Ms.Divya Sathyaraj: Clarification on my meeting with Stalin Sir

Ms.Divya Sathyaraj: Clarification on my meeting with Stalin Sir


Sathyaraj’s daughter Divya is a leading nutritionist in South India.Divya had written a letter to PM Narendra m odi about malpractices in medicine sometime ago. She had also expressed her concern about health and nutrit ion of people in Tamil Nadu and her interest in politics in an earlier interview….there have been speculations ab out Divya joining DMK ever since her photograph with Stalin went viral.

“Our families have been friends ever since my father acted in Kalaignar Sir’s direction. It was an informal mee ting…I spoke to him about my career as a nutritionist and the projects that I am planning to improve health and nutrition of children in Tamil Nadu, Stalin sir was very encouraging, I have a lot of respect for Stalin Sir and his journey as a politician. I am interested in politics but I would like to emphasise on the fact that politics was not discussed in this meeting”.

What are the changes that you would like to see in the health sector of Tamil Nadu?

There is a lot of scope for improvement in the health sector…pre gnant women in the  lower income group are suf fering from severe iron deficiency ,2 out of  5 women have iron deficiency anaemia ,go vernment hospitals should have a team of doctors to monitor their health and provide vitamin and iron supplements, operation theatres an d corridors in hospitals are not cleaned on a regular basis ,since pa tients have low immunity and are susceptible to infections it is impo rtant to maintain hygiene, it was also upsetting to hear that most hos pitals do not stock enough blankets and pillows and patients had to bribe staff to get pillows and blankets. The authorities should also make sure that there is an adequate supply of vaccines of acceptable quality for effective immunisation. I also believe there  has to be a system to make sure that pharmacies do not stock medicines that have expire d…Very few people check the expiry date before buying products… not just medicines, we should check the expi ry date of every single product we buy including snacks, coffee, tea etc…For people who have children at home it is extremely important to check the expiry date before buying products…private school canteens should make a conscious effort to have healthy snack options instead of cakes,samosas and puffs…