Jackpot Movie Review

Jackpot Movie Review


Jyothika  ,Revathi ,Samuthirakani,Yogi Babu  ,Mansoor Ali Khan  ,Jagan,Anandaraj ,Rajendran ,Sathish,Ravi Mariya etc.


Directer – Kalyaan ,Producer – Suriya,Music  –  Vishal Chandrasekhar,Cinematography  – R. S. Anandaku mar,E diter – Vijay Velukutty,Production Company   – 2D Entertainment,PRO – Yuvraaj etc.


After the marriage, Jyothika’s films stimulus to aggregate in the full fledged acting oriented. In that listed of “36 Vayadhinile” till “Raatchasi” leads to women’s endue. The director Kaalyan tried to project Jyothika in a distincti ve role, which she and her co-artist does the fraudulent activities throughout the film. To stretch out the conten t, attempted to a concept of Hindu mythological. Which a tremendous vessel (Akshayapatra) granted to Yudish tira by the Lord Suriya, which obtained a never stop providing of food to the Pandava’s every day. In the period of 1918 a village man who was trying to dig, suddenly a marvelous vessel identified by him, which he comes to be k nown it was a peculiar object obvious he becomes a rich man in the short span.

After years later, the rich man vessel was getting theft and suppressed under the river. With this scenario, 1989, Masha and her niece faces a tough situation for their survival to avoid the sturdy life both were starting to doing shammer actions. Once they were imprisoned in the jail, an innocent old lady reveals the secrets about the pec ul iar vessel to the fraud ladies. With this simple concept, the film travels with ample of comedian actors like Yogi B abu,

Mansoor Ali Khan, Jagan Anandaraj and Motta Rajendran have been  holding the drowsiness script. The audie  nce takes over the movie by the hilarious moves and the talent had been overstated by the actresses on each fr ame. The team almost concentrated on fightings that both the actresses framed them as the ladies Bruce Lee. T he audience shouldn’t look for the logical aspects, think of comedies and funny sequences nothing will impact, Vishal Chandrasekar music need some peppiness.  Jackpot – wondering game.

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Movie Review-

Kalyaan’s Jackpot is one of those excruciating comedies which thinks “leave your brains at home while watching this movie” is the same as “the writers left their brains at home while scripting this movie”. Jyotika plays Aksha ya, the “hero”. She’s basically saying, “If the leading men can act in silly films with five fights and a few comedy sc enes, then why not leading women?” Sure enough. But you can’t take the gender parity issue too far, for our lea ding men get to hang out with a love interest, whereas Jyotika is married, and hence doomed to on-screen asex uality. But at least, she’s not giving us a moral-science lesson in Jackpot. (Imagine if the screenplay had gone into that zone, given that the cast includes Samuthirakani.) She acts like a dog. She riffs on the “baba mar gaya” bit fr om Nayakan. Generally speaking, on an acting scale of 1 to 10, a Jyotika performance stands at about 48.75. He re, it may be in the triple digits. Fans should be delighted.

The premise is fantastic, centred around an Akshaya Paathiram — the legendary vessel that keeps on giving. In the Mahabharata, it was an inexhaustible supply of food. Here, everything that goes into the vessel begins to mu ltiply — from guns to snakes. This should have made for a sensational action-comedy (Revathy plays Jyotika’s fo il) — but the writing is all over the place and the director seems to have other concerns. He wants to project his heroine as a “mass” star. She gets to do slo-mo walks. She gets to beat up many men. She gets to mouth lines deli vered on screen by other “mass” heroes. All this simply kills the mood. Why do we even need serious, gravity-def ying (as opposed to slapstick) action scenes in a film where ‘Naan Kadavul’ Rajendran dips his pizza slices in tea and Anandraj plays a woman? That’s the “comedy”, by the way. Vishal Chandrasekhar contributes an ear-splitt ing score. I think he may have been trying to save us from the lines.

The most fascinating part of Jackpot, for me, was watching Yogi Babu. Remember the role played by Gemini Ga nesan in Kanavane Kankanda Deivam? He is a handsome man. He is cursed by the serpent queen and he ends up deformed, losing his looks. If that film were remade today, Gemini Ganesan would turn into Yogi Babu. That’s lite rally what happens here. A “normal”-looking youth is cursed and he transforms into Yogi Babu. Earlier, a Yogi Ba bu comedy track meant that the people around him would call him ugly. Here, he himself utters these slurs. “Azh aga irundha moonjiya indha maadhiri asingama pannitaan…” I’m not getting all PC about comedy, which (I beli eve) can go anywhere it wants to. I’m just amazed by this actor, who submits to this mockery every single time. It ’s become his defining feature. Can’t a single Kollywood filmmaker write him a role where the joke is delivered by him and not on him .

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3 /5