Natpuna Ennanu Theriyuma Movie Review

Natpuna Ennanu Theriyuma Movie Review


Kavin ,Remya Nambeesan,Raju Jeyamohan,Arunraja Kamaraj,Ilavarasu,Mansoor Ali Khan ,Rajendr an,Aad ukalam Naren,Theepetti Ganesan,Azhagam Perumal,Jayamani,Rama


Directer – Shiva Aravind,Producer – Ravindhar Chandrasekaran,Music – Dharan,Cinematography  – Yuva,Editer Nirmal ,Production Company   – Libra Productions,Vanitha Pictures,PRO  – Nikil,


Success or failure doesn’t matter, among the friendship. A strong friendship holds up in any situation, “Natpuna Ennanu Theriyuma” the audience can take it in a positive way, that the three friends get spoiled in their board examination by a girl. Actually, Kavin is the guy who cheats his couple of friends and they were compromised in each situation.The film depends on comfortable zones and the humorous sequel had with a happy ending. The debut actor Kavin is familiar with the audience and were expecting more in his performance, Raju Jeyamohan who attracts the viewers that he was dominating in the each frame. The director Sivakumar worked for hitting on the comical but missed to give values of friendship.The three friends, from their childhood lead the lethargic life, when they reached out 10th STD, a girl was cheating Kavin in the exam hall, while writing the board exam ination that she ties Kavin’s answer sheet and three friends education was getting spoiled.

The guys loose the opportunities to reach out in a good position. At a stage, the boys were starting a business, which they make arrangements for the marriage, it was top to bottom what ever needs for the marriage.In this scenario, Kavin’s friend Raju falls in love with Remya Nambeesan by knowing this Kavin proposing Remya, wit hout any guilty consciousness three months Kavin cheating his friends and finally Kavin’s friends come to know both Remya and Kavin loves each other. Now the innocent guys forgives Kavin’s mistakes and arranging the ma rriage for them.Kavin is good in his performance that he has been upgraded from serial to cinema level. Unfor tu nately, there is no much scope for his role, that his friends Raju and Arunraja Kamaraj both shown their stuffs in every sequence, Remya looks matured when compared to Kavin. The songs of Dharan satisfied the audience ex pectations.

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Natpuna Ennanu Theriyuma is an upcoming romantic comedy film directed by the debuta nt Siva kumar. The film features Kavin, Venkatesh Harinathan, Raju Jeyamohan and Remya Namb ee san in the lead roles. As the name implies the film is based on the story of friendship. Natpuna Enn anu Theriyuma, it is a known dialogue to Tamil audience, it has taken from the Rajinikanth starer mo vie ThalapathiRavindhar Chandrasekaran bankrolls the movie.Tamil audiences always lap up films on friendship if made well. Natpuna Ennanu Theriyuma by debutant Siva Aravind has a striking resemblance to Bha gyaraj’s 1981 cult comedy Indru Poi Naali Vaa. Three friends fall for the same girl and how her entry causes a rift in their relationship forms the rest. Thankfully, the director has steered away from melodrama and has largely given a comical film.

Sivakumar entered into the industry as an assistant director. Now he decided to do an independent work and has chosen some young actors to play the lead roles. The film is based on the story of three friends, their pro bl ems and life. They fell in love with a lady, it shows their changes after they fell in love. This would have more fun elements and the fans are desperately waiting for this romantic comedy entertainer.Shiva (Kavin), Raju (Raju) and Manikandan (Arunraja Kamaraja) were all born on the same day, live in the same locality, and are childhood friends. They don’t take studies seriously and roam around aimlessly. After wasting many years, they decide to start a business of their own. Their initial struggles are all real, but Mani’s father leaves behind a bit of good for tune in the form of a shop in the market area, and that saves the business.

They become wedding planning consultants. While Shiva is somewhat serious and gets orders, Raju boozes all the time. Mani, on the other hand, is innocent and a muff. They also have a competitor in Ramanan (Ilavarasu) a veteran wedding planner in the locality.Now enters Shruti (Remya Nambeesan) in their life. All three friends fall for her. From there on their equation changes and the friendship starts falling apart. However, Shruti reci pro cates Shiva’s proposal and there’s a reason to it.Remya Nambeesan handles the female lead character. After the hits with Vijay Sethupathi she committed the project with some young actors. Arunraja Kamaraj has also a piv otal role in this film, it would be a complete family entertainer.

Dharan handles the musical department for the film. Yuvraj is the man who behind the camera while editing is done by Nirmal. The film produces under the banner of Libra Productions in association with Vanitha Picture s.Kavin, Venkatesh Harinathan and Raju Jeyamohan are in the lead male roles, the story goes through the inci dents of theses friends. Kavin is a TV serial actor and who also hosted some TV programs. Kavin made his entry to industry through the movie Sathriyanas a supporting actor, it is the first film that he acts as a lead actor. The movie discuss about the friendship, their problems and so on.

When they met a pretty girl three of them fall in love with her, the story tells what happens to their friendship after they met her.Kavin, a known face in telly does his cool job. Debutant Raju emotes well be it in humour or in emotional scenes. Comedy comes naturally for Arunraja Kamaraja and his counter dialogues keep you in splits. Remya Nambeesan is adequate. All others pitch in their bit. The first half drags without a coherent screenplay, but post interval the comical one-liners work to a great extent thus making it watchable. Dharan’s background score is decent while songs are functional.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3 /5