Steal the Gauntlet and win tickets to Avengers:End Game

Steal the Gauntlet and win tickets to Avengers:End Game

Steal the Gauntlet and win tickets to Avengers:End Game

Superheroes as a genre has had an effect on us from the time of childhood. This effect has definitely been incre ased by the advent of streaming services such as Netflix, Hotstar and Prime video. Undeniably, the greatest effe ct has been the MCU movies, spanning across 22 movies and now being dubbed as the ‘Infinity Saga’.Even though India has had a lot of exposure to these pop culture elements, we still haven’t been fully immersed into this phe nomenon as much as our western counterparts. Comic Con is our first step towards experiencing that pheno mena but even that has been missing from the Chennai scene.

With Endgame happening in less than 5 days, SPI Cinemas along withPlanet of Geeks adds to the excitement, launching ‘’Steal the Gauntlet” #whateverittakes. Steal the Gauntlet is the first-of-its-kind event in India and it plans to immerse participants in this pop culture phenomena by testing their knowledge on pop culture Trivia and more importantly testing their will to succeed. This event is sponsored by Citibank and executed in association with SPI Cinemas.


Steal the Gauntlet is a Digital Scavenger hunt where the players are to collect and possess The (virtual) Gauntlet that has spawned across the Chennai City.This event allows the contestants to exp erience a new level of gaming in an open environment. Here people solve riddles, hunt for Gauntlet that appear in the real world and also steal the Gauntlet from the other contestants.The Objective of the game is to have the longest holding time at the end of the day and you stand a chance to win tickets to the Avengers End ga me.The game is played on the ‘Planet of Geeks’ app which can be downloaded from both Google play store and Apple store. The pl ayer needs to register at for participating in the game.



 Players need to tap on the gauntlet icon visible on the in-game map to collect the Gauntlet.


To steal an enemy’s gauntlet, you have to answer the ‘Guardian’ question by tapping again on the desired gauntlet.

Note : If you want to have an advantage in the game, visit Citibank kiosks set up in Sathyam Cinemas across Ro yapettah, S2 Theyagaraja, Escape and Palazzo. They hold the answers to the “Guardian Questions” protecting the Gauntlet and they might help you get an upper hand in the game!

The game takes place on 4 days – 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th of this month.

25 Winners from each day will be chosen – each getting a 1+1 ticket to Avengers Endgame. In total there are 200 Movie tickets to be won.

Do you have #whateverittakes to win?

If yes, we look forward to watching Avengers : Endgame with you!