kolaigaran Movie Revew

kolaigaran Movie Revew


 Arjun, Vijay Antony, Ashima Narwal, Nassar, Seetha, Bhagavathi Perumal, Gautham, Sathish, Sampath Ram

Crew :-

Written & Directer  Andrew Louis ,Producer : B.Pradeep,Director of Photography – Mukes,Music Director -Sim on K. King,Lyricists – Dhamayanthi, Arun Bharathi, Thenmozhi, Editor  -Richard Kevin.A,Stunts – Dhilip Subbar ayan,Art Director –  Vinoth Raj Kumar.N,Choreography – Kalyan,Stills –  R.S Raja, PRO – Nikil Murukan


An obtuse movie based on thriller tale, leads to a blur and illogical sequence. While observance the film “Kola igar an” first hits of “Papanasam” movie, some of them knew about the film, Kamal hides evidence and safeguard his family members, in the film “Kolaigaran” Prabhakaran creates an intellectual alleged matter of fact whose tr uth is investigated by the cop Karthikeyan is established to be closed in the climax. Next is Prabhakaran surren der towards the police station that he is the man who killed the strange Vamshi. In the interval block the scre en play reveals Prabhakaran was an IPS officer in Hyderabad, as he is a mentor for other cops in the department an d that he deal the cases in a ticklish manner. In that scenario, the cop Prabhakaran prisoned a ruffian fellow. But the aggressive rowdy escapes from the jail to revenge Prabhakaran. Unfortunately, Prabhakaran’s wife was kille d by the scoundrel. As we knew in the intermission Prabhakaran is a police officer that he can’t kill rowdy legal?

The film was borrowed from the original version of “The Devotion of Suspect X” and it has been altered acco rding to the Kolloywood viewers. The film takes a slow move, which was speeded up by the police Karthikeyan’s investigation. Vijay Antony’s most of the film’s title hyper the audience curiosity in that list “Kolaigaran” is add ed.Karthikeyan, almost investigates the Prabhakaran case and finally questions himself and found the answer why the reason, for the unknown girl Dharani to help voluntarily, reason behind was that she looks like his wife Aradhana. With this messed narration of the story the content interlocks old formula with upgraded with a slig ht twirl.Vijay Antony’s outlook always perfect in his films with casual performances. Arjun again complete his role with the cop eccentric, which he looks arduous in his frames. On the whole best of this film is BGM and a so ng “Andavane Thunai” gives energetic towards the audience other than dumb drama. Verdict: self-defense of a couple ladies simultaneously revenge of the cop.

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Who is the woman in the high rise, at the beginning of Kolaigaran, who ends up with her throat slit? We have to wait till the end of the film for an answer, but in the meantime, a charred corpse is discovered and Prabhakaran (Vijay Antony) owns up to the crime. So wait! When we are given the identity of the killer so early in a murder mystery, is he really the killer? Very soon, more cards appear on the table. We get a couple of people who may be accomplices: Prabhakaran’s neighbour Dharini (Ashima Narwal) and her mother (Seetha). We get a motive: the victim was a stalker, harassing Dharini. So what’s left for DCP Karthikeyan (Arjun Sarja) to uncover? That’s the riddle at the heart of this movie, written and directed by Andrew Louis.

The biggest strength of Kolaigaran is in laying out and connecting the dots of the mystery, which makes it a cleve r whodunnit. Some twists — like the one at the interval block — make you sit up, wanting more of that stuff. But the film falters in character development. In the first few minutes, there is a scene where two of Prabhakaran’s colleagues discuss his personality, after realising he’s on leave — he’s aloof and unapproachable, they spell out. If Vijay Anthony’s acting doesn’t tell us this, this dialogue surely will!Dharani, on the other hand, seems incredibly naive. She doesn’t find it suspicious that her neighbour comes out of his door every single day at the exact same time as her. She even dismisses this alarming coincidence when her friend points it out. I would have given her the benefit of the doubt if the film hadn’t told us that it was being subjected to serious stalking and harassment that made her uproot her life and move to Chennai in the first place.

And this is to say nothing of the stalking and eavesdropping that Prabhakaran does without adequate explanati on.The portions that draw generously from Keigo Higashino’s superhit thriller work spectacularly. But the eleme nts that Andrew Louis adds on his own dampen the thrill. And the ‘why’ at the end is a perplexing coincidence in an otherwise believable film. The strange somersault in Karthikeyan’s character right at the end, shifting him fro m a policeman who believed his job was only to follow the law, doesn’t work either.Take away the two appalling duets (one of them appearing even before the characters are properly introduced), and you have one of those mi ddling films that make you say “Oh, you know, it was okay…” The first half is dully made, but things perk up with a big, fat twist during the interval portion. Arjun, who plays investigating officer Karthikeyan, does an adequate jo b. The film had the good sense of refraining from giving him a backstory and romantic arc as most Tamil films are wont to do.

However, the same can’t be said for the supporting characters: Nasser, perhaps reflecting the genius physicist fr om Higashino’s original, ends up being the kind of character who’s in the film just to ask the questions that vie wers might be thinking of; Bagavathy Perumal has exactly two scenes of attempted comedy (both of them inci dentally sexist); Ashima, who plays Dharani, the heroine, seems to know that the film is not about her and does the bare minimum. Sita, who plays her mother, does a fantastic job as the single parent who fears for the life and safety of her only daughter, though she’s underused. Antony, who plays Prabhakaran, sleep-walks through the film with his signature stoic non-expression, which we grow to understand as that of a man brooding the loss of someone he loved. In that sense,

Antony’s range of expressions is like a reverse akshaya patram — an empty vessel that the viewers themselves can fill with whatever they want, because he’s been repeatedly telling us that he doesn’t know how to act.There’s a very creepy stalker subplot (it involves eavesdropping on neighbours) that’s hardly addressed, but the invest igation and the guessing games keep you watching. Composer Simon K King jolts us periodically with a synth bla st repeated thrice, in quick succession. I didn’t buy the big reveal at the end, but the nature of the genre makes middling mysteries more watchable than middling romances or middling dramas or middling star vehicles. Kola igaran needed a few more drafts to punch up the emotional content, but even as is, you walk out not wanting to kill anyone. That, I guess, is a small sign of success for a murder mystery.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3 /5