N G K Movie Review

N G K Movie Review


Suriya ,Sai Pallavi ,Rakul Preet Singh ,Devaraj,Ponvannan,Bala Singh,Uma Padmanabhan,Vela Ramamoorthy
Thalaivasal Vijay ,Ilavarasu  , Rajkumar  ,Nizhalgal Ravi  etc.



Director – Selvaraghavan,Producer – S. R. Prakashbabu,S. R. Prabhu,Written  – Selvaraghavan, Music  – Yuvan Shankar Raja,Cinematography – Sivakumar Vijayan,Editer – Praveen K. L.Production company – Dream Warrior Pictures,Distributer – Reliance Entertainment, PRO  – Johnson etc.


 Mostly audience keeps the expectations on a list of directors. In that category, director Selvaraghavan’s blurred baseline compromise by the romantic moves. The flick “NGK” expansion of Surya’s eccentric was Nandha Gopala Kumaran, which the director has chosen political screenplay, it was vaguely in the opening sequence and climax doesn’t have proper finishing.An engineering graduate Nandha Gopala Kumaran, who was initially motivates the organic agriculture. Thought that the aggressive Kumaran fights for the evolution of organic farming, Oops!!! It was disappeared. The next, thought that Kumaran will speaks on behalf of people in front of politicians to chan ge the society, utterly it was lacking. Finally, All was compromised, expected that the educated Kumaran will ta ke all the steps to reach the destination of a politician for changing the political situations in the society, that too was unclear.

The film “NGK” stuffed with Indian political scenarios live-in on with some of the frames. An efficient actor Surya peaks his expressions by the inadequate dialogues. The flick contains number of artists like Devaraj, Ponvannan, Nizhalgal Ravi, Vela Ramamoorthy and Thalaivasal Vijay everyone’s energy level was down.Story: Nandha Gop ala Kumaran starts to explicit his political tragedy, an M. Tech graduate guy Kumaran shows his frustration on IT job that people had to sit on a chair and need to work like the slave. Even though gets more money, satisfaction was filled with the organic agriculture and number of energetic guys were follows him.With this, Kumaran obs erves one single phone call of politician made a change in public life in the collector office. By this, political pe ople give pressure for the organic farming to get the solution Kumaran’s political friend knocks sudden solution made Kumaran to wonder on the situation.

Each circumstance made Kumaran to think about jump into politics. Initially, he doesn’t like to pretend, once he understands about the political life, Kumaran learn to bow in front of an MLA and earn the ruling and opposition parties admiration and tempestuous. As the film picked up the realistic political scenarios, there is no proper end ing for a commercial movie. Surya tried to give best productivity from his side. Unfortunately, the script has not helped him, Sai Pallavi played as a good wife towards Kumaran, Rakul Preet Singh worthless for the eccentric, U ma Padmanabhan and Ilavarasu somehow managed the script, Yuvan Shankar Raja magic trick doesn’t work out well.  clumsy drama

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 Nanda Gopal Krishna (Suriya) is a typical youth who minds his own business but is also politically active at the same time. He is happily doing organic farming when the pesticides mafia starts to trouble him and eventually, the issue leads him toward politics. What happens when he starts to grow among the ranks in the party that he joins and where does that lead him is all that the film is about? How Is Suriya’s Performance? The choices of sto ries of Suriya are diverse, for sure, but except for the get-up and overall set up, the actor is getting highly routine with his act. Even the directors are using him within the known and predictable tropes, making him come across as very repetitive. The combination of Suriya with Shree Raghava was seen as a treat for movie lovers. Even if t he film turns out to be wrong, a memorable performance was expected seen as an assured deal. Unfortunately, that is not the case here.

There are a couple of decent emotional moments at best, but even they fail to make any impact due to the way they are shot and edited. Direction by Selvaraghavan? NGK sees Shree Raghavan enter into an old territory after a long time. He is getting into the political world with this outing after more than ten years. Unlike the last time, NGK is mostly situated in the political space only. The movie starts normally and gains momentum only when the political track gets introduced. For a brief period that lasts until the interval, there is a gripping narrative due to the suspense build around the character of NGK and what he is up to. The rise in the ranks part of a political out put is neatly done. When everything looks to be going alright, the two different subplots involving the female ch aracters take the narrative in different directions and makes the experience directionless.

The role of Rakul Preet Singh is alright, but it is the husband and wife track of Suriya and Sai Pallavi that creates a significant pr oblem. The sad part here is that Shree Raghava who is known to give the compelling and engaging drama involving female characters almost gives a caricaturish track of nagging housewife to a talented actress li ke Sai Pallavi. The whole track brings down the narrative engagement several notches. The segment involving Rakul Preet Singh, including her character is better, but the screenplay mixing the three different subplots goes for a toss and becomes a total mess with one not getting clarity on what is happening and why? The lack of ‘clar ity’ with proceedings and characters motives is the NGK’s downfall. It feels particularly painful when we see Sur iya go all out with his act, but nothing works in his favour to enhance it.The lead to the climax is inadequate, co nsidering the magnanimity at the end.


There is a zero impact when it should have been a huge concluding bang, fan or otherwise. It is a mess out and out. Overall, barring the few in teresting parts during the rise in the political cadre of the hero, the rest is a strict no. NGK, in the end, is more than a disappointment considering the time and combination. Sai Pallavi, Rakul Pr eet and Others? Two popular top heroines, Sai Pallavi and Rakul Preet Singh, play essential roles in the movie that drive the narrative forward. They particularly hog the limelight in the second half, which is where the film gets derailed. Sai Pallavi, in par tic ular, is annoying as hell. It will surely find a place among her least likeable and worst acts. In comparison, Rakul Preet Singh gets a better deal in characterisation and importance.But, there is nothing that stands out to talk about as a performer. Senior actor Devaraj is seen playing the Chief Minister. He is okay. The same is the case wi th Bala Singh, Ilavarasu and Uma Padmanabhan.

There is nothing special being done, but they are decent enough to take the plot forward. Music and Other De partments? The music in the combination of Yuvan Shankar Raja and Shree Raghava in the past has been sen sational. They have delivered classics that are still heard today. With such pedigree behind them, NGK is a ma ssive disappointment. The songs too have been shot and placed poorly creating a roadblock to the narrative. Te chnically also the movie is reduced with the cinematography and editing being bad. The combined effect of these various departments in marring the enjoyment is felt in the second half   Suriya Pre-interval and Interval Rakul’s Character  Messy Narration Second Half Sai Pallavi’s Character and Track Alternative   The second half of the movie needs to be overhauled completely, starting with the characterisation of Sai Pallavi. Did I Enjoy It?

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3 /5