Lucifer Tamil Movie Review

 Lucifer Tamil Movie Review 


Mohanlal  ,Prithviraj Sukumaran  ,Vivek Oberoi  ,Manju Warrier  ,Tovino Thomas  ,Indrajith Sukumaran ,Saniya Iyappan, Saikumar  ,Kalabhavan Shajohn ,Nyla Usha  ,Giju John  ,Baiju Santhosh  ,Fazil ,Sachin Khedekar  ,Suresh Chandra Menon  ,Shivaji Guruvayoor,Nandhu  ,John Vijay  ,Aneesh G. Menon  ,Kainakary Thankaraj  etc.


Directer – Prithviraj Sukumaran,Producer –  Antony Perumbavoor,Writter –  Murali Gopy,Music –  Deepak Dev, Cinematography – Sujith Vaassudev,Editer – Samjith Mohammed,Production company – Aashirvad Cinemas Tamilnadu Released by V .Creations Kalai Puli Dhanu 


In the state of Kerala, the sudden death of the Chief minister P. K. Ramdas (PKR), leaves a huge vacuum in not only the electoral and leadership sphere of his party (Indian United Front) but also that of the state. Ramdas is survived by his daughter Priyadarshini “Priya” Ramdas and son Jathin Ramdas. Senior leaders of the IUF party, Mahesha Varma and P. S. Peethambaran both expects to be nominated as the next chief minister of the state, but the front-runner for the seat is Stephen Nedumpally, Ramdas’ confidant and rumoured step-brother of Priya and Jathin. Stephen has much larger public support than any other member of the party.

Meanwhile, Bimal Nair (Bobby), the businessman second husband of Priya devises plans to take complete cont rol over the party by funding it and thereby facilitate unchecked drug trafficking in exchange for money. On the day of P.K.R’s cremation, both Jathin and Bobby do not show up, Jathin who is abroad informs that he is in a cam ping trip while Bobby went to Mumbai to cut a deal with Fyodor, a Russian drug dealer. On that night, Bobby brings drugs to his drug addict step-daughter Jhanvi. She takes it and shows discomfort when he hugs. On the same night, Bobby arrives at a party meeting convened by him with all the IUF ministers. He informs his sole decision to nominate Jathin, a novice as the next Chief minister against the party nominations. The ministers are forced to comply.

Varma advises Bobby that it is best to go in good terms with Stephen to avoid a future hindrance. The next day, in the presence of Bobby, Varma briefs Stephen the party’s new agenda and invites him to ally. Stephen states his objection of funding the party with drug money. He also warns them against doing it. This enrages Bobby who in turn assigns Sanjeev, the C.E.O and founder of MPTV, a news channel funded by IUF party, to defame Stephen. Channel reporter Riju is send to Govardhan, a person obsessed with finding hidden information and had once published a Facebook video about IUF members. The meeting doesn’t provide information about Stephen but Govardhan hands over a file marked “X Files” containing evidences against Bobby. Sanjeev hand over this to Bobby, who manages to put Govardhan in an asylum.

Bobby sends a group to a closed timber factory at Nedumpally. Stephen who comes to know about this single handedly defeats everyone and clears the scene. At this point, Aloshy Joseph, Stephen’s right hand is shown to be a mole working for Bobby. Bobby from Priya’s diary happens to find that she despises Stephen due to the fact that her father loved him a lot and bringing him to their house in her childhood caused a rift between her pare nts. Stephen runs an institution for charity that houses abandoned people. Sanjeev manages to bribe one of the inmates Aparna to speak against Stepehen in their channel show. She lie that Stephen is the father of her infant child and he had raped her. This creates a widespread protest in the state and Stephen is arrested and impris on ed. Stephen gets a phone call in prison from Zayed Masood.

Meanwhile, Jathin arrives in the state impresses the people through his public speech. Bobby brings Jathin to India who impresses the people through his speech. While transferring fund to Bobby, Fyodors vehicles are att acked and the money is destroyed. It is found that they were attacked by Zayed Masood and his gang who de mands the release of Stephen. Varma meets Medayil Rajan, the opposition party leader to arrange Bhadran to m urder Stephen in the prison. But Stephen defeats them. Varma is left with no other choice other than to rel ea se Stephen. Meanwhile, Jhanvi who takes an excessive dose of L. S. D is taken to the hospital where Priya comes to know about Bobby’s lustful behaviour towards Jhanvi. She threatens to expose him who, however, threatens to destroy Jhanvi’s life as he has information about her contacts with local drug suppliers. He also indicates that he was responsible for the death of P. K. R and Jayadevan, her first husband. Mayilvaahanam, the commissioner of police, who also knows about the issue persuades Priya to sleep with him. Priya meets Stephen who vows to protect them at any cost.

