Kee Movie Review

Kee Movie Review


Jiiva, Nikki Galrani, Anaika Soti, RJ Balaji, , Govind Padmasoorya, , Suhasini Maniratnam Manobala ,Suhasini, Meera Krishnan , Rajendra Prasad


Written & directer – Kalees ,Presenter  – S.Michael Rayappan  ,Producer – M.Seraphinraya Xavier Release by – Sukra Studios ,Cinematography – Abinandhan Ramanujam ,Music – Vishal Chandrashekar ,Editor – Nagooran ,Art – Remi yan ,Stunts – Anbariv ,Lyrics – Thamarai, Madan Karky, Mani Amuthavan, Subu ,Choreography – Kalyan, Baba Ba skar, Sheriff ,Costume design – Joy crizildaa, Sara Vijayakumar,Sound effects & mixing – Suren G. ,Prod uction exec utives – Ashok Nivetha, D.Baskaran ,Stills – Stills Vishnu ,Publicity Designs – Joseph Jaxson. VFX – Lorven, Aksha Studios ,Di – Accel Media PRO – Riaz K Ahmed

Songs :

1. Raaja Paatu
Singer – Christopher Stanley ,Lyrics – MadhanKarky ,
2. Kaadhoram
Singers – Vijay Prakash and Sinduri ,Lyrics – Thamarai
3. PatthikichuPaathiya
Singers – DevanEkambaram, KeshavVinod and Niranj Suresh ,Lyrics – Mani Amuthavan
4. Kattappa
Singer – Krishna Prasad S ,Lyrics – Subu


In the modern world technologies key out every individual personal, which the hackers loops in private life and identify their personality. The film “Kee” brings about an intellectual guy Siddharth (Jiiva), who is a smart hacker that he grabs the data, when he is in college and who were around him. Initially, the film contains Siddhu’s caref ree life with his friends and among the family that his father was jovial in his every mischievous behavior.The film holds an awareness that future generations shouldn’t hang up with the technologies, with the social media like Facebook sharing of links, which the hacker test out the human psychological aspects and easy way to access their personal life and influenced them easily.

The film was directed by Kalees that he had consorted with Selvaraghavan, which the debut director Kalees had given a scientific thriller which was compressed by the elements of emotions, a father and the son’s relationship screens out on a friendly manner. A friendship between the guys and with a girl gives sensitive knot other than comedy tracks, amorous and cyber thriller made an entertainment wrapped for the audience.Siddhu leads a hap py life with his college friends, but Siddu uses his talent which ruled over towards human beings with his smart technology. Throughout the film Siddhu’s trickiness behavior peaks up, in the fist half Siddhu shows his romantic game with Vandana and in the second half romance was getting started with Diya (Nikki Galrani), the director focused on future generations must predicted with the cyber world.

The film contains puzzling activities of the public, that they were controlled by the cyber gang, Vandana monit ors Siddhu’s behavior that he is the right choice for controlling the cyber monsters. At a point, Vandana was tar geted by the cyber demons, Vandana’s death and Siddhu lovable father’s accident which makes an impact on and he started destroying the cyber giants.Jiiva hold in causal performances, which the concept always safeguards in his movies, Nikki Galrani charming behavior protects her, Anaika Soti opens out the consequence which revol vi ng in the society and revealed by her eccentric, R J is supported by the comical attitudes made entertainment.  se nse of the intelligence, beyond ordinary understanding.

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Siddharth (Jiiva) hazards of technological growth and a keyboard or a smartphone is enough to hack networks and alter the world order was the theme of Vishal’s 2018 cyber crime thriller Irumbu Thirai. Jiiva’s Kee also de als with a similar theme but while looking good on paper for a techno thriller, the impact is diluted with its imp lausible explanations, forced commercial elements like corny comedy, father-son sentiment and logical loop hol es.Siddharth (Jiiva) is a college student and an extraordinary ethical hacker who leads a happy life. He dis co vers a new virus called ‘Baasha Virus’ and befriends many young girls hacking their mobile phones and also helps his friends in exams. He hacks the phone of a TV news reporter Vandhana (Anaic Soti) at a pub and they soon be come friends. Vandhana is investigating a crime where people get killed in accidents and suicides under mys ter ious circumstances.

When she is about to crack the case and reveal the shadowy man and master hacker named Shiva (Govind Pad masoorya), Vandhana is killed. Meanwhile, retrieving a hard disk from Vandhana’s locker, Sid comes to know of Shiva. However, Shiva is after the lives of Sid and his loved ones including his lover Diya (Nikki Galrani). Now, it is retribution time for Sid.Jiiva is energetic and gives an impressive performance. Malayalam actor Govind Padm as oorya is equally effective. While Nikki Galrani is just about adequate, Anaica fits the glam quotient. RJ Balaji’s double meaning jokes do not evoke laughter. The (sentimental) portions involving Rajendra Prasad and Suhasini are clichéd.Had the director concentrated on a coherent screenplay without commercial trappings, the film wo uld have turned an engaging techno thriller.Ignore awards and acclaim, but Kee stands to achieve a distinction few films today can compete for.

Its lead character may go down in history as Tamil cinema’s most “stalkerish” hero—web category. Now, I know that it’s a highly competitive honour but listen to this; Siddu (a Jiiva you feel sorry for) has devised a hacking tool that allows him access to people’s mobile phones and he uses it to hit on women.And then Siddu goes on to score another girl. What kind of world is this where a pervy hacker gets every girl he wants and we’re all just sitting he re writing reviews about it? The jokes aren’t funny, there’s absolutely no tension and there’s obviously going to be little room for action in a film that’s basically about one guy trying to outhack the other. I wish I could hack int o the film’s pacemaker and make it beat it a little. His pickup line? It goes something like… “I know everything ab out you.

Even what type of Victoria Secret bra you’re currently wearing, its size and even how much it costs.” Not creepy enough? What if I tell you that it actually works and he gets the girl? He even gets to wink figuratively at the audi ence after and deliver a line which translates roughly to, “if you touch a woman’s heart, she will let you touch her anywhere.”Kee is what you’d call a WTF goldmine; precious gems like these are unearthed every five minutes or so, like the scene where Siddu’s super-friendly father has a breakdown and starts crying. Why? Just because his wife asked him why he spoils their son. Which is still okay compared to the film’s main villain. He too is a hacker and he runs a call centre-like operation where he hacks into people’s electronics and either gets them killed or gets them to kill. Makes sense? So for fun, he takes over a man’s pacemaker and messes with it till he dies. Ever listen to ‘Quit Playing Games With My Heart’, bad guy?

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3 /5