C.R.I. Pumps Enters the USA and Mexico

C.R.I. Pumps Enters the USA and Mexico

C.R.I. Pumps Enters the USA and Mexico

  • R.I. Pumps, a pioneer in fluid management solutions, has invested

₹35 crore (5 Million USD), setting up facilities in USA and Mexico

 Chennai, 10th July, 2019: C.R.I. Group is expanding its wings globally. Speaking on this development Mr G. Sound ararajan, the Group’s Vice Chairman, said, that the company has been preparing for more than a decade develop ing products for these markets, namely USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America and Caribbean countries. We ha ve invested around 5 Million USD in setting wholly owned subsidiary in USA and Mexico. The USA facility will commence doing assembly of certain products in addition to supplying ground water pumping systems, waste water pumps, pressure boosting and industrial pumps.

He added “We have been catering to the USA and Mexico markets for over a decade, supplying through dist rib utors. By setting up these facilities, we will enhance our technical and application support, reducing delivery le ad times and will be able to cater new value-added segments to grow in these markets. The products launched in these markets include specialised pumps for mining applications, chemical process pumps, industrial pumps with IoT (Internet of Things) enabled health monitoring systems and encapsulated submersible motors fitted with lig htning arrestor which were developed by C.R.I.’s R&D Wing for the 1st time in India. The annual turnover expec ted from these markets in the next three years is 10 million USD.

C.R.I. has made substantial investments in researching the USA and Canada markets and gaining international certifications that meet USA sanitation, food safety and safety standards such as NSF* & CSA**. C.R.I. is the first com pany in the world to get NSF certificate for its water filled rewindable submer sible motors.C.R.I. Products a re sold in over 120 countries. The C.R.I. Group currently has facilities (wholly owned subsidiaries) in Spain, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, China, South Africa and UAE. The group has achieved Rs.2100 Crores in the FY2018-19. The co m pany is aiming to cross ₹ 5,000 crore turn over by FY2022-23 and the export business is expected to exceed domestic growth.

On the domestic front, so far C.R.I. has installed over 13 Lakh energy efficient star rated pumps through various government projects and its channel partners and so far saved over 12,000 million units of power for the na io n.Recently, C.R.I.’s R&D wing has developed and launched IoT enabled encapsulated PM Motors (Permanent Ma gnetic motors) which is used in solar pumping applications. C.R.I. is proud to supply specialized pumps to the Nav y and is developing advanced technology pumps for the defence sector.

About the Company:

C.R.I. ranks high among the world’s fastest growing fluid management solution providers with wide global pr esence. C.R.I. offers Pumps, Motors, Valves, IoT Drives & Controls, Pipes, Wires & Cables, and Solar Pumping Sy stems. The Group has a diversified range of 9,000 products in its portfolio and is among the few to manuf acture 100 percent stainless steel pumps in the world.   CRI products are sold through 20,000 outlets spread ov er 120 countries backed by 1,500 service centres worldwide. The company has 21 manufacturing facilities acro ss the world and has made acquisitions in the UK and Italy. The R&D division – “Fludyn Advanced Technolo gy Centre” is recognised by Ministry of science & technology. It has been India’s top Exporter; winner of EEPC (En gineering Export Promotion Council) award 14 times and also won National Energy Conservation (NEC) award 4 times.

C.R.I. Fluid Systems products cater to diverse segments such as:

Chemical & Process, Power, Water & Waste Water, Oil & Gas, Pharma, Sugar & Distilleries, Paper & Pulp, Marine & Defence, Metal & Mining, Food & Beverage, Petrochemical & Refineries, Solar, Building, HVAC, Fire Fighting, A griculture & Residential.