This Summer, Swiggy energizes its delivery partners with Glucovita Bolts”

This Summer, Swiggy energizes its delivery partners with Glucovita Bolts”

This Summer, Swiggy energizes its delivery partners with Glucovita Bolts

Adopts a novel way to provide them with energy and nourishment

To energize its delivery partners who help satiate the hunger of millions of Indians and ensure seamless food delivery, Swiggy, India’s largest food delivery platform has tied up with Glucovita, a Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting brand, to provide them with Glucovita Bolts.

Glucovita Bolts contain glucose and iron. Glucose provides instant physical energy and iron helps improve men tal concentration. This instant energy on the go is currently being provided to Swiggy’s fleet of over 1.95 lakh active delivery partners spread across 200+ cities.

Srivats TS, VP Marketing, Swiggy, said, “Delivering millions of orders each month, we have always believed that our delivery partners are the backbone of Swiggy. We regularly launch industry-defining initiatives for the ben efit and comfort of our delivery partners, and this partnership to provide Glucovita Bolts is one more step to war ds ensuring their health and wellbeing while they deliver orders. The initiative has been well received by our deli very partners this summer.”

Talking about the association, Mr. Anil Chug, President – Consumer Care Business, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, said, “Kudos to Swiggy for ensuring its delivery partners are eq uipped with the perfect companion to beat the heat this summer. This instant energy provi der comes in a pocket- sized candy that makes it super co nvenient for the always on the go delivery partners.”

Glucovita Bolts was launched in 2011 based on a consumer research that highlighted the ne ed for an on-the-go solution to their energy needs, expecially when they are doing a task or an activity out of th eir home. Wipro Con sumer Care’s R&D efforts led to the launch of energy candies, which enables convenient out of home consumpti on of Glucose, for energy replenishment. Glucovita Bolts contains glucose, iron and vit amins and gives the user ‘instant energy’. The brand promises ‘Instant Energy Anytime, Anywhere.’ It comes in four variants Orange, Stra wberry, Green Mango and Cola and available in packs of 9 tablets and retails at Rs 10.