Dharmaprabhu Movie Review

Dharmaprabhu Movie Review


Yogi Babu  ,Janani Iyer,Sam Jones,Meghna Naidu,Karunakaran  ,Ramesh Thilak ,Rajendran ,Radha Ravi ,Azhaga m Perumal,Bosskey,Manobala,Rekha etc.


Directer – Muthukumaran,Producer – P Ranganathan,Music -Justin Prabhakaran,Cinematography – Mahesh Muthuswami,Editer – San lokesh,Production company  – Rockline Productions ,PRO  – Johnson


In Tamil cinema most of the directors with all commercial aspects gives a social awareness or the good message towards the audience. That entire society contaminated with a caste system, between the relationship and gar bage of politics frames out with comical stuffs, some of them given by the frustration, Dharmaprabhu exceed its limits.Females were shown their both sides in the film, women are getting spoiled by womanizer and some ladies overstep their limits. In a scene, lord shiva character was getting frustrated with Yaman’s father and Shivan ecce ntric burns out Yaman, in that case, Yaman’s wife felt worried about her husband’s disappear. Yanam is going for asking side dish to drink alcohol, suddenly he observes that his mother was drinking alcohol to avoid the vexes, “Dharmaprabhu” team damages Yaman’s family.

Even, Yaman uses abused words toward Lord Shiva character. The film thought of project the current scenarios, but totally aggressively misleads, Yaman dialogues up humanity is missing but abused words thrown on each cha racter. One plus One scheme is comparing and the great leader of India guides Yaman was okay for the film.The film was directly hitting on the politicians, Sathyananda Sami past status and his present condition visualize. All the imaginary sequels overflowing without any bounds. Yogi Babu obviously suit with eccentric.digging the gar a ge with garage performances.

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You can go ask any Tamil person in the streets “who comes to your mind when I say ‘Yamadharmarajan and Chi traguptan’?”. Most probably, “Goundamani-Senthil” (from the film Luckyman) will be their answer, unless of co urse, they are one of those sad people, who are so disconnected from the local pop culture. So, when director Mu thukumaran decides to make a political satire film about Yaman (Yogi Babu) who declares that “people rem em ber only Goundamani-Senthil as Yaman and Chitraguptan”, and a scheming “side-kick” in Chitraguptan (Rame sh Thilak), the film, at the least, got to be different in its take and tropes. And, the movie is! However… is it any goo d? Nope, sadly. The film is highly preachy and the jokes which work are few and far in between. But what ma kes it really exhausting and irritating at places was the hypocrisy of this preaching. So, not only am I made to sit with Ambi from Anniyan for 147 minutes, I am sitting with an Ambi who shifts his personality to become NGK every now and then.

In an episode when Chitraguptan takes Yaman to Earth, specifically Chennai (thank god it isn’t New York, for the re is even a US Yaman in this film), Chitraguptan introduces Yaman to the statues of Periyar, Dr. Ambedkar, Subh as Chandra Bose and Gandhi and preaches to Yaman the values they stood for, like gender equality. Though it seems like a fun idea; to see a new Yaman getting to know these great individuals (his dad Yaman probably kill ed), what wasn’t fun, was how these “values” were shoved down my throat only to be broken soon enough. Whe n the film looks down upon partying women, you get your usual ‘commercial’ double-meaning jokes on women. Following this, you have a portion where Yaman reminds Chitraguptan “yemmadhamum sammadham” (all religi ons are equal) while insisting on sleeping in a church but mocks and body shames Sivaperumal; played by Rajen dhar.

If those were the problems with the things said in the movie, the problems with story don’t end there. At one point in the film, Yogi Babu is given a deadline by Sivaperumal (Rajendhar) to kill an extremist caste politician (Azhagam Perumal) whom Yaman unintentionally saved. But, for some reason Yaman isn’t able to kill him. Appar ently, there is some technical issue. And what is it? We never clearly understand. There is an entire portion of 15 minutes in the film (which felt like aeons) where Yogi Babu is asking, supposedly good people who have died and come to Yamalogam, “who would you blame for your death?” And conveniently all these blamed are one dimen sional bad and all those dead people are so one-dimensionally good. What was ridiculous was Yogi Babu calling in people like Periyar and Dr. Ambedkar (since he knows them now) to discuss his action plan. Periyar? Serious ly? He’ll probably be like “my entire life is a lie”.

You get so many such plot points – from the Chitraguptan who eyes the Yaman seat with the help of one parti cular political strategist named “Kho Rangasamy” (who is sadly shown to be a pimp!), to the sub-plot of the ca steist politician’s daughter (played by Janani Iyer) falling in love with a boy of… you guessed it, “lower caste”. Nei ther do these form any overarching story nor they build each other up, they just show up randomly and fizzle out quickly.By the time the film ends you are so numb that, when Sivaperumal (Rajendhar) sighs “mudikka mataan polaye” (he doesn’t seem like finishing anytime soon), that’s exactly what is in your mind as well. But the real sho cker is when Yogi Babu announces a sequel, damn, you really see Yaman!

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3 /5