Ayogya Movie Review

Ayogya Movie Review


Vishal  ,Raashi Khanna,R. Parthiban,K. S. Ravikumar  ,Devadarshini,Pooja Devariya,Sonia Agarwal,M. S. Bhaskar,   Anand Raj ,Vamsi Krishna,Arjai,Yogi Babu ,Sana Khan 


Directer – Venkat Mohan,Cinematography  – Karthik,Producer –  B. Madhu,Story  – Vakkantham Vamsi,Editing by * Akkineni Sreekar Prasad,Music  –  Sam C. S,PRO  -Johnson ,Written – Venkat Mohan,Story – Vakkantham Vamsi , Production company  – Light House Movie Makers ,Distributed -Screen Scene Media Entertainment etc.


A misdirected man’s lifestyle, climax made him proud with his decision.  “Ayogya” a corrupted sub inspector Ka rnan molded himself to a life depends on the money and his mind directs to lead illicit activities from his child hood. The debut director Venkat Mohan fetches a 2015 Tolloywood movie “Temper” and he had been harmoni zed to Tamil audience. The film “Ayogya” has been faced issues to release on appropriate time.From the beginnin g, the corrupted inspector Karnan supports for the gangster head Parthiban, once he reaches Chennai city that he releases Parthiban’s four brothers here his mistake starts, never show interest when a mother compliant ab out her missing daughter, which he thinks looting money from others is not a great offense. Unfortunately, Kar nan calculation makes him wrong. When started for supporting a gangster, missing college girl’s life was getting spoiled by Parthiban’s brothers.

“Mahabharata” Karnan who is a philanthropist quite opposite sub inspector Karnan grab the money from the other people, Karnan orphan life pushes him in a wrong direction. The film was produced by B. Madhu and distr ibuted by Light House Movie Makers, music has been composed by Sam C. S. The cinematographer of the film is Karthik and editing portions was focused by Ruben. An orphan boy Karnan suffer to lead his normal life, a local looter trains him to steal the money. Once he observes police had legal rights to get money from the public peo ple in the name of penalties that he decided to become as a policeman. By using wrong path Karnan getting a de gree to achieve his destination as a cop.

Money is the ultimate goal for Karnan, with the help of a minister, Parthiban, who is the smuggler placing Karnan in Chennai as a sub inspector to safeguard his brothers who were locked up in a local police station. Once he ent ers the police station made them to escape and getting luxurious life from the gangster. In this scenario, a lady come to the police station for giving compliant about her missing daughter. But the greedy man never takes step for the lady.First half goes around Karnan illicit behavior pushes to peak. Now the cop falls in love with a pet lov er. A smuggler leader and his gang chase the strange woman. Unfortunately, they were starting to hit on Karn an’s lover. Now the Karnan lover asking a gift to her that he wanted to protect the unknown lady. Now the corru pted cop has changed upside down by giving a statement and the evidence by the stranger. The climax wasn’t cinematic, which gives an emotional response from the audience.

Vishal always tries out to hold a unique place in the Tamil cinema that he didn’t spoil by his performance, each and every artists done their splendid performances when their eccentric flashes on screen. Especially, R. Parthi ban that he was compressed both comedy and villain nature in a single character. Next is K. S. Ravi Kumar, who have performed in a Constable Kader that he upgrading in his acting, as usual Yogi Babu used in the few seque nces, which didn’t disappoint his audience. When Vishal was setting the dialogues with Raashi Khanna there was a mismatch of dialogues were observed, BGM and songs need more power to hit the audience. powerful climax

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Venkat Mohan’s Ayogya is a topical film that most of us would recognize as an urgent plague of our society. Crim es against women and especially the brutality and pornographic nature of such incidents, be it in Delhi or in Ta mil Nadu, has angered the nation and galvanized people to take to the streets. Ayogya entices the viewer by ch anneling this rage and showcasing how a morally bankrupt person can still turn around his views on such vi olent crimes and do something good for mankind. Karnan (Vishal) is a cop who cares for nothing other than his bank balance. A sociopath by nature, he gives all criminals a green light because that’s where the money resides. Ev ery criminal activity in his territory along the East Coast Road in Chennai has to have his stamp of approval, whi ch translates to money via bribes. Initially from Thoothukudi, Karnan’s transfer is facilitated by Kalirajan (Parthi ban), a drug dealer and one of the major suppliers of cocaine, heroine, cannabis and other substances in Chennai. Upon taking charge, Karnan releases Kalirajan’s jailed men (his four brothers) as a gesture of good will, thereby initiating his relationship with the drug lord.

