Nickelodeon Reveals the First Look of Golmaal Junior

Nickelodeon Reveals the First Look of Golmaal Junior

Kids will get their own version of Golmaal series  with Golmaal Junior!

 Over the last decade, Rohit Shetty’s iconic movie series Golmaal has made its way to all our hearts. From Gopal’s bossy behavior to Madhav’s wicked plans, and the banter between the trio; the five prank gangsters have always managed to tickle our funny bone. What if we were to tell you that the fun doesn’t have to stop at the movie se ries?

Nickelodeon – India’s leading kid’s entertainment franchise, has joined hands with Reliance Animation and Rohit Shetty Picturez to open up a whole new world of Golmaal movie series through their latest venture – Golmaal Junior. The 8th IP of the brand will recreate the magic of the iconic movies through tailor-made animation to ap peal kids and will showcase it on the kid’s channel -Sonic.

The show will bring your favorite Golmaal characters in an all-new animated Avataar while maintaining the spunk and quirkiness from their original characters. The story will revolve around the two prank gangs of Gopal and Madhav indulging into fun, chaos and drama.

We bring to you the character sketch of the Golmaal Junior gang: 

  • GOPAL          

Once bossy always bossy, so is the junior Gopal. The grin on the face of the junior may hint you on his mischievous motives. 

  • LAXMAN                  

l..l…l…Laxman 1 – an extremely lovable character and a confidante to his Gopu, will be seen in a nerdy look with a mushroom haircut and circular spectacles. It would be interesting to see if this Laxman would also stammer and awe us with his cute gestures to Gopu. 


As smart as he always his! The junior Madhav is wicked as the senior one. With a notorious look on his face, it would be endearing to watch all the chaos taking place amongst the five!

  • LUCKY               

The junior Lucky has still not got lucky! The silent member of the senior gang remains silent in this junior gang too but this time with a big belly and a lollipop. 

  • LAXMAN 2

Aap hi hamare pillar ho, lost and found memory ke chillar ho … aap hi hamare Johnny, aur aap hi hamare Lever ho. Remember the ‘Chillar Shayaries’ of Laxman 2?  With a messy avatar, it would be interesting to watch if this Laxman also has cheap shayaries as the senior Laxman.