Dagaalty Movie Review

Dagaalty Movie Review

Santhanam,Rittika Sen,Yogi Babu,Radha Ravi,Santhana Bharathi,Rekha,Namo Narayana,Manobala


Directer – Vijay Anand ,Written – Vijay Anand ,Story – Vijay Anand ,Music – Vijay Narain,Cinematography – Deepak Kumar Pathy ,Editer – T. S. Suresh ,Production Company –  Handmade Films,18 Reels ,PRO  – ,Vijaya Murali,Glamour Sathya etc.


Santhanam is trying to get hero impression, he has been upgraded from the comedian to hero only in the outlo ok, fitness and body language, by choosing in the scripts he has been getting jerked, Santhanam’s most of the movies getting success only because of his comedies, compared to his previous movies, “Dagaalty” was lacking in the co medy. The dual potency Santhanam and a fortune comedian Yogi Babu join together in the film “Dagaalty”, Sant hanam (Guru) and his friend Yogi Babu lives in Mumbai, Santhanam belong to a gang and Radha Ravi is the gangl eader. Unfortunately, Guru making an error while doing the illicit activity.  Now the furious leader decided to kill Guru, by understanding the situation of Radha Ravi (he was searching for a girl), Guru promise tha t he will identify the girl by saying these words Guru was escaping from the gang leader, who is about to kill him. 

For searching the lady Guru movie towards Tamilnadu and identify the right woman and by observing her intere st, which was making the films .Guru keeps a knot to the girl and trying to take her Mumbai. In this scenario, the girl Malli moves to Mumbai along with the man Guru. While their journey both of them falls in love with each ot her. At a point, Guru was understanding who is chasing Malli and why the reason all were searching for the girl Malli. The lovers will escape from the gangster is the balance screenplay. The actor Santhanam slows changing in his outlook to show him as a mass hero other than usual comedy sequels, romantic songs and stuffed with the st unt, Yogi Babu and Santhanam flashback incorporated in the film, Vijay Narain’s BGM works out well and the songs are okay and Suresh’s editing made a clumsy feels while watching out the film.  Too much Dagaalty.

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Even a few years back, Santhanam was the leading comedian in Kollywood, and was more in demand than some of the heroes he worked with. At that time he was known as India’s highest ‘daily wage’ worker who used to be paid in lakhs for a day’s ‘call sheet’. One fine day, Santhanam decided that he had enough playing the ‘second fid dle’ as hero’s best friend and decided to turn a hero with a vengeance. Santhanam as a hero had some middling hits which were basically slapstick comedy capers made on a tight budget. Suddenly, Santhanam decided to do a typical Kolly wood big hero mass masala, normally done by a Vijay or Ajith. And the result is Dagaalty, which is hugely disappointing since it lacks a plot and is a tedious watch. Vijay Anand, the writer-director of the film, has put some scenes which you have seen in big hero films and references to popular movies. It seems as if Santhan am wants to prove that he can do everything that a mainstream hero can do, whether it be a fight sequence or a dance, and do it better.

Sadly, the comedian-turned-hero’s efforts to masquerade himself as a superstar clone sticks out like a sore thu mb.Just last week, we met a psycho who does unspeakable things to women.This week, in Vijay Anand’s Daga alty, we meet a man who’s possibly worse. He’s very rich. We know this because he plays the piano and lives in a mansion with marble statues. When not playing the piano, he draws pictures of women and orders his men to find a real-life woman who looks exactly like the woman in the picture, the woman he has drawn from his imagin ation. At least Mysskin‘s psycho took the trouble to find his victims himself. This man snaps his fingers and an all-India network of minions gets cracking.The story itself is etched out of various earlier star films. Guru is a Mum bai based fraudster, who works for a local goon Bhai (Radha Ravi). One day Bhai asks Guru to find a girl from a painting for a multi-millionaire Vijay Samrat (Tarun Arora), who promises a reward of Rs 10 crore. Guru finds out the girl in the painting lives in Tiruchendur in Tamil Nadu and goes in search of her.


