UTKARSH Global Foundation (NGO) Distribute 2.5 Crore Cloth Bags in Tamil Nadu to Create the Awareness Campaign titled Say NO to Plastic Bags

UTKARSH Global Foundation (NGO) Distribute 2.5 Crore Cloth Bags in Tamil Nadu to Create the Awareness Campaign titled Say NO to Plastic Bags


Chennai, June 2019: The Tamil Nadu Government is all set to enforce a state-wide ban on certain ‘use and throw’ plastics from this year.  As a part of its ongoing campaign against plastic pollution, the Tamil Nadu Government-Ministry of Environment and Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board has joined hands with Utkarsh Global Found at ion, a non-profit and non-governmental organisation, to distribute 2.5 crore cloth bags in the state.Utkarsh has been waging its ‘No Plastic’ battle for over 10 years now. Its environment movement is combined with women’s empowerment as Utkarsh has been roping in women from tribal and backward areas of Maharashtra to make th e cloth bags. These bags are distributed free of cost around the state, driving home the message of plastic me n ace and also encouraging and supporting general public to discard the use of plastic bags.

As per the ‘Say No to Plastic’ campaign at Tamil Nadu, Utkarsh will be working with women from backward se ction of Tamil Nadu to make 2.5 crore cloth bags, thereby not only ensuring a step towards environment pro te ction but also empowering women in the process. Utkarsh hopes to provide employment to more than 5000  wo men of Tamil Nadu. Soon we are going to sign one Memorandum of Understanding with Tamil Nadu Corpo ration For Development of Women Limited.The goal is to cover around 32 districts and 12 municipal corpor ati ons in th e state.In addition, Utkarsh will also be conducting environment awareness programmes across the state, ta rgeting schools, colleges and vegetable markets in particular.

Mr.Adv. D. R. Londhe (President-Utkarsh Global Foundation), said Tamil Nadu government announced a ban of non-biodegradable and single-use plastic and had recommended the use of natural, environmental-friendly pr oducts, we wanted to introduce our path-breaking and innovative three-prong approach to the state.We are working towards this initiative since the last 8 years and we have found it to be effective in combating three issues at one time. We feel this project needs to be emulated by every state. As Tamil Nadu works towards en vironmental protection by

taking a major step as plastic ban, our unique project will not only ensure successful implementation of gove rnment’s initiative, but it will also prove to be beneficial for women in the state.The women of Tamil Nadu are hard-working and courageous, so we feel our project will be a huge help to them in multiple ways.The Tamil Na du Government is working steadfast and enthusiastically towards plastic ban and we feel this was the best time to approach the government to help us implement our three-prong proj ec t in the state. The government needs all the help and resources at this point to ensure smooth and effective imp lementation of the ban. This is what Utkarsh is here to lend.It is not just in Tamil Nadu, in future, we would like to take our initiative to every state in India.

Join Utkarsh to save earth from plastic pollution

It is time we all strive together to bring about a change. This is why the proposed ban by Tamil Nadu Government assumes importance.  Tamil Nadu Government and Utkarsh are all set to launch the campaign on June 2019. We request you to join us in the noble campaign and support us with your encouragement and help.