Stephen and his men kills Mayilvaahanam and meets Sanjeev. Clearing the channel’s debts, he convinces Sanjeev to hand over the evidences against Bobby. He gives it to Jathin who holds a press meet and exposes Bobby. Mea while, Jathin tells Varma that he came to India not because Bobby asked him to do so but on Stephen’s orders. Bo bby retreats to the slums of Mumbai where he is captured by Fyodor’s men. When Fyodor is about to kill him, St ephen with the help of Zayed kills Fyodor and his goons and shoots Bobby. Aloshy is murdered by Murugan who happens to be Stephen’s spy. Govardhan is rescued and reunited with his wife and daughter. Jathin becomes the new Chief minister. Meanwhile, in a remote location in Russia, Stephen meets Zayed and team and attends a ph one call as Khureshi Ab’ram. In the closing credits, headlines of various international newspapers are shown reporting Khureshi Ab’ram as the head of an illuminati society.

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Moview Review-;

Lucifer is a smartly structured movie keeping in mind the targeted audience. If anyone asks me what kind of a film it is, I would say it is a reinvention of a formula that we have seen in many movies (Mohanlal himself has do ne one titled Ustad). But what is good about Lucifer is the way Murali Gopy has created equations between cha racters and stretched it to a movie that is presented on a huge canvas. With Mohanlal having all the grace and grandeur to be this larger than life character, I don’t think anyone with sensible expectations would come out with disappointment.Stephen Nedumpally is like a Godson to his political mentor Ramdas. The sudden demise of Ramdas eventually results in the obvious question of who will follow Mr. Ramdas. Ramdas’ son-in-law Bobby, who is linked to all the dirty business ideas, offers the party guaranteed funding via narcotic connections to which the late Ramdas was totally against. The tension tightens between Bobby and Stephen when Stephen decides to uphold what his me ntor stood for. How this power tussle unfolds is what Lucifer trying to show to its audience.

Murali Gopy has this writing trait of creating dialogues that are rich with metaphors and he uses them so effe ctively that once the movie is finished you will remember it. Lucifer is by far the simplest and straight forward script from Murali Gopy. But that hasn’t really affected his way of presenting characters. In the nearly three-ho ur long film, people like Tovino Thomas, Indrajith Sukumaran, and Saniya Iyyappan has hardly 20 minutes of scr een time. But you will definitely remember them at the end of the film as characters that sort of contributed to th e story we just saw on screen. The major demerit of Lucifer is perhaps the portion where we see a screen dom inance of the extended cameo by Prithviraj Sukumaran. The old school bar dance climax was so stretched out and Prithviraj was seen showing his gratitude multiple times. To his defense, Prithviraj can definitely say that wha tever outlandish things happen in that phase gets a justification when we ultimately see the Lucifer in Ste phen Nedumpally in the climax of the movie.

Prithviraj should probably thank Shrikumar Menon for giving him that physically fit and macho Mohanlal. The first real fight sequence in the movie (the Vaada scene from the trailer), has Mohanlal performing those action sequences gracefully. And the physically fit Mohanlal trashing the goons with his unique swagger captured th rough the lenses of Sujith Vassudevv was a treat to watch. Lucifer is not a movie that demands the full range of Mohanlal, but it is a movie that has managed to capture certain things that he only can do; like the look he gives to John Vijay after that slap. Vivek Oberoi, the always in suits villain Bobby, is convincing as that ambitious and crooked playmaker and a huge shout out to Vineeth who’s dubbing for the actor adds so many layers to the larg ely monotonous performance. Manju Warrier manages to strike that balance between theatrical acting and su btle acting here in her role as Priyadarshini Ramdas. Tovino Thomas was another smart choice by Prithviraj as Jathin as the dual shade of the character demanded someone like him. Indrajith gets the role of a psychic truth seeker which sort of gets distributed unevenly in the screenplay. Shajon and Saikumar got good character roles here and there are numerous faces here appearing as major and minor characters.

The uncompromised making style definitely makes Prithviraj a technically aware director. He has a visual sense which makes the film a compelling watch. He fumbles as a director in the areas that I think comes solely under t he director like the climax fight sequence set in a dance bar. He himself appearing as Zayed Masood and the clic héd way of doing it while a never-ending item song was happening inside a dance bar sort of makes the movie a tiring experience in those portions. If he criticized the left wing in left right left, here Murli Gopy is trying to use the opposition’s flaws to create a universe of bad guys. Stephen is placed as the least bad guy in a pool of cunning wolfs. Even though the used out dual persona theme reduces the impact slightly, there is an effort in the writing that can compel the viewer to do the solving of character equations.

If we look back at Stephen’s over the top he roic deeds after knowing who he really is, there is a fair amount of justification. And Murali Gopy isn’t trying to make Stephen a messiah as he sort of continues the foul games wh ich Bobby also played, barring narcotics, the dirty business. Sujith Vassudev’s visuals are sensational and I was left wondering how the same man made a ta cky movie like Autorsha; maybe Prithviraj’s ability to squeeze out the best from his team. Samjith Mohammed’s cuts add style and depth to the narrative. Deepak Dev’s back gr ound score was effective and I can’t wait to hear that Tamil song. In certain sequences, I felt the prod uction de sign could have been better.Lucifer is extravagant, entertaining and to an extent pretentious. But just like how we bought the fact that a Jagannathan evacuated a slum in Dharavi, Indhuchoodan was the cricket team captain and a rank holder, we will buy this one too, largely because of the immense screen presence of Mr. Mohanlal.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-4 /5