.E.A.C.E of mind, so that a sense of joy is felt by our patients, making them live healthy and thereby creati ng a Happy Smiling world.