Parryware continues to provide complete bathroom solutions under one roof

Parryware continues to provide complete bathroom solutions under one roof

Parryware continues to provide complete bathroom solutions under one roof

Parryware turns bathroom spaces into art galleries with its new collection: Artitude Redesign your bathroom with the artistic Artitude collection 

Chennai, June 7, 2019: Parryware, India’s contemporary bathroom solutions brand has expanded its household plumbing pipe offerings to Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu market. Parryware introduced cPVC (Chlori nat ed polyvinyl chloride) pipes in its product portfolio during December’18 in Southern districts of Tamil Nadu. After receiving an overwhelming response on this launch from the market, the brand has announced to extend the offering to the other parts of Tamil Nadu. These pipes are used for potable hot and coldwater distribution sys tems. For individuals who seek retreat, draw inspiration from art and enjoy relaxing in their bathroom spaces, Pa rryware’s latest offering caters to the dynamic urban lifestyle in India. Empowering innovative design conc epts in bathroom spaces, India’s contemporary bathroom solutions brand, Parryware launches its new artistically des igned collection – Artitude.

KE Ranganathan, Managing Director, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt. Ltd

Fitting all bathroom spaces, the latest Art itude collection comprises of ‘Night Life Ser ies’, ‘Swish Series’ and ‘Ovo Series’. Giving bat hrooms an artistic touch, the Swish ser ies collection is designed in a unique spiral structure, ex tracted from a fine comb inat ion of Quartz and Feldspar. The unique de sign of the Swish series sets it apart from the competition. The Night Life series com prises of matt polished black collection giving a bold yet dramatic ba throom statement. The Ovo series takes design to the next level by featuring a contemporary oval shape which has subtle lines and soft contours. The Artitude collection not just comprises of bold and artistically crafted des igns but also introduces its new ele ctr onic range with innovative features such as an automatic soap dispenser faucet and a fully electronic WC to create an attitude which speaks for itself.

Commenting on the success, Mr. KE Ranganathan, Managing Director, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt. Ltd said, “The success of our cPVC products in Madurai & Tuticorin has inspired us to launch it in other parts of Tamil Na du as well. We have made improvements of our existing products with the biggest coming in the mixer adap tors. These adaptors are now available in customizable frames making life easy for plumbers by avoiding any cuts and joints while fitting the showers in the bathrooms. The advantage of our mixer adaptor over others is tha t it’s a si ngle unit (not assembled parts) hence giving it a smooth finish and dismisses any chance for leakages. Comment ing on the launch of Artitude collection, Mr. KE Ranganathan, Managing Director, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd. said, “We are thrilled to introduce this aesthetically mesmerizing collection and further strengthening our philosophy of being ‘Always in Fashion’.

The Artitude collection is one such collection where art and atti tude of Parryware products create the magic, tr ansforming bat hrooms into nothing less than an Art gallery. We are also intro ducing technologically advanced el ectronic Sensor faucet that boasts unique features such as a soap dispenser integrated into the faucet and a tri ple activation mechanism to provide full free dom to the user. Furthermore, our introduction of Volt, the most aff ordable electronic WC with features like an auto deodorizer, which automatically reduces bad odour and UV lig ht for germ protection. At Parryware, our constant endeavour is to provide products that redefine the market an d exceed customer expe ctations.” With PAN India launch in coming months, the Artitude collection offers wide range of wall hung WCs, basins and faucets. The art collection will be available across all Parryware outlets in Chennai/Tamil Nadu initially.

Product reliability is a key aspect in this segment as the pipes are laid inside the walls and play a very crucial role in maintaining the structure. Parryware’s legacy of delivering high quality & best-in-class products reflect in this offering. Our emphasis on quality is directed at making the purchase a stress free experience for the consumer. To day we expand our distribution to the whole of Tamil Nadu and plan to take it across the country in the comi ng  days.’ The Indian household plumbing pipes segment is a vast market and the demand for PVC pipes increa sed owing to its low maintenance requirement and better performance over the years. The market offers signifi cant demand for the GI fitting replacement along with demand for new constructions. Parryware’s cPVC pipes are a high quality offering which has gone through various tests and meets quality standard of IS 15778:2007. Parryware  .

PVC pipes boasts of features such as quick & easy installation, low thermal expansion & conductivity, No corro sion, leakage & scali ng, fire resistant and maintenance free long life. In the initial phas e, Parryware cPVC pipes were retailed in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai an d Thoothukudi, thanks to its success, Parryware will now thro ugh its company’s extensive retailer network foray into the rest of Tam il Nadu. Venturing in this new segment helps the brand pro vide an integrated house building experience, enhancing customer experience and enabling cross sales.

About Parryware

Parryware, India’s leading manufacturer of bathroom products is the flagship brand in the portfolio of Roca India. Roca Group is a 2 billion euros Spanish giant, and is a world leader in bathroom space. The expertise and revolutionary R&D technology of Roca and the customer trust of Parryware proved to be a potent force to stre ngthen market share in India. Originated from EID Parry, Parryware has a strong legacy of more than 60 years and is among the pioneering brands in India. Parryware has introduced game-changing bathroom solutions and progressive technology in India. The brand has refreshed itself with ‘Always in fashion’ positioning to further rei terate its commitment of offering contemporary and unique designs including colors, trendy shapes, adva nced technology that matches the imagination and lifestyle of the young, discerning Indian customer. Parryware intro duced for the first time in India a complete bathroom customer care support during mid 1990s and has since buil t a strong service network across 30 cities in India. Parryware products are manufactured in eight factories acro ss India and is present through a strong distribution network of 7800+ dealers and retailers in the Indian market. For more information –

About Roca India

Roca is a company engaged in the design, production and commercialization of products for the bathroom space, as well as ceramic floor and wall tiles for architecture, building and interior design. Its origins date from 1917, w hen the Roca family started building their first production plant in Gavà(Barcelona). In the centenary of its es tab lishment, the company employs over 22,600 workers and has 78 production plants, with presence in more than 170 markets in the five continents. For more information,