Don Bosco wins Chennai Kalapandhu League

Don Bosco wins Chennai Kalapandhu League

First edition of Chennai Kaalpandhu League concludes with Don Bosco Higher Secondary School winning the trophy

First U-15 Football tournament for Government School Children

Chennai , 13th September 2019 : Chennai Kalpandhu League, first Under 15 football tournament organized for school children concluded with Don Bosco Higher Secondary school winning the trophy and Hindu Union Comm ittee Higher Secondary School as the runner up. Amid spirited cheers from students, parents and teachers the fi nal league matches saw some nail biting moments and a lot of excellent sportsman ship displayed by the young players. This initiative by LatentView Analytics, first of its kind in Chennai, reached out to 50 schools across the city, encouraging them to take part in the sport.

The league is a lead project for propagation of football and engages directly with students. In association with SIKSHA, an NGO that works for empowerment of the underprivileged section of the society, the program crea ted awareness about the possibilities for youngsters in football and help them to realize their potential in the s port.With support from Department of Education and Greater Chennai Corporation, the LatentView Chennai Kaalpandhu League is a unique initiative to promote inclusion through sports. “With qualified football coaches providing specialised training and orientation to school students, the initiative intended to open the doors of wo rld class football for students in Chennai” says Poornima Shankar of  LatentView.

Apart from engaging with the students, the team behind the league also focused on training and team building at the school level. “The program not only explores a child’s skills in the sport but also helps to develop mental stab ility. The intent is to have participation as the core value rather than mere competiveness. Apart from the physic al strength, football training provides overall personality development for the participants.” says Raza Haider, Pr esident, Siksha. The league will intensify in the coming years with more focus on training and building talent in a nd around Chennai and will act as a platform for those who do not have opportunities to exhibit their sporting sk ills. This will ultimately lead to identifying talent from all sections of the society.