Adutha Saattai Movie Review

Adutha Saattai Movie Review


Samuthirakani ,Thambi Ramaiah ,Athulya Ravi ,Yuvan ,Junior Balaiah,Subhashini Kannan ,Sree Raam,George Maryan,Kaushik Sundaram,M.I. Humayun Kabir,Geetha Akkineniaksai,M. Sasikumar etc.


Directer – M. Anbazhagan,Producer – Samuthirakani,Dr Prabhu Thilak,Written –  M. Anbazhagan , Music – Justin Prabhakaran,Cinematography – Rasamathi ,Editer –  Nirmal ,Production company – 11: 11 Productions Naadodigal ,Distributed – Sri Vaari Film etc.

Story –

A college professor tries to unite his students who lack proper guidance from parents and teachers One knows what to expect with a film titled “Adutha Sattai” which has Samuthirakani in lead role, thanks to a couple of movies which had the actor in a similar role. Oh wait, the roles aren’t similar, but the same – be it the body language, appearance and the histrionics, the character Dayalan he has played two times earlier has been repeated for the third time. The similarity doesn’t end there. We have the same egoistic principal Singaperumal from “Sattai” here as well. This time, too, it is essayed by Thambi Ramaiah (for a change, he’s the college principal here). The actors Sree Ram, Yuvan, etc, have also been repeated.

If we hope for a small change at least in the content the film touches upon, the joke is on us. From the first scene to the last, we are fed with preachy dialogues and repetitive sequences in the name of student empowerment and social change. A scene towards the end which showcases the ugly side of caste politics is perhaps the only novel idea. The contemporary issues students face today have been discussed throughout the film, but it takes enormous patience to sit through.

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Movie Review-;

Adutha Saattai is Samuthirakani cannot get the audience hooked to them. Being a sequel to excellent Sattai movie, it seems to be only an extension of it. It misses the genuine interest of a school teacher who speaks less and works as a role model more. But in Adutha Sattai, it is more of preaching rather than action by Samuthrakani and Director Anbazaghan.When a sequel is made, there is no escape from the comparison. Adutha Settai fails in that aspect. In Sattai, Samuthirakani was a school teacher, and in Adutha Settai, he is the college professor. Thambi Ramiah, the headmaster in Sattai, is the principal in the college. Yuvan, the class X student, is a college student now.


Mahima is replaced by Athulya Ravi and not only able to fill her shoes but also able to not pronounce the dialogues correctly. But Adutha Sattai is in no way the original Sattai. The main reason is the audience was not able to connect or link like Sattai in Adutha Sattai.Justin Prabhakaran replaced music director Imman for Adutha Sattai, but he did not do any justice to the music for the movie. Samauthrakani is one of the producers of the film and fills in most of the 127 minutes only preaching in it, which will make anyone tired of hearing.The success of Sattai was its nativity and a mixture of all emotions, including love, parental care, teachers envy, and many more. But in Adutha Sattai, it is only of preaching and also gets political, which makes it a significant drawback that even Samuthrakani and Anbazhagan combination cannot bring the magic of Sattai again.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3 /5