Gemopai launches Astrid Lite; The Perfect City Scooter-an exquisite blend of performance, style and experiences

Gemopai launches Astrid Lite; The Perfect City Scooter-an exquisite blend of performance, style and experiences

Gemopai launches Astrid Lite; The Perfect City Scooter- an exquisite blend of performance, style and experiences 

  • Launch price of INR 79,999/-, Astrid Lite to be available across 50+ dealerships in India and Nepal from Octoberfirst week, onwards
  • Introductory offers available on pre-booking at the nearest dealer from 9th September onwards
  • With threedrive modes, Astrid Lite promises a range of 75-90 km per charge
  • Available in five trendy colors- Eclectic Neon, Deep Indigo, Fiery Red, Burnt Charcoal and Fireball Orange

Chennai,  September 10th  , 2019: Gemopai Electric, a joint venture between Goreen E-Mobility and Opai Ele ctric, announced the launch of Astrid Lite, a perfect city scooter, today. Astrid Lite, is the perfect blend of style and performance and packs features for your everyday commute. With a range of 90 kms per charge and a thr ee-mode drive of Sports, City and Economy, the Electric Scooter for Gemopai comes at a value for money price of INR 79,999/-. Pre-booking starts from 9th September onwards at the nearest dealer store with an expected de livery date in October first week. Astrid Lite will be available across the country in five trendy colors- Eclectic Ne on, Deep Indigo, Fiery Red, Burnt Charcoal and Fireball Orange.

Announcing the launch, Amit Raj Singh, Co-Founder, Gemopai Electric, said, “With Astrid Lite, our intention is to evolve the Ele ctric Scooter options in the market for your everyday com m uter. We want to offer products that are an exquisite blend of performa nce, style and experience. This Perfect City Scooter, is fo cused at consumers looking for the best value buy and is primed to be a mar ket disruptor with its unique design, fashionable colors, ride qual ity and service intention. At INR 79,999/- Astrid Lite is today the most affordable combination of best design and top performance in the country.”Gemopai today is a proud big family of 50+ dealers across the cou ntry and Nepal. As a company focused on customer experience while choosing, buying and experiencing an El ectric Scooter, Gemopai has ensu red that its each and every dealer also offers after sales service making it a convenient choice for the customer.

Unmatched city performance for the everyday commute

 Astrid Lite comes with three drive modes – Sports, City and Economy promising a range of 75kms to 90kms and you can double the distance travelled from 150 kms -180 kms with an extra battery. The Sports mode lends more power to the scooter, reaching maximum speeds of 75km/hour and climbing angle of 180. The City mode is for ri ders looking for ride quality as they make their day through on the city roads and traffic. The Economy Mode pr omises efficiency and maximum range, over 90 Kms in a charge.  Astrid Lite is powered by a removable lith ium-ion battery of 1.7 KW. The scooter has a motor of rated power of 2400W which at its peak performs at 40 00W. The battery weighs around 8.5 kg and is easy to take out and charge while you work in office, attend that mee ting or grab that meal.

 Sleek design and trendy colors for that futuristic and sporty look

 Consumers today like to be creative and independent with the choices of color of the things they owe. Keeping in with the times and trend, Astrid Lite goes beyond the existing designs and colors in the existing scooter mar ket with a futuristic design in five trendy colors.The futuristic look is supplemented with an LED Color Display on the head of the scooter and a LED Headlight with Day Running Light to complete a modern silhouette. 

New features that improve scooter safety

Along with style and performance, Astrid Lite scores big on safety as well. The scooter comes Front Disc and R ear Drum ensuring safety and backup while driving as well as parking for long periods of time. Even for the pi llion, Astrid Lite supports a safety grill around the scooter outline aiding protection again road mishaps.The ke yless entry on Astrid Lite makes it convenient to ride on and secures it against lifting away. The USB port in the scooter is ideal of riders looking to charge their smartphones while riding the scooters.Astrid Lite also comes wi th arange of safety features with a side-stand censor, anti-theft sensor and EABS (Electronic Assist Brake Syst em) for more effective power brakes.

 Astrid Lite Specifications 

Drive Mode 3 Mode – Sports, City, Economy
Top Speed 65 KM/ Hour
Climbing 180
Range 75-90 KM/ Charge
Motor Rated power 2400W
Battery 1.7 KW
Suspension Hydraulic
Brake FrontDisk Rear Drum
Tyre 10 inch Tubeless
Speedometer L.E.D.
Head Light LED With Day Running Light
Features USB, Digital Color Display, Key Less Entry

  About Gemopai: Gemopai is a joint venture between Goreen E-Mobility and Opai Electric which is one of the largest manufacturers of electric vehicles in the world. Opai has a 15+ years’ experience in manufacturing qual ity electric 2 wheelers having sold more than 15 million electric 2 wheelers worldwide. Goreen E-Mobility and Opai have signed MOU for joint venture technology transfer and cooperation agreements for further developing ele ctric two wheeler models for the Indian market. Gemopai was one of the earliest brands to support a portab le Li-ion battery, since its launch last year.