  It’s an expression any actor attempting superstardom must possess in his artillery; almost as important as being able to do romance or action. Temper, and its Hindi remake Simhaa,thrived on the ability of their leads, Junior N TR and RanveerSingh respectively, to ace this expression. I’m talking about mischief; a glint in the eye, a sly smir k, larger-than-life laughter. You can use any of these tools but a role as dark as this needs these expressions to keep the protagonist likeable. And that’s because the hero of this film could easily have been the villain in most others. He is corrupt, he lacks conscience and he’s proud that he will just about do anything for money. Yet he has to remain likeable. It really is a tough role to crack. And sadly, it’s just not an expression Vishal possesses in his repertoire.

Take the scene in Ayogya where Karnan (Vishal) thinks his girlfriend’s engagement ceremony is taking place. He fumes, he panics and he runs, shocked at seeing another man with hislover. The effect the film’s going for is com edy, but you need to see how Vishal plays it. It’s about doing little and allowing the frustration to show (like Ran veer did in Simbaa). Vishal instead plays it loud, and misses the point entirely. Comedy has never been this acto r’s strong suit and it’s never been as evident as it is in Ayogya. When I heard that Simbu was the original choice for the film, I could see what it could have been. Which is why the character doesn’t really require a comedian to play his sidekick. But in Ayogya, we get Yogi Babu. (Do they still make movies without him anymore?) His prese nce is almost nostalgic in the way it recalls the days of the standalone comedy track. His role is inconsequential, but at least it’s better than seeing Vishal do comedy. But the most laugh out loud moment is when you notice th ey’ve cast Radha Ravi to play a judge, that too is case of cruelty against women.

Letting go of violent criminals has its consequences, and Karnan’s rash act means that the brothers go back to their old ways of raping and murdering. Except this time, the gruesome act had been captured in full graphic de tail with a camera. This evidence comes to light, and Karnan’s connection to the crime leads him up on a path of rebirth and epic justice. Vishal as the cop does a good job in balancing out entertainment (though going overb oard at times) and gravitas in such a serious topic. His ‘bro’ Parthiban is equally good. The quick turnaround in Vishal’s moral landscape is unconvincing, and the details that lead up to the courtroom drama are put together in a flimsy manner. These problems could have largely been rectified in the script, as this is a Tamil remake of the original Telugu film. Some sensibilities just don’t translate directly from one language to another.

Raashi Khanna as Vishal’s love interest is attractive and sensitive. KS Ravikumar’s upright cop could have been more animated. Ayogya has plenty of fighting to keep you amused. The soundtrack and music of Sam CS are lar gely forgettable. Given the gruesome rape incidents all over the country in recent years and how women have been shamed for bringing their stories forward, Ayogya is certain to keep you engaged. Kudos to Vishal and dir ector for not following the climax of the original (Temper) and tweaking it for Tamil, which is unusual in a film wi th a mass hero. The film is worth a watch for its topical nature and good message!Ayogya is otherwise dist ur bingly similar to its Telugu original. But that’s until the last act. Why on earth would a film like this take such a melodramatic turn, that too when the first half exists in a fun, over-the-top universe? The songs and where they are placed don’t help either. The use of sexual assault and real-life crimes make the film even more problematic. But that’s ok because we’ve already switched off by then.

And this is sad because Temper really could have been a great film to remake in Tamil. It’s the story of a corrupt cop being transferred to the big city by a gangster, so he can continue running his illegal businesses in peace. And when the gangster’s brothers sexually assault and murder an innocent girl on the cop’s watch, he undergoes a tra nsformation. To be fair, the director really seems to have tried. Take the idea of playing MGR songs each time Vis hal makes an entry. It’s a nice touch for a star being hailed as Puratchi Thalapathy. They’ve also attempted some “symbolism” with respect to the character’s clothes. In the film’s first scene, we see him wearing all black. And w hen he meets Sindhu (a wasted Raashi Khanna) his shirts start becoming either grey or brown, until she gifts him a white shirt. But it takes his entire transformation for him to be seen in it.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-4/5