Pizhai Movie Review

Pizhai Movie Review


Chinna Kaka muttai Ramesh ,Appa Nasath.Gokul.Ragavendra.Mime Gopi.Charly,George,Kalluri Vinoth,Ellaya, Manishajith ,Parota Murugesan etc.


Production ; Turning point ,Producer : R.Dhamodharan ,Director : Rajavel Krishna , Music : F.S. Fisal,Lyrics : Moha nraja & Dhamodharan ,Singers : Velmurugan, kesav, Priyanka ,DOP : Baaki ,Editor : Ramgopi ,Stunt : Danger Ma ni ,Dance : Sathish ,PRO : Nikil Murugan ,Production manager : Vesti Ganesan etc.


The director Rajvel Krishna focused on three children’s lifestyles in the village Mayilu (Gokul), Vedi (Ramesh) And Kodi (Appa Nasath). The three boys do the all sorts of naughty activities in their village. Even in the school campus and in the classroom the young pals behaviors were in peak in the every sequence. The three boy’s pa rents, Charlie, Mime Gopi and George trust of their children, which the boys will keep down their burden from the shoulders.  Unfortunately, the naughty fellows keep lacking with the studies and always mischievous among other children. In this situation, a young man returning to the same village in the sophisticated appearances, which he had run away from his childhood and the guy’s destination was to step in his village after reaching a position. By observing of guy’s growth in the short span, Mayilu, Vedi and Kodi planning to escape from their village and decided to earn more money, they were moving out of the village, the young ones face the problem with a hotel owner.

Pizhai Movie Review

The owner treated them as a slave without giving any basic facilities. Meanwhile, Charlie, Mime Gopi and George worried about their children. The trio parents’ hearts were filling up with sorrow and feel bad for crushing them. In a worst condition of their survival the guys were understanding the values of education. With all the struggling, Charlie’s son gets a pathetic situation and rest of boys were rescued from the worst place and families were getting back to their normal life is the balance script.Charlie, Mime Gopi and George played in the responsible father eccentrics. Charlie and Mime Gopi both rude towards their children. Mime Gopi had shown excellent performance by monitoring his son, George comes in both credit worthy father’s character, making fun with son Kodi. Especially, Kodi making fraudulent marks. The three boys were proven the attitudes of rural young ones on screen. The film “Pizhai” gets lack while narrating the script. Other than good attempt by the director.

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Pizhai is yet another underwhelming film that has good intentions at heart. Think of it as an inferior version of Saattai that whips the children instead of parents. Here the children are too naughty but instead of a hero, life itself teaches them lessons and turns them good. While Samuthirakani’s Saattai , despite all its self-righteousn ess, passes off as a feature film, Pizhai feels more like an amateurish YouTube short film. Vedi (Ramesh), Kodi (Appa Nasath), and Mayilu (Gokul) are three naughty boys in a village near Thiruvannamalai. Their fathers – played by Mime Gopi, George, and Charly – are daily labourers working in a quarry who just can’t afford to miss a day of work. The parents shed sweat and blood for their children, who bunk classes, fail in all subjects, and bring home nothing but trouble. So, the fathers resort to beating them with sticks. But things only get worse after every episode of beating.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to a youngster, who returns to the village after running away from home when he was a kid. Though uneducated, the youth has made it in life and is revered as a hero in his village. He gets the girl and with her, a bad romantic number. The three boys are inspired by the new hero in the village, and they run aw ay too. But, they don’t have it easy in Chennai. They get kidnapped by a hotel owner, they run into another ‘hero figure’ (played by Kalluri Vinoth) who also gets a romantic number, and finally, realise that ‘education is impo rta nt’.To be honest, the cliched story is the least of Pizhai ‘s problems; the film is bad because of its lacklustre filmm aking and lack of depth. The big ‘moment of realisation’ for the boys is just laughable. As they think about their past and the good old days flash before their eyes, all that is missing is a tortoise coil spinning on the screen.

The alarmingly inept actors give the feel of watching a bad stage play with futile attempts at comedy. Mime Go pi, George, and Charly are the only good actors but they have relatively few scenes to perform. Kakka Muttai Ramesh and Appa Nasath don’t help either.Watching Pizhai was like listening to someone narrate a didactic story that teems with banal platitudes. In Tamil, they are referred to as Needhi Kathaigal, which are told to children. These fables usually end with a moral lesson. And the moral of Pizhai is that education is important and one shouldn’t make a feature-length film with content that is not even good enough for a short-film. Pizhai is centered aaround three school kids and the troubles they face (and give) in their village life. Mayilu (Gokul), Vedi (Ramesh) and Kodi (Appa Nasath) are three errant children who do not like to study.  

Their parents (played by Charlie, Mime Gopi and George) are labourers at a granite pit, and their aspirations are for their kids to study hard and make a good future for themselves. By eighth grade at a government school, the kids fail and drop out.Facing strict parents and a stricter teacher, the trio comes across a young man who returns to the village after running away himself when he was a child. He’s a well-off hotelier now, and the boys take his success story as their cue to flee to the big city. Chasing money, they lie their way into various odd ends and get into a whole load of trouble. How they learn their life lessons and whether they get back to their village forms the remainder of this film.Veterans Charlie, Mime Gopi and George Maryan prove their versatility. The boys are also decent, especially Nasath impresses with his witty banter. Pizhai has good intentions but the execution is found wanting. Some of the scenes are rather disjointed and lack continuity. Subplots and a moralistic tone mar the flow of the film. Perhaps if the director had stayed on track without getting involved in one too many issues, Pizhai could have made for an interesting tale.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3 /5