Kalavani 2  Movie Review

Kalavani 2  Movie Review


Vimal  ,Oviya ,RJ Vigneshkanth,Saranya Ponvannan,Ilavarasu,Ganja Karuppu,Vinodhini Vaidyanathan,Mannai Sathik,


Directer – A. Sarkunam,Producer –  A. Sarkunam,Music –  Mani Amudhavan ,V. Ronald Regan,Cinematography -Masani,Editer – Raja Mohammad ,Production Company  –  Varmans Productions,PRO  –  Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One


Vimal utterly suits with village character, city guy’s eccentric doesn’t matched – “Kalavani 2” perfect drama. “Kal avani 2” resembles the first version, which was taken in the year of 2010. As the years passed, almost an old set of artists has been stuffed by the director A. Sarkunam. In these nine years, Vimal reaches a gradual progression para llel Oviya’s popularity goes towards the peak. The version 2 stuffed with the same set of artists. In the “Kala vani 2” Vimal (Arivazhagan), always portrayed as a thief that he takes belonging to someone else with the intent ion of kee ping it himself.Even the guy doesn’t like to fly away from his hometown. The flick envisions the values on the rela tionships. The young and educated village guys travel towards aboard, which they are missing our tra ditional treasures.

After these sequels, Arivazhagan keeps the fraudulent attitude, which his behavior annoyed his father (Ilavaras u) and his mother who supports Arivazhagan’s action.In this, Arivazhagan and his couple of people plan to stand in the local village election, Arivazhagan’s father against to him that he shouldn’t survive in the village and plan to send him aboard and even support Arivazhagan’s uncle. Now, people in the village against his actions. At a poi nt, Maheswari believed Arivazhagan as a future president of the village.

Arivazhagan inspired by her confidence and he gives an open challenge towards his uncle, if Arivazhagan lose out in the election that himself wash out of his own place, Arivazhagan and his fellow guys drafting all sorts of fraudulence activities and getting success in the election.As said earlier, Vimal trademark for the village roles, Oviya gracious pull down when compared with her version one, Saranya Ponvannan and Ilavarasu both enterta ining the audience with their risible moves, Natarajan Sankaran’s BGM score unpleasing and songs are quite Oka y. In the first half, unwanted double meaning scenes and dialogues made irrelevant and annoying to the script. As for observed, Vimal’s movies always touches such kind of sequence. rural drama

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Too bad that it didn’t last long. The film eventually steps into the “main plot”, the end goal of which is that Arikki should win a local body election of his town of 3,000 odd people. It actually starts out well; you see how Arikki wants to make some quick bucks and sketches out a seemingly simple plan, you know showing his “kalavani tha nam”, but it soon snowballs into something bigger, and that was exciting to see. But later on, things just keep hap pening very conveniently. And towards the end, you feel totally disinterested because you know Arikki will do so mething not quite plausible to win in the end. Though an exaggeration, a scene from The Dictator comes to mi nd. The one where Sacha Baron Cohen shoots his fellow contestants to win the race which he conducts himself.
Let alone Arikki’s mom, Arikki himself is very different.

In the first part he’s irritating as a wastrel and even scary at places, like when he stalls his mother and sister wh en they try to sneak out of the house to withdraw a lump sum from the bank. But then, he gets a very coh erent character arc and you see him change over the course of the film. However, in the second part, he is good at tim es, pretends to be bad later, but still is a menace and you get confused. And let’s not even speak about Oviya. The only time I see her are in the end, during the two obligatory love songs and in the beginning when you aren’t ge tting into the “main plot”. The most ridiculous scene of the film is when she proposes to Vemal as she zooms past him driving her scooter. It was literally out of nowhere. Maybe, Arikki saw that coming, though he’s the characte r and I am the audience who knows Oviya is the “heroine”. If Arikki had known that he’d win too, the film would have been pretty bland (except for the few flavourful jokes now and then)…oh wait, that explains!

Kalavani 2 is a Romantic-Comedy movie which is directed and produced by A. Sarkunam. If we talk about the lead cast then we will see that Ganja Karuppu and Olviya are playing lead roles in the movie also I Supporting roles Soori shows his acting talent. The movie is looking good and makers are saying that we are hoping Audien ces likes the Movie and come theatre to watch the Movie.The Kalavani 2 is a Romantic-Comedy movie and the second part of Kalavani. after the Successful first part makers decide to make a second part and now the Kalava ni 2 is ready to get released. If we talk about the story then we will see the story leads one couple to live in Movie and shows their ups and down or full love Journey. In their life, many people come and add some comedy side.
And when I did finally got into the theatre after traveling more than 20 kilometers, because other theatres ca ncelled their shows,

I was ready to meet Arikki (Vemal) his mom (Saranya Ponvannan) and dad (Ilavarasu). I really loved the dynamics between the three in the first part. However, after 10 minutes into the film I realised that Kalavani 2 is set in a sort of “alternate universe” with the same characters, like the Kanchana series. Not that this took away the exc itement but seeing a more “fairer” Oviya with an obvious blush on her face made me a little concerned, for she was fantastic and authentic in the first instalment. But I quickly put that concern aside the minute I saw Panc hayathu (Ganja Karuppu). I was grinning at his introduction and, following an uproarious comedy scene, I grew more confident in the ability of the film to entertain, just like the previous one.Positive Points of the Movie Dir ection work is amazing.he storyline is quite impressive.The movie has good production work.Negative Points of the Movie-Screenplay work is normal.Cinematography is Average.

Acting work is weak in the movie.Well, the movie is looking good and if you are a fan of Tamil Romantic Movies then you should watch this Movie also the Kalavani is a good movie and we are sure that Kalavani 2 also impr esses you as well.The Movie is looking nice and critics are also saying good words about the movie. So, if you’re free this weekend then you should watch this movie with your family or friends and get entertain. Till then stay tuned and scrolls our page more.Vimal will do ‘A’ and people will tide towards his side, even though he is known widely to be a “kalavani” (literally means thief), and then his opponent gives a “senti” speech and the crowd tides towards him, now Vemal will do ‘B’ to turn the tides back again. Like c’mon! How many more films are you going to have where the “hero” deceives the people by doing something OTT emotional only to later wink at the audie nce as as if to say “I fooled you”. You get a scene where Vimal snaffles a matchbox so he can sneak close to a Gov ernor and find himself pictured next to a political big wig.

You got that same scene in Tamil cinema via LKG, only early this year, which in turn took that from Oru Indian Pr anayakadha (a 2013 Malayalam film).And another let down was, unlike the previous film where the supporting cast added so much flavour to the film, Kalavani 2 is solely about Arikki. Saranya’s character is brought down fro m a doting mother who does acknowledge his son’s flaws but is just hopeful and he will mend his ways after “aani poi, aadi poi, aavani vandha odane”; to a mother who is dumb and hero-worships her son only to fall prey to his afo rementioned stunt to reel people to his side.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3 /5