LIMA, performs scarless endoscopic breast surgery, a first of its kind technique in South India

LIMA, performs scarless endoscopic breast surgery, a first of its kind technique in South India

Scarless breast surgery – a boon for women

LIMA, performs scarless endoscopic breast surgery, a first of its kind technique in South India

Chennai, July 2nd 2019 : What could be very disturbing for a woman is not only being diagnosed with lumps or tumors on the breast but the scar that will remain after surgery. Scars in the brea st or neck are hugely damaging to a woman’s self-esteem. Inorder to provide a solution to this, Lifeline Institute of Minimal Access (LIMA) has developed a revolutionary alternative techniq ue, endoscopic breast surgery through which the lumps or tumors from breast can be removed without scars.

For the past two decades endoscopic surgery has dominated the field of general, gastroint es tinal, urological and gynecological surgeries. A group of surgeons from LIMA performed an en doscopic lumpectomy for a 26 year-old woman from West Bengal. This is a first of its kind pr ocedure performed in South India.

The principle of endoscopic lumpectomy is to access the breast through the axilla, or the arm pit, using its skin lines in order to avoid scars. The target lesion or lump is accessed by endos co pically creating a tunnel of dissection. After removal of the lump, the specimen is taken out th rough the armpit, leaving no scars at all on the breast. This type of surgery is also known as ste alth surgery, as the surgeon steals away the target lump, with no visible scars.

“First popularized in Stanford, there has been very little publication from the Indian subco nti nent in this matter so far. Not many were aware of this technique and lots of young women he sitate to undergo a surgery for lump removal or thyroid. However, a series of 13 patients und erwent stealth surgery for thyroid disease in the same institution, LIMA, under the same group, and the paper has been sent for publication,” says Dr. J S Rajkumar, Chairman and Chief Surge on, LIMA Hospital

Women these days are eager to befit, healthy and flawless. Many women who undergo surgical procedures on breast or neck may beparanoid about the scar marks that will affect their looks or self-esteem.“There have been cases of depression post surgeries and women find it tough to cope with the post surgery trauma. Understanding the impact it has on one’s mental health, we have come up with this new technique that not only cures the individual physically, but gives them confidence post-surgery. The procedure requires just one sitting andtherefore very  easy, cost-effectiveand time saving for the patient, says Dr. Anirudh Rajkumar General Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon

The breast and thyroid, so far outside the ambit of endoscopic surgery, are now also within the field of endoscopy, thereby permitting younger and scar conscious patients an option of ‘steal th ‘ or scar less surgery.