It turns out that the girl is Malli (Ritika Sen), an aspiring female director who has a story for a potential Ajit, Vijay or Suriya film. After a few escapades, Guru convinces Malli that her story would be more appropriate for a Shah Rukh Khan film and as he knows the actor’s secretary. They soon board a train to journey from Tamil Nadu to Bo llywood. But after he and his friend (Yogi Babu) hands her over to Samrat, our hero has a change of heart.Dagaal ty is a comedy. I think. I was not sure whether I was supposed to find this nutty millionaire fearful or funny. This confusion exists throughout the narrative, which goes back to the road-movie template from classic Hollywood comedy/romances like It Happened One Night and Roman Holiday. A headstrong/loosu ponnu/adventure-seeki ng woman (Rittika Sen) flees from home, and runs into a mildly unscrupulous man (Santhanam) who merely wa nts the money he will get for escorting her to the painter-cum-piano player. (Her face resembles the one in the latter’s latest painting.

Will he betray her? Or will love save the day?There are logical loopholes galore and no reason is given as to why the villain wants a girl from a painting and why he is willing to pay a staggering sum for her abduction. Songs and fights pop out of nowhere, and most of the time Santhanam is spewing punchlines at the audiences for no reaso n. You can’t say it is a spoof, as the villain supposed to be in New York in a scene tells his henchman in a serious tone – “Get my jet ready”.It’s not a bad premise — but like I said, no one knows what to do with it. The trademark Santhanam “insult” comedy (“akkul mudi thalaiyaa“) co-exists with masala/mass stylings, like in Ghilli or Chennai Express. Poor Santhanam.  I really felt for him. He wants to shake off the “hero’s sidekick” tag so badly, but then, every comedian  has a season and his season has passed. Just like he supplanted Vivekh, Yogi Babu (who’s also here) has supplanted him. So he’s trying to showcase himself as a leading man.


But does he want to be a comic hero or a hero hero?Does he want his action sequences to be funny set pieces or real-looking ones? Does he want to be stalkery (like when he sees the woman’s hip just as a road sign says “dan gerous curves ahead”) or gentlemanly (like when he frees sex workers)? Does he want his own vehicle or is he content referencing the films of other, bigger stars? The lack of clarity is painful. Only in the last 10 minutes do we see what Dagaalty could have been, a Priyadarshan-style comedy of confusion. But then, what do you do wh en your hero no longer wants to be just a comedian? At times, you feel Dagaalty is not so much a film as the rec ord of a profound existential crisis. Santhanam-Rittika Sen and Yogi babu Starrer movie may perform mode rate as not much expectations made by the experts. Action Comdey Dagaalty movie is directed and wriitten by Vijay Anand. Movie starring by Santhanam, Rittika Sen, Yogi Babu, Radha Ravi, Santhana Bharathi, Rekha, Namo Narayana, Manobala, Scarlett Mellish Wilson in an item number, Hemant Pandey and Stunt Silva.

The Santhanam-starrer has generated a decent hype. The confusion around the release date and lack of promo tions have made people have low-expectations on DagaaltyDagaalty is Tamil Movie with drama directed by Sha nkar’s former assistant Vijay Anand and the film starring Santhanam, the first look of comedy actor turned hero Santhanam’s new film Dagaalty While Rittika Sen plays the female lead opposite Santhanam, popular comedian Yogi Babu also plays an important role in the film. The movie has music by Vijay Narain and cinematography by Deepak Kumar Padhy. The film release on 31st jan 202The characterisation of the heroine is the ultimate exam ple of a loosu ponnu (naive and idiotic girl) you have seen in many Tamil films. In one scene Santhanam tells Ritika – “Why don’t you come with me to Mumbai and become the new Farah Khan ?” and she nods her head in agre ement. In the climax it becomes slapstick with a cameo appearance by top Telugu comedian Brahmanandam. The only redeeming factor is some scenes between Santhanam and the current favourite comedian Yogi Babu, which provides a few laughs.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3 /5