Mr. Nityanand Jayaraman highlights on the Chennai water crisis at the 3rd edition of Namaste Workafella

Mr. Nityanand Jayaraman highlights on the Chennai water crisis at the 3rd edition of Namaste Workafella

Mr. Nityanand Jayaraman highlights on the Chennai water crisis and shares tips on water conservation at the 3rd edition of Namaste Workafella

 ~ Namaste Workafella, a community sharing platform acknowledges work of distinguished personalities towards social cause and upscaling initiatives for corporate employees ~

 Chennai, 29th July 2019: Workafella, one of the leading co-working space providers hosted Mr. Nitayanand Jay araman for a session at the most desperate times the city is facing ‘water shortage and its conservation’. Mr. Nity anand, Environmental Activist and Individual Journalist, addressed Workafella community on the current scen ario of water scarcity in the city and emphasized how each individual can do their own part to conserve water on an everyday basis.

With Chennai reeling under the worst water crisis in a century, cor porate houses are actively conserving and re cycling water resou rces and doing their bit for the environment. Workafella, as a res ponsible corporate und er stands the dire need to create aware n ess on water conservation amongst its community. Workafella’ co mmun ity sharing platform ‘Namaste Workafella’ is a constant effort from the corporate to motivate its community and cele bra te distinguished work that has made some difference to the society. The platform brings in experts, acti vists, environmentalists, influencers from various walks of life to inspire and educate through their insights and st or ies.

Mr. Nityanand during his session said, “The crisis that we are witnessing, be it climate or mass extinction or wat er, are all signs that we have forgotten how to relate with the nature. Storm water drains and desalination plants will not solve the problem. One has to rebuild relationship with Mother Nature. We are facing water shortage no w and will soon have a flood in November, if we delay reacting to the crisis we’re likely to lose our chance of mak ing peace with nature forever.”

Speaking on Namaste Workafella and the session, Mr. Vinod Babu, Co-founder & CEO, Workafella, said, “With Na maste Workafella we try to implore to the individuals that like to make a difference in th e society. By initia ting such a platform, we aim to spread know le dge to people who want to make a difference. Equipped with the right information, a ripple effect can be felt within immediate cir cles. This also aids our members to look beyond their daily cloc k work routine and feel better about contributing to the improve ment of society. Here at Workafella, we feel the most effective way to start a good initiative is by saying Namaste, fellas, Workafellas.”

Namaste Workafella platform curated to share, create and evolve constantly reminds its community about their social responsibilities, be it the pollution of air, water, noise, global warming, deforestation, fresh water conse rv ation, depletion of natural resources, ineffective garbage disposal, etc., and bring in experienced members of the society to help tackle these issues. The platform salutes these influential members and everyday warriors and welcome them to our community. We at Workafella want to drive our community to react to these issues and march towards a better tomorrow